Husband goes out to work to make money, his wife derails and pregnant and has children, and wife: All are lonely troubles.

"You actually have children in other life while I am not at home, you should be shameless!"

Husbands accused the wife sitting on the opposite side angrily, but the wife pushed her fault to her husband: "It’s not because of your fault!"

Chen Xiaohui, who worked in Xiamen, suddenly received a call from the Family Planning Office, saying that the younger son under his name needs to be settled to make up for some procedures.

Chen Xiaohui stunned: "I have not returned home for more than a year, how can my wife give birth to a child?"

So Chen Xiaohui quickly called his wife Peng Qianyi to ask.

Peng Qianyi said that her child’s child needed her help, and she helped her, let Chen Xiaohui think not to think much.

Having said that, Chen Xiaohui always felt that things were not so simple, so he quickly bought a plane ticket to take a leave to go home for verification.

Chen Xiaohui and Peng Qianyi met in 2012. At that time, Peng Qianyi, who was working in Guangdong, took the initiative to pursue Chen Xiaohui. The two developed into a lover relationship soon, and then went home to get married.

In the second year after marriage, Peng Qianyi gave birth to a son. In order to give his family a better life, Chen Xiaohui rushed to work outside, leaving Peng Qianyi to live like his child and his mother.

Chen Xiaohui’s mother was very good to Peng Qianyi and did not let her do her housework. She just had to take care of her child. Chen Xiaohui would also send her 2,000 yuan of living expenses on time every month.

It didn’t take long for Peng Qianyi to say that she would take her child back to her mother’s home. Although Chen Xiaohui and his mother were very small, they still agreed.

Peng Qianyi and their children lived in the maid’s house for more than five years.

During the period, the couple separated for a long time, and their feelings began to become weak. Peng Qianyi had proposed to divorce, but Chen Xiaohui disagreed, and the matter was put on hold.

Is Peng Qianyi proposed to divorce because she was pregnant with other people’s children?

When Chen Xiaohui came to his father -in -law’s house and wanted to know the situation, his father -in -law closed his mouth and said that Peng Qianyi had not returned home for half a year: "The water splashed out of the daughter of the marry, we don’t care about her!"

Chen Xiaohui felt that his father -in -law must know that Peng Qianyi’s whereabouts were just concealed.

Later, according to the form given by the staff of the Family Planning Office, he found a strange name on the table -Zhang Tao.

This person is likely to have a variety of connections with Peng Qianyi.

So Chen Xiaohui came to Zhang Tao’s home according to the clue.

When I first arrived, I saw Zhang Tao’s mother drying the children’s clothes outside the house. She said that her grandson had just been born for more than a month, and this date is close to Peng Qianyi’s child’s production date.But Zhang Tao’s mother said that the woman who didn’t know the photo: "I don’t know what Peng Qianyi, you are looking for the wrong person."

Chen Xiaohui looked at Zhang Tao’s mother’s panic and felt that things were not so simple. They thought about rushing into the house to see, but was stopped by Zhang Tao’s father.

Zhang Tao’s father is different from Zhang Tao’s mother. He frankly admits that Peng Qianyi is his daughter -in -law. Peng Qianyi has lived with Zhang Tao for more than half a year.

Not only that, Zhang Tao’s father also complained about Chen Xiaohui: "If he was not willing to apply for a divorce certificate, would my son not get a certificate with Peng Qianyi? All this is Chen Xiaohui’s fault!"

In the face of Zhang Tao’s father’s robber logic, Chen Xiaohui couldn’t cry.

Now that the truth has been found, Peng Qianyi’s lies have been broken.

In the call with Chen Xiaohui, Peng Qianyi kept his mouth closed. Instead, he repeatedly complained that Chen Xiaohui was unwilling to receive a divorce certificate with her. She also said that as long as Chen Xiaohui was willing to receive a divorce certificate, she would tell Chen Xiaohui.

At Chen Xiaohui’s request, Peng Qianyi promised to meet with Chen Xiaohui.

Chen Xiaohui faced his wife who hadn’t seen him for more than a year, with mixed hearts.He hopes that Peng Qianyi can consider 5 years old at home and return to his family. He is willing to forgive Peng Qianyi’s absurd behavior.

But Peng Qianyi refused. She said that the home was a magic cave, and she would not go in again.

Peng Qianyi complained that Chen Xiaohui lacked care of her after marriage and would only go home. He did not do his responsibilities of being a father and husband: "Have you served as a father? Have you ever controlled your children? Have you ever given us to us in these years?Care? "

"I have never accompanied the child, but I gave money!" Chen Xiaohui believed that money could make up for his lack of his child’s growth and his wife’s vacancy.

"For more than four years, you have come back to see her a few times! You talk about it yourself!" At this time, Peng Qianyi’s brother also came back to speak for Peng Qianyi.

Although Peng Qianyi was resolute, Chen Xiaohui still wanted to restore this relationship. He made a reconciliation request again, but was still rejected by Peng Qianyi.

Peng Qianyi said that she and Zhang Tao’s children were just an accident. She had never thought about having a child with Zhang Tao.

Chen Xiaohui no longer retained. He proposed that Peng Qianyi would compensate him 100,000 yuan, and then the two divorced. The child was raised by himself.

Facing the astronomical figure of 100,000 yuan, Peng Qianyi shook his head with tears: "I don’t have a penny at all! I don’t want my son, and I will not support the support. I still have a child on my side to support it."

Over the years, Peng Qianyi, who has no financial source, has lived on the living expenses paid by her husband every month. She said that Zhang Tao should not herself now. She can’t raise the same child alone. Now she is very painful.

But Chen Xiaohui had lost patience. He could only go to the court to sue her and get the compensation he deserved.

Chen Xiaohui worked abroad for a long time, but ignored the care of his wife and his companionship. This is the main reason for their divorce. The arrival of Zhang Tao and the child just earlier this thing that will happen sooner or later.

Money can well maintain the good development of a family, but this is not the most important, but also requires companionship and tolerance.

Peng Qianyi, who has not been in love for a long time, chose to end the marriage in this way and violates the bottom line of morality and law. She will also be punished by the due punishment.

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