Hua Rong: 4 endless lovers, Lan Su is the happiest, Mu Nan is unable to flatten, Wei Zhi’s ending is the most unexpected

Abstract: 4 endings of 4 lovers in "Huoreong". Lan Su is the happiest, Mu Nan is unable to flatten, and Wei Zhi’s ending is the most unexpected

"Hua Rong" is a light ancient Feng Xianxia drama starring Ju Jingying, Guo Junchen, Liu Dongqin and so on.It tells that the heroine Wei Zhi and the male lead Yan Yue have gone through the sadness of the third generation. In the end, the fate of the pseudo -phoenix Nirvana will destroy the Three Realms, and work together to rewrite the fairy story of Tiandao.

"Hua Rong" is currently on the air. There are four pairs of lovers in the play, but they have different endings. Some endings are very complete, and some are still difficult.

The first pair: Yan Yue and Wei Zhi

In the play, Yan Yue and Wei Zhi experienced the abuse of the third life. The first life was Chen Yan. On the night of marriage with Sima Wangyue, the blood washed the barracks and killed Sima Wangyue’s father.Chen Yan became the monarch of the Chi Ri, killing Sima for Wang Yue.

In the second generation, Yan Yue fell in love with Phoenix Wei Zhi. This time, he chose to guard Wei Zhi. Unfortunately, Wei Zhi still couldn’t escape his fate. In this life, Wei Zhi did not be killed by Yan Yue.

The third Shi Yan became more magical. Because Wei Zhi missed Wei Zhi too much, he transformed out Aya. Therefore, Aya became Wei Zhi’s stand -in and married Demon Zun Yanyue. Finally, Wei Zhi woke up to see Yan Yue, and Aya understood thatI was just a stand -in, and finally chose to die into full Yan Yue and Wei Zhi.

Yan Yue and Wei Zhi finally ushered in the success after experiencing the three lives. Yan Yue and Wei Zhi eventually died in order to save Cangsheng. The two reincarnated into an ordinary couple and lived a common life in the world.

Second pair: Minglang and Wei Jingyue

In the play, Minglang and Wei Jingyue’s pair of love cannot be. Wei Jingyue likes Minglang and Minglang likes Wei Lingyue. Wei Lingyue likes Yan Yue. Yan Yue likes Wei Zhi. Wei Lingyue attacked Gu Cheng.No, lose everything.

Third pair: Eurasia and Lan Su

In the play, the pair of Eurasia and Lan Su is also relatively complete. Eurasia was attracted by Phoenix at the beginning.The demon world lives a happy and happy life, and Phoenix Wei Zhi also solved the problem of the demon’s fertility for the demon tribe. Lan Su was pregnant.

Fourth pair: Mozun Mu Nan Heyi

In the play, Mozun Munan and Yier’s lover is a tragedy. Mozun Munan’s previous life was picked up by Sima Gangyue.In the end, he died to save his sister, but he was resurrected by the demons, and became the demon.

Mozun Mu Nan died in order to protect her sister. Mu Nan was seriously injured by the Emperor in order to protect her sister.After all, Yi’er still loves it, and always can’t replace her sister’s position in Mu Nan’s heart.

All in all, these four pairs of two people, two pairs of complete two pairs of tragedies, Lan Su happiest, and Wei Zhi’s ending is very surprised.It is still difficult to die, and the two died for sisters.

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