Hubei 14 -year -old girl said that she was abandoned after pregnancy, her boyfriend seamlessly opened the house with people, and the post was exposed.

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Title: Hubei 14 -year -old girl said that she was abandoned after pregnancy, her boyfriend seamlessly connected to open a house with people, and the post was exposed.

Early love is what many parents are afraid of seeing, because this will not only affect their children’s learning, but also bring adverse effects on their children’s body and mind.

It is usually found that children and teachers will try to stop their early love and try to stifle this ignorant relationship in the budding period.

But not all parents are so careful. In reality, some careless parents rarely care about their children’s emotional issues, and even ignore their children, which has led the children to gradually go astray.

In Hubei, a girl named "Owl 710" posted an online complaint on the Internet, saying that she was abandoned by a 19 -year -old boyfriend after pregnancy. The other party not only hacked her and seamlessly connected, and found another woman to open the room that day.

In addition, she also revealed that she was not only pregnant, but she was also ill and was still treated in the hospital.

According to the girl, she was only 14 years old (year old) this year. She met her boyfriend Chen at the night market. After spending time, the two established a relationship.

At first, Chen was still very good to her. The two often went out together to play with a very good relationship, but the good times did not last long. Later, she was found to be pregnant, and Chen immediately turned her face and refused to recognize people.

Faced with her boyfriend’s face, the girl was naturally unacceptable. At first she thought that her boyfriend was only afraid of responsibility, but what made her unexpected was that her boyfriend actually changed her heart and opened a room with others on the day of separation.

Under such a double blow, the girl’s heart collapsed very much. She could only choose to expose online, hoping to get help.

In order to prove that what she said is true, the girl has posted her own inspection report and a photo with her boyfriend on the social platform, and marked the name and contact information of her boyfriend.

However, this is not enough to be convincing. Many netizens in the comment area questioned that why the girl did not choose to call the police or find her family to preside over her fairness.

The girl responded one by one asked by netizens. First of all, she said that she was 14 years old and had a relationship with the other party, so it was useless to worry about the alarm.

Secondly, her family situation is relatively bumpy. She has never lived with her parents since she was a child.

After listening to the girl’s statement, everyone began to understand why the girl chose this way to ask for help, because she had only herself, and there was no one who could rely on.

As the attention of this incident became higher and higher, her boyfriend Chen finally couldn’t sit still, sending text messages to let the girl delete the post, and the tone was very bad.

On May 13, the girl updated her dynamics again, posted "I don’t want to come again" and exposed the movement of the injury after being beaten, and her mobile phone was also broken.

Seeing that the girl said that, many netizens worried that the girl would not think about it, and encouraged her in the comment area for a while.

Fortunately, the girl was moved by netizens’ heartwarming comments, gave up the idea of light life, and claimed that she would collect evidence to take legal channels for rights protection.

After watching the girl’s encounter, to be honest, I was very heartbroken. First of all, like her child, she should be in a carefree school, but she had already mixed up at night, which shows that no one in the family cares about her.

Secondly, she encountered her boyfriend betrayed her pregnancy, which was indeed a huge blow for her.

In my opinion, although the girl and boyfriend are your wish, but this is not the reason for her boyfriend to shirk responsibility. As a boyfriend, he should bear all the costs of girls and cure.

Nowadays, we only hope that the local police and the Women’s Federation department can pay attention to this and give girls an explanation.

In addition, the official intervention can also make the public more thoroughly understand the facts, and avoid intentionally fabricating the facts of facts for the sake of eyeballs.

What do you think about this matter?Welcome to comment and forward!

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