Hui Ruoqi officially appeared for the first time after pregnancy. He appeared in August.

Hui Ruoqi, who has been married for more than two years in February this year, was pregnant. As the leader of the former women’s line, Hui Ruoqi retired for three years and still active in the public’s sight. In addition to the talent talent, this tall person who is 10 meters 9 meters is 10 meters 9Beauty also has a business -minded mind. Today, in addition to covering various sports projects, her career development also involves sports nutrition and rehabilitation. She has a strong career.In business activities.

On March 27, Hui Ruoqi appeared in Xiamen publicly and named her first trendy sports venue -191 sports space with his height. She was still working hard for her 8 months pregnant belly.However, the overall looks like Hui Ruoqi’s physical condition is super good. It is not obvious that her body is blessed in the late pregnancy. Even if she looks at the pregnant belly, she is basically invisible.The edema and the small face were rounded. Hui Ruoqi had undergone heart surgery. Now the posture of edema in the second trimester is also obvious, which is inevitable that people are worried about her physical condition.But looking at her face with a smile, she still felt vibrant.

Today, Hui Ruoqi, who has successfully transformed business, has also achieved "transformation" in the styling style. A capable shape appears. The suit shirt is matched with a typical independent female strong man. It is completely different from the previous sports style.Blessing with many years of habits, she still likes to wear flat shoes, and her half -body casual and half -body shape can not only show her career characteristics, but also create full affinity.Frequent ponytails, heroic posture, strong woman Fan Fan.

Dressing in the second trimester itself is limited. Under the height of Hui Ruoqi over 1.9 meters, the clothing style choice is more limited.The overall feeling is particularly neat, refreshing and pleasant.It is estimated that this suit should be the current silhouette version, but Hui Ruoqi is wearing it but it looks like a slim style. There is no exact effect on the slightest.

The suit version of Zhouzheng can play a good advantage of the tall figure and create a sense of exquisite workplace. With the support of Hui Ruoqi’s large skeleton, the gas field is super strong.Now that in the late pregnancy, Hui Ruoqi also focused on the thinness and covered belly. She deliberately chose her boyfriend’s wind shirt to base, creating a neckline for retro lapels.Stack the level.The loose version can create a comfortable dressing effect for the pregnant belly. The waist does not do waist treatment, paired with tight trousers, and the proper shape is proper to cover the 8 -month -old pregnant belly. At first glanceInfertility.

After being pregnant as a mother, Hui Ruoqi has always insisted on fitness, so her body is not very blessed, and her legs are full of bodybuilding. While showing tight pants to show a sense of profit, the whole person is not bloated and bulky.However, the mother who became a mother was different. At the event, Hui Ruoqi became extraordinarily gentle, and she was careful about every move. Even in order to cover the exercise, she leaned forward naturally.

Hui Ruoqi is tall, but her facial features are beautiful, so she can control a lot of styles.Essence

From the perspective of VLOG during the pregnancy in early March, Hui Ruoqi is actually a smaller woman in private, because the skin is white and tender, so she also loves bright color clothing to highlight the skin color advantage.The shirt with a loose worker wind jacket, creating a tight and loose match, looks vibrant and not dull against the bright yellow color.

When practicing yoga, a warm -colored bodybuilding style made her look bright and white, and she deliberately showed her pregnant belly. It felt that the pregnant belly was not small but she was almost blessed.Today, Hui Ruoqi, who is still overweight in the second trimester, has found new business opportunities during pregnancy. She sees the business opportunities that need to be managed during pregnancy. It can be seen that she has more business brains, and she has her own ideas in the long run.

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