How to relieve gum swelling and pain during pregnancy?

Mother, have you had a gum problem during pregnancy?Are there any problems such as gum swelling and pain, inflammation, bleeding, etc.?Don’t ignore these, they will not only affect eating, research shows that it will even increase the chance of premature fetal birth.How should I relieve gum problems during pregnancy?

1. Pay attention to oral hygiene is the key

Mother -in -law should pay more attention to her oral hygiene, not only brushing her teeth every day, but also to rinse my mouth in time after eating, and do not let the food residue stay in the mouth.Especially women who are still pregnant should pay more attention.If you find that you are swollen and painful, you can relieve it with light saline, contain about 5 minutes in your mouth, and then vomit.

2. Adjust the diet

If pregnant women have swelling gums, it may be caused by fire. Therefore, it is necessary to eat a little bit lightly, control the ingestion of sugar, and eat less cold food.Moreover, diet must be diversified, nutritional intake should be balanced, and improve your body resistance.

3. Remember to use the medicine

If the expectant mother feels that the gums are unbearable, they must not use the medicine by themselves. They need to consult the doctor in time. Under the guidance of the doctor, take medicine or take some measures.

Knowing the treatment method, you still need to understand the reasons why gingival swelling and pain. Generally speaking, there are three common reasons.

1. Landstone, plaque

Everyone knows that dental stones are good, and the plaque of dental plaque is the direct cause of oral problems.They accumulate near the gums, and when they go in the past, they will cause gum inflammation, cause swelling of the gums, pain, and tumor -like changes in severe cases.

2. Changes in estrogen secretion

During pregnancy, estrogen and progesterone will increase, and gums are one of their organs. Simply put, the gums are affected by estrogen, estrogen secretion increases, the capillaries of the gums will expand, and inflammatory cells will increase., Make gums swollen.The rise of progesterone will participate in the metabolism of gingival cells, the barrier effect of insidious gum skin, He Chen, which stimulates inflammatory factor, inhibit local immune response, and exacerbates gum problems.

3. Vitamin deficiency

Pregnant women are special groups. The previous diet may meet the needs of vitamin before pregnancy. However, after pregnancy, the demand for vitamins will greatly increase.If you ca n’t meet the needs of vitamins, you will cause gum swelling and pain due to fire. Pregnant women must take enough vitamins.

The gum swelling and pain are very troublesome. However, pregnant women can still use some small methods, from my prevention, especially after understanding the reasons for gum swelling and pain, it will be more convenient to prevent oral problems.It is a good way to supplement vitamins, clean oral hygiene in time, and adjust your dietary habits. However, remember not to abuse the drugs yourself to avoid affecting the fetus.

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