How to prevent toothache during pregnancy?

A few days ago, a pregnant mother consulted me, and her teeth were terrible, and many dentists were reluctant to deal with her.In order to avoid toothache during pregnancy, pregnant mothers must pay attention to preventive work.1. Before pregnancy, you should go to the dental hospital to do a comprehensive examination before pregnancy before pregnancy, which can reduce expectant mothers during pregnancy.If the teeth do not have problems such as worms (dental caries), congratulations, you only need to do a good job of cleansing.However, if dental caries appear in teeth, treatment must be treated.Why is this?If the expectant mother has toothache during pregnancy, it is difficult to treat, and drug treatment will have a certain impact on the fetus.In addition, many doctors are in the risk of avoiding risks, and they are afraid to treat their mothers to treat their teeth … 2. Take sufficient calcium during pregnancy.The development of baby’s teeth and bones requires a lot of calcium, so 5 expectant mothers should eat more calcium -rich foods, such as milk, soy products, etc., to supplement their own and fetal baby’s needs for calcium, and can also protect themselves.Tooth health.3. Supplement vitamin C.Expectant mothers should eat more foods rich in vitamins and protein, such as milk, eggs, lean meat, etc.In particular, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C, which can reduce the transparency of capillaries and prevent gums from bleeding.Do not eat too cold, overheated, and excessive foods to avoid bad stimulation of gums.4. Eat more crude fiber food.When eating crude fiber foods, it can extend the chewing time, increase the chewing power, and cause normal physiological stimulation to the periodontal tissue, which is conducive to healthy teeth.5. Keep your mouth clean.After finishing eating, expectant mothers should brush their teeth and rins in time, and clean up the teeth carefully to avoid the dandruff of the food from gums and teeth.Some expectant mothers like to eat sour foods, but they must rinse their mouths in time after eating sour food to reduce their teeth and be corroded by sour food.6. Use soft hair toothbrush.During pregnancy, the endocrine system of expectant mothers will change a lot, so expectant mothers should choose soft hair toothbrushes to gently brush their teeth along the teeth.In addition, expectant mothers should pay attention to the cleaning of the toothbrush, and change the toothbrush once every 2-3 months.Specific mothers should not brush their teeth immediately after pregnancy to avoid causing nausea. At this time, you only need to rinse your mouth with warm water in time.

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