Husband is a popular male star in the entertainment industry. One day I was pregnant, and the love film became a thriller

Hello everyone, I am the pig Xiaofan of the true story.

Today is the follow -up, follow me, and let’s see today’s story:


I am Su Ke.

I want to retreat several times, I don’t want to talk about it anymore.

Because I am scared.

I faintly feel that someone is looking for me, like searching for an abnormal error code.


In 2019, the world’s favorite mother left me forever.

Zhou Zhe said that my mother was assured of me before choosing to let go.

But after he said these, he left me.Is he relieved to me too?

Family, love, as if disappearing in the night, leaving only the sorrow and resentment of nowadays in the body.

And when I was most painful and helpless, God sent someone who should not return to me to be next to me.

He is Lu Shaoyan.

Lu Shaoyan came back to see his dad.

His father was sick and had gastric cancer, and he wanted to see him before the operation.

The home over there, he didn’t want to live, he lived in the hotel.I didn’t expect me to meet me in the hotel.

His private itinerary, the assistant did not bring it, only him.

We talked in the hotel’s bar for a while.

There is a viewing balcony in the bar. Lu Shaoyan stood by the fence and put his hands in his pockets, reminding me of his previous look.

I said, I remember that you had a good relationship with your dad.

Lu Shaoyan leaned up and said, at that time, I believed my mother too much.

I was a little surprised.

In the past, he had a kind of perseverance for his mother’s life. He couldn’t think of one day, he would say that.

In the next few days, we often chat together.

At that time, I was in a trough of spirit, and Lu Shaoyan gave me a lot of comfort.

And he is here, and he seems to have found an exit of venting his mind.


When he was a child, Lu Shaoyan had always been the guardian of his mother.

He felt that his mother was deceived by his father and delayed youth and career.He must work hard to fight for his mother and fight.

But that day, Lu Shaoyan told me that I felt that my life was hugged by my mother.

I only knew that in the past few years, his fucking, that is, Aunt Huang, became more and more excessive.

When she was young, she gave up the moral bottom line and made a wrong choice.

Not to mention awakening earlier, but also pulled up his own child and buried the child’s life.She is like a kind of software bug, always attached to others to suck blood.

In the past, men who destroyed others and were unhealthy from blood, now they sucked their sons.

At that time, all the income of Lu Shaoyan was held by Aunt Huang.The division of interests with the company is also talking about Aunt Huang.

After less than half a year Lu Shaoyan, Aunt Huang talked to the company to solve the contract.

The white paper and black type contract is the law in the eyes of ordinary people, and in her eyes is Lingba’s waste paper.

In all fairness, the contract does have many crushing clauses.There is nothing wrong with resistance.Someone had been alone before.

But the means of Aunt Huang really dare not compliment.She first asked Lu Shaoyan to hide and not to show up.

Then incite fans to compete the company and draw Lu Shaoyan’s good group members to perform together.

After they became a group, the company had released a large traffic, and it was impossible to let Lu Shaoyan.

In the end, the company compromised.No contract, signing the conditions again.However, he only signed with Lu Shaoyan.

Others who followed the troubles, the snow collection of the snow, and the marginalization of the edge.Aunt Huang has only one sentence, sorry, I don’t want to.

Since then, Lu Shaoyan became the soul of the group, but was isolated by everyone.


Lu Shaoyi asked his mother, that’s all my brothers, have you ever thought about me?

Aunt Huang said, don’t be stupid, there are brothers in this circle.Only I really think about you in the world, and others just want to take advantage of you.

I was shocked when I heard Lu Shaoyan repeat.

The child who is trapped in his own is not reluctant. Take every drop of hard -earned money for the child, and he can take a bite for you one by one.

Lu Shaoyan said, do you know how difficult it is to make a child admit that his mother does not love himself?

After speaking, he raised his head and drank the wine in the cup, coughing straight.

I don’t know how to comfort him, I feel that everything is weak.

