How to relieve constipation during pregnancy?Take it, you

Constipation is one of the most common troubles during pregnancy, and it is also a common negligence during pregnancy.However, don’t underestimate these minor problems that are accustomed to, it will make you regret for life without paying attention.In the third trimester, constipation will become more and more serious, and often do not have a stool for a few days, causing pregnant women to abdominal pain and bloating.76%of pregnant women have hemorrhoids, and constipation during pregnancy is also the culprit.Some stools accumulated in the intestine in the intestinal tube hindered the fetal decline during childbirth, causing extension or even difficulty in the production process.

Common causes of constipation during pregnancy.

First of all, pregnant women secrete a large amount of progesterone during pregnancy, which will cause the gastrointestinal motility to weaken, so the role of food forward will decrease.Secondly, as the month increases, the swollen uterus is a mechanical compression effect on the rectum behind the pelvic cavity.In the third trimester of pregnancy, some pregnant women have reduced exercise due to the weight of the body and reduced the cycle of pelvic blood.

Is there any way to effectively alleviate constipation during pregnancy?

1. Kaisalu can only be emergency and cannot be used continuously for more than 3 days, because it is dependent, long -term use can cause intestinal function loss.In Yan Geling’s "Lu Crisis", he described his father’s long -term use of Kaiseru, which later caused the terrible scene of the loss of intestinal function. Be sure to pay attention.Traditional Chinese medicine can be injected with honey embossed or anus, and the effect is worse than Kaisai, but the safety is high.

2. Improve your dietary habits, drink plenty of water, and supplement dietary fiber."Chinese Residents’ Dietary Fiber White Paper" pointed out that adults should have 25 grams per day, but in my country on average of only 14 grams. If you replenish it through diet, you need to eat 3 pounds of celery or sweet potatoes every day, but this is obviously difficult to do.The best fiber source for laxative effect is wheat, but ordinary wheat bran is difficult to swallow, so pregnant women can eat super fiber 11 biscuits with wheat bran as the main fiber. One box can supplement 11g dietary fiber every day to communicate.The role of convenience.

2. Restore the squatting position to prevent hard work from earning anal pad vein from giving great pressure to cause anal fissure and hemorrhoids

Human beings have been squatting for thousands of years. With a toilet and defecation, the pubic rectal muscles will tighten the rectum. At this time, it needs to be very hard to discharge, which will directly increase the condition.In a state of relaxation, it can be easily and smooth.But at this time, it is difficult for pregnant women to squat down. This requires a stool to prepare a stool in front of the toilet. By raising her legs, simulation into squats, relaxing the pubic rectal muscles, and promoting bowel movements.What needs to be reminded is that you should pay attention to the anus hygiene.Rubbing with paper will only press the stool into the folds and wounds, and then apply water to rinse.You can take a shower after you have a cold or accidentally slide. You can also automatically clean the smart toilet.In the office, the obstetric cleaning device is needed to rinse, and the obstetric cleaner that meets the medical standards is sterilized and sealed. There is a temperature taber alert to the water temperature. It can be used directly when disassembled., Effectively avoid the breeding of mold; fake goods are not sterilized and sealed. Used to rinse can cause infection. If there is no temperature measurement standard, too cold and hot water will stimulate pregnant women and induce premature birth. And because of insufficient elasticity, in order to keep the water continuously out of water, the water is in continuous water.The hole in the bottle can cause microorganisms to enter and form a hidden danger.If you have blood in the stool, you need to wipe the disinfection with No. 36 iodine towels to eliminate invisible bacteria and viruses.

3. Use the sleeping position in the left side to avoid the uterine permanent abdominal aorta and intestine when sleeping, promote the smooth flow of the perianal veins of the perianal, and alleviate the hemorrhoids and constipation.

The left side is not 90 degrees of the body and the bed surface, but the sideways of the production department to make the body and the bed 30 degrees, and use the wide back to bear most of the pressure to avoid tenderness.The back contact surface of the obstetric side pads that meet the medical standards is made of crystal silk. It is excellent permeability. It can avoid sweltering sweating and stimulate the skin to produce rash.The bottom of its bottom is non -slip, and the perfect contraception of the pregnant woman will not turn over and change the sleeping position, avoiding supine syndrome.With knee support pads, it can help pregnant women straighten their spine and slow back pain.The size of the specifications is matched with the hospital’s bed, which can be carried to the hospital to prevent the most critical days of labor in the most critical days of changing the sleeping position and increasing the risk of umbilical cord around the neck.

4. Adhere to the body every day

In the third trimester, many pregnant women are often lazy because of their body gradually bulky, so the phenomenon of constipation is more obvious in the late pregnancy.And appropriate amount of exercise can enhance the contraction of the abdominal muscles of pregnant women, promote intestinal motility, and prevent or reduce constipation.Therefore, even when pregnant women are getting heavier, they should do some exercise that can be done, such as walking, appropriate light housework, etc. to increase the intestinal bowel movements.

What are the problems during pregnancy?

In addition to constipation, pain and risks such as vomiting, feet edema, external radiation, and impact during pregnancy, should prepare for pregnancy care packs to prevent various problems.

When a pregnancy -induced vomiting care device, you can use a gestational vomiting care device to massage the inner acupoints on the wrist. It can adjust the vomiting center, effectively reduce the number of seizures of pregnancy, and reduce the severity of pregnancy vomiting.Pregnant vomiting care device should pay attention to identifying fakes. One is no electric function. Only one raised continues to be oppressed on the wrist. It is not a massage but an acupuncture point. Not only can it not alleviate the pregnancy, it will affect the blood circulation and cause the hand to swell and numb.There is also a very cumbersome when used. You must apply electrical gel in advance, which is easy to make the skin of the pregnant mother’s wrist cracked. Be careful.

The poor veins of pregnant women cause puffiness in the foot, thinner skin becomes easy to grind, and the immunity of pregnant women is reduced, and it is easy to infect the athletes. Therefore, pregnant women can wear edema socks.Obstetrics that meet the medical standards are packed independently sterilized and sealed, which can avoid being contaminated by germs during transportation and storage. It has antibacterial materials and can continue to prevent foot infection.Open the ankle vein without hindering the return of blood, alleviating edema, wireless bones, and not grinding your feet.

Fake goods are generally packaged into pregnant women’s socks, which cannot meet medical standards. For example, there are rubber bands in the mouth of the socks. The socks are only 4cm.The wired bone of the toes can easily break the skin of the pregnant woman into thinner, no antibacterial material, no sterilization, packaging without sealing, increase the risk of infection, be careful!

During pregnancy, radiation risks and collision risks can prepare a obstetric protective service. Compared with ordinary pregnant women’s radiation uniforms, the abdomen of the obstetric protective clothing adds a layer of radiation -proof fabric to provide double radiation protection to the most important abdomen.A pocket is also formed, which can be placed with inflatable airbags. At any time in the dangerous area of the person, protect the abdomen, wrap the uterus, and prevent the abdomen and fetus from being directly impacted.

in conclusion:

1. Constipation is one of the most common troubles during pregnancy, which can cause serious problems such as anal fissure and hemorrhoids.

2. The methods that can effectively alleviate the constipation during pregnancy are: drink plenty of water, supplement dietary fiber, use the bowel movement to accelerate the stool to restore squatting and stool, use the left side of the production section to avoid compressing venous return.power.

3. It is also necessary to vomiting during pregnancy, edema during pregnancy, external radiation and impact risks. You need to prepare for the pregnancy care package to crack through the corresponding medical tools.

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