How to take care of the breasts in the lifetime and at different stages, it is enough to read this article.

Breasts are constantly developing in the process of women’s growth.From girls to young people, to middle age and old age, breasts exist in their unique ways.

The development and health of breasts should pay attention to every woman.However, many women do not know, care about their breasts, and even have a lot of misunderstandings.

Today, I will take you to understand the development of the breast, and how to properly care for the breasts at different stages to pay attention to breast health.


During this period, the breasts were in a static state, and there were only a small pair of nipples on the chest.

The editor here wants to emphasize that for the newborns, whether it is male or female treasure, there may be hard small masses under the breast, usually a coin size of a corner.This is because the fetus period, the mother passed through the placenta to the fetal estrogen, which stimulated the baby’s breast tissue, which would not affect the baby’s health.

Generally speaking, after a few weeks, the estrogen in the baby’s body is metabolized, and the breast will return to normal.

Care focus:

1. Don’t squeeze your nipples for your baby!

Many people will squeeze the nipples, especially the female baby. It is said that the baby’s nipples will not be trapped when they grow up, and they will not block milk after giving birth.

This … think too long.

In fact, the newborn nipples are normal, and they will slowly recover with the child’s growth.On the contrary, the nipple behavior will not only bring unnecessary pain to the baby, but also cause the skin to be inflamed.

2. How to judge whether the baby is precocious puberty?

In recent years, precocious premature children have become more and more concerned about parents. For girls, a very important manifestation is that breasts develop prematurely.

In fact, some fat girls will also have a slightly protruding chest, not necessarily precocious puberty.For girls before the age of 8, if there is a slightly protruding or painful manifestation, parents can first make a preliminary judgment, that is, gently press the child with a slightly protruding part of the child’s chest.Observe at home first.If you find that there are small hard blocks in the chest when pressing, it is recommended to take the child to seek medical treatment as soon as possible. The doctor will use the breast B ultrasound to identify the nature of the hard block, and then judge whether the child shows signs of premature sexual precocity.


At the age of eleven or two, when a girl walks into adolescence, under the common effect of ovarian hormones, pituitary hormones and insulin, breasts begin to develop, form a milk nucleus, and the area around the nipple begins to grow slowly.After that, as the age increases, the size of the breast continues to increase slowly, and the appearance is that the breasts are growing.

The reason why someone’s breasts are large is that some people are smaller. In addition to being affected by hormones, they will also be affected by genetic, environmental factors, material nutrition, and physical exercise.

Care focus:

1 During the development of the breast, there will be slight pain or itching. Remember not to squeeze or scratch it with your hands.

2 Nutrition should be balanced, and you cannot blindly die or eat because of the pursuit of beauty.A balanced diet, especially the intake of protein foods, increases the amount of fat in the chest.

3 Do not wear corsets prematurely, wait for breast development and start wearing.Secondly, try to make it as appropriate as possible, and should not be tightened because of shyness.

As a person who comes, Xiaobian can understand that adolescent girls are ignorant and shy when facing physical development.At this time, as a mother, we must provide more positive guidance to the child. Do not let the child overdose during the breast development period, let alone the chest, these will affect the breast development.

PS: There are great individual differences in breast development, but if the breasts over 16 years old have not developed, they should be alert to slow development or poor ovarian development.


Around 23 and 24, female breast development is close to maturity.It can be said that the breasts at this stage are the most beautiful.

Care focus:

At this stage, many women will encounter "breast hyperplasia".

In fact, most breast hyperplasia is a normal physiological phenomenon, and it will disappear on its own as the hormone changes.In this case, there is no need to intervene.

The pathological breast hyperplasia is mainly caused by abnormal secretion of hormones in the body. Most of them can be improved through life and emotional adjustment. In most cases, no medication is required.

However, if you have been adjusted in terms of living habits, you still have not improved significantly, or you feel obvious pain, nipple exudation, etc., it is recommended to seek medical treatment in time.Doctors will determine whether to use medicine or surgery through hand diagnosis, breast B -ultrasound or other testing methods.

PS: In order to better monitor breast problems, women over 25 years of age are recommended to conduct ordinary medical examinations every year.


Affected by the level of hormones, after women’s pregnancy, the breasts will become more plump, the color of the areola will gradually become deeper, and the nipples will become larger and hardened.In the lower pregnancy, under the influence of the placenta -prolactin, crystalline or milk secretions will even appear on the nipple.These are preparing for breastfeeding after delivery.

Care focus:

1 Timely adjust the size of the corset and leave enough space for the breast to avoid squeezing and affect the smoothness of the breast ducts in the future.

2 You must not wear a corset, otherwise the excessive and overweight breasts have no external support, which can easily cause sagging of the chest.

3 Polaris care should be gentle.The nipples appear secretions. You can wash it with water in the bath. Remember not to pull and squeeze it with your hands, so as not to cause excessive irritation, cause contraction, and affect your baby’s health.


Usually, 2-3 days after delivery, milk is secreted under the action of prolactin.

At this time, breasts are in a relatively special physiological state, and various breast diseases are prone to occur.Therefore, compared to other stages, we must pay more attention to breast care and health during breastfeeding.

Care focus:

1 The size of the breast has nothing to do with the amount of milk!

Many people think that the breasts with large breasts will also be relatively developed and can install more milk.In fact, the breasts are only more subcutaneous fat. The number of breasts that really determine the amount of milk, the degree of development, and the stimulation of the baby’s sucking stimulation, have little to do with the size of the breast.

2 Be sure to wear corset!

Because at this time, the breasts increased a lot. If the chest is too much, the chance of sagging will be greater when the gravity increases.During the breastfeeding period, not only wearing corsets, but also to replace the suitable and comfortable breastfeeding underwear in a timely manner according to the size of the breast.

3 No discharge milk!

After weaning, the residual milk will be slowly absorbed by the body. The discharge of the residual milk will only stimulate the secretion of milk, the more row.


After women enter middle age, as menstruation changes or stops, the breasts will change accordingly.

Care focus:

Before and after the amenorrhea of women, they will experience short breast pain. This is a normal physiological reaction, and generally don’t have to worry.However, after menopause, breast pain occurs again, it should be paid attention to and seek medical treatment in time.

Finally, in addition to daily care, regular inspection is also important. What inspections should women do in different ages? I have a picture here, you can save and forward it ~

The life of the breast changes with the change of hormones.

For the size of the breast, although a few of them are happy, they have a healthy breast, but every woman must always pay attention to it.

Okay, for the health knowledge of the breast, what else do you want to know, please leave a message in the comment area ~

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