In fact, he was only 20 years old, and he didn’t drink much about the wine, but he was rushed to the Cold Bingbing Fame and fortune.

I said, if you are really unhappy, go back.

Lu Shaoyan smiled bitterly and said, do you know how much money the company has invested in me?I can only retreat if I die now.

His tone, coldly, made people shivering.


Lu Shaoyan lived in his hometown for a week.

On the day of walking, I told my room to farewell.

He said, leaving.

I said, go, go all the way.

He was about to turn around, and said again, saying that there was something to tell you for many years.

what did I say?

He said, I used to know you like me, but in fact, I like you too.But I want to be red in the future, I ca n’t leave myself, I have never said it.Nothing else.

I laughed out.

It was the first time after my mother died.

Because suddenly there was a warmth of a green plum bamboo horse.

Nothing about love.It is the warmth shrouded in the halo in spring.

The memory of the past rushed to my eyes for a moment.

My mother took me to participate in the game, combed the tall buns, and turned into a strong makeup.

At that time, he always met Lu Shaoyan and Aunt Huang.The two mothers will get together to exchange and cultivate their children’s experience.

We will sit in the waiting venue and share the chocolate in our pockets.

The world is still clean, without real suffering and pain.

In the blink of an eye, it is right.


Soon after, I returned to New York and continued to complete my studies.

Seeing Lu Shaoyan on the Internet, the feeling in my heart became different.

In front of the camera, he always laughed very hard.

But the more he laughed, the more sad I felt.

Because I know, those smiles are just masks.

For a while, he danced on the stage and would do that exaggerated movement, electric shock.The black powder will be cut off and spread everywhere.

I saw a classmate who learned psychology and said with a joke, like a bipolar behavior caused by psychological problems.

I smiled with me, but was at my heart.

In the evening, I asked Lu Shaoyan on WeChat, and he didn’t return.

After a day, I made up another word.I said, what you want to say, you can pour me.

He returned a few days after a few days, and I was fine, and I would have a chance to say it in the future.

I think don’t bother him.

He returned to his world, which is a big star.

In my teens, I know how people who cannot fall in love with black materials can leave a handle on WeChat.

Time turned into 2020, and the epidemic suddenly broke out in China.

I didn’t think it would be so serious at first, until the publication of the city did not know that the situation was really bad.

After my mother died, I took the initiative to call my dad for the first time.

He said slightly, do you remember me?

Then don’t go back.

When he called, he was moved by him, but he could put down the phone, and felt that he didn’t want to see me, so he said that.

The feeling is like this. Once the crack is knocked out, it is difficult to heal even if it is the relative.

I was in my heart, I couldn’t forgive him.


In February, there was an unexpected person who contacted me.

Yes, Zhou Zhe.

He graduated one year earlier than me, and was already in China.He jumped out on WeChat, and I remembered that he was from Hubei and should be in Wuhan.

He said he was recruited.High fever, hypoxia, every bite of breath, lungs hurt.When lying on the bed, I always think of me.

He said that I was the only girl who did not entangle him after breaking up, which was very different from others.

At that time, Zhou Zhe also said a lot, but I just remembered this sentence.

The superiority of top -down is not easy to detect in love.It really wants to jump out so obviously.

I seem to be his selected product.

I back, do you test this?

Zhou Zhe also understands people.After a while, he said, sorry, hurting you.

Since then, we have not contacted again.

Later, New York also became serious.Fortunately, when my mother reads, I bought a small apartment directly.

At that time, it was investment, but that time became my shelter.

By the end of March, a small number of flights were restored.In April, I received a video call from Lu Shaoyan.

He said, I remember you in New York?

I said, what’s wrong?

He said, I am here.


Unexpectedly, he would come.

What’s more, he would come to me.

In fact, he was here.

The first is the cause of the epidemic. Many commercial performances have been canceled and the work stops.The second is that he can’t bear Aunt Huang.

