How to solve postpartum back pain & leg pain?

For new mothers who have worked hard in October, "delivery" should undoubtedly be the happiest moment.However, the true feelings hidden behind "happiness" are some people who are happy and sad!In this taste, only people can experience it: whether the cesarean section is produced or the birth is good. From the beginning of the pregnancy, the load below the waist and legs of the pregnant mothers will quietly increase.However, we are also very clear in our hearts that the load -bearing capacity of the thickening part cannot be achieved at all, and from the sharing of the surrounding sisters and sisters, few people dare to say that their waist and legs can be as good as before.Therefore, the truth is that when most new mothers have not returned from joy, they have been wrapped more or less by the pain of the waist and legs!

It’s not easy to get pregnant

Back pain!The hip can hurt!The pelvis can hurt!The thighs hurt!The calf hurts!The heel will hurt!The feet will hurt too!

It hurts to stand for a long time!It hurts if you sit for a long time!Squatting will hurt!It still hurts to lie down and want to turn over!

It hurts everywhere!IntersectionIntersection

How to feed your baby with such a pain?How can I eat such a painful method?Where can I find such a pain?

Want to find someone to complain?My mother -in -law would say, which woman will not hurt after giving birth to a child?Even your mother also helps: just tolerate!Husband will only say, the mother is right!

The problem is that this pain is really painful, forbearance, forbearance, and forbearance!The concubine can’t do it!

My mother, now I have 0202, I ca n’t say that I have to go back to the age of giving birth to a baby on the side of your side, right?In other words, the focus has also followed: how long will it take?10 minutes?10 hours?10 days?Still longer?If it is really good, how can there be "confinement disease"?.

Be too much to be a mother!IntersectionIntersection

Indeed, there is a very common back pain in postpartum!It is said that statistical data show that the incidence of back and leg pain after delivery is as high as 70%!Especially in modern life with well -developed productivity, physical labor has been highly replaced by various non -manpower, and the time that is beneficial to the exercise of tendon ligament muscle bones has long been occupied by computer mobile phones.But it is getting worse and worse, so the degree of postpartum pain given by people in this era must be unprecedented, and it is by no means a hurry to endure it!Moreover, it is not other people, but the princess county owner and the little masters who have been carefully taken care of by childhood and grew up pursuing the quality of life!

Many times, because postpartum waist and leg pain come to the outpatient clinic for help, they are patients with heavy symptoms, and even push in wheelchairs.Although the condition is severe, it is expensive to seek medical treatment in time and diagnose and treat them in time. Generally, the condition can be quickly controlled after the regular treatment of the system, and the prognosis is naturally very gratifying.On the contrary, there are many patients who are not sufficient to seriously affect the lives of life at the beginning of the onset. For various reasons, they have not been helped in a timely manner. Instead, the condition will not heal.Sequences (such as transformed into chronic pain, such as pelvic asymmetry, long legs, perineal pain, and even chronic pelvic pain) are more common.

So, the little masters!From a clinical perspective, once postpartum background pain, timely seeking medical treatment is a positive solution!

Here I will share with you a little dry goods, which can be effectively prevented:

1. Correct calcium supplementation: sun -exposed the sun, drinking more milk, you can take quasi -font calcium (please pay attention to distinguish those high -priced American calcium, Australian calcium, and Amway calcium, those are just health products)

2. Proper exercise: The tendon ligaments of each joint of the small masters need to move the blood supply to the bones and bones in order to maintain its own flexibility.

3. Control the screen time of mobile phone and computer: Poor living habits and various long -lasting postures are the culprits that will affect the postpartum happiness. Remember!

4. Do a good job of all kinds of communication, deal with various relationships, and maintain a pleasant mood. When there is painful signs, it will respond positively in time.

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