How to treat internal hemorrhoid bleeding how to treat internal hemorrhoid bleeding 3 treatment method sharing

Hemorrhoids are clinically divided into internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids. Internal hemorrhoids are hemorrhoids that appear within anus.Internal hemorrhoids are very prone to bleeding. Especially when people are in the stool, they often have blood wires in the stool. After the internal hemorrhoid bleeding occurs, everyone must deal with it in time to avoid causing infection.

Internal hemorrhoids are a common disease in life. Internal hemorrhoids will also have a certain impact on people’s health. Improper diet and irregular life.It needs to be treated by surgery.Here are the conditioning methods of internal hemorrhoids.How to deal with internal hemorrhoid bleeding?

1. Patients with internal hemorrhoids are prone to internal hemorrhoid bleeding during the stool. This is because in the process of stool, because of the very hard, the internal hemorrhoids can break, so bleeding will occur.After the internal hemorrhoids bleed, the patients should stop defecation. After a while, the bowel movement should be performed. If the stool is still very hard, you can use Kaiseru to defecate.

2. When the internal fat is bleeding, the patients must hold the anus with disinfected alcohol cotton balls. This will be better stopped bleeding. If the bleeding is particularly serious, patients need to lie in bed.Lie on the bed to prevent bleeding from aggravating.Patients with hemorrhoids can use warm water to sit in a daily basis to relieve internal hemorrhoids. After the warm water is completed, you can massage 3 to 4 minutes around the anus.This can prevent the aggravation of hemorrhoids and the pain that internal hemorrhoids bring to patients.

3. Internal hemorrhoids do not have a long time to squat the toilet for too long. For too long to squat to the toilet, the internal hemorrhoids will be removed, which makes the hemorrhoids more serious.After defecation, you should also gently clean the anus to avoid infection. You should choose good toilet paper. Do not choose toilet paper with rough chemical components.

Internal hemorrhoids will bring great pain to people, and it will also seriously affect people’s normal life and work. Therefore, after the appearance of internal hemorrhoids, everyone must treat them in time. Slightly internal hemorrhoids can be cured by taking drugs.The severe internal hemorrhoids need to be treated with surgery. No matter which treatment method is selected, patients must take care.

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