At that time, Aunt Huang and his fans helped to tear up.

It’s so exaggerated.

How can I explain it.

Ordinary fans chase the stars, but the core members of those fans are different.Selling the surroundings and raising funds.As far as I know, someone got 7 digits a year.

This is also a tacit relationship between stars and big powder.

Big powder contributes to maintain the docal volume for Aidou.Aidou acquiesce in their own image.

But how can people fall in the eyes of money, how can outsiders allow outsiders to take advantage of this kind of cheap.

Everything about her son’s output belongs to her.

Therefore, she ended in person to grab the rights of the future aid.

Ru Shaoyan said that she was so disperse than to avoid it.

He said that many fans accompanied me from Ji Jiming to this day.I am psychologically dependent on them.Now … no more.

I think this may be what Aunt Huang wants.Disbloh all the social interactions of Lu Shaoyan and trap him beside him.

But I didn’t say it.

Because Lu Shaoyan looked very stunned, like a gem that fell into the quagmire, he lost his luster.

I can’t bear to say those words that make him suppress.


During that time, we didn’t go out much.

At first, met at the hotel he lived.Later, I went to my apartment.

We did not go online, and separated the outside of the outside world.

Little, like home space, gives us a sense of personal intimacy.

Sometimes I think the poorest part of Lu Shaoyan is that when my childhood was trained under the arrangement of my mother, before being an adult, I was urgently promoted to the entertainment industry.

So that his social surface is extremely narrow.

The people in the circle are hard to be attentive.And I am a rare friend who is away from his circle.

During that time, Lu Shaoyan told me a lot of minds and secrets.

He ran out, not only because his mother and the support would tear, he had to hide.

Also because he knew something very sad.

Lu Shaoyan said that I only knew last month that my mother got a green card for investment immigrants in 18 years.She feels that the current environment, the entertainment industry is not suitable for changing nationality, so she did not tell me.But I don’t want to change it at all.I treat her as a mother, what do she think of me?It was hidden from me, and said good about me, ridiculous.

People often say that parents’ love for children is unconditional.In fact, isn’t the child’s attachment and love and love for parents unconditional?

Even if they did something wrong and hurt themselves.But every child’s heart is still longing for parents’ sincerity.

Lu Shaoyan couldn’t say it anymore.

He was half -talked on the sofa, closed his eyes, no sound, only tears, immersed from the corner of his eyes.

At that moment, I felt so distressed that I reached out and hugged him.

And Lu Shaoyan shrank in my arms, shook slightly to crying.


At that time, Lu Shaoyan and I had a wonderful resonance.

We all with the seals of love in your youth, and we were hiding in foreign countries and quietly healing.

Love was quietly triggered in that private and independent time.

In a city where most people do not know Lu Shaoyan, we are like an ordinary couple, and we talk about love.

Deep in love, I call his husband, and he calls my wife.

Don’t deliberately avoid hiding.

Eat together, go to see Bo together, and go to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden to watch cherry blossoms.

Until one day, Wu Shaoyan and I went to a net red burger shop, and a Chinese girl was quietly patting us.

It was discovered by Lu Shaoyan.

Even wearing a mask, I could see that his expression suddenly changed.

Before the meal was released, he turned away.

He didn’t even call me and threw me in the shop.

We were officially together, on the 25th day.

That night, he was going back to the hotel.I asked him, what do I mean?

He said, just dream, it’s time to wake up.

I have a little ignition.I said, what are you being me?

He answered simply. Before today, he was a girlfriend. After today, he was a friend.

Zhou Zhe said that I am not a girl who can let go of her face and hold boys entangled.

But I couldn’t get angry that day.I said, Lu Shaoyan, do you tell the truth, did you often play girls like this before?

Lu Shaoyan pulled the corner of his mouth and said, "You think, that’s it.

I said, you come to this set less.To make it clear, I don’t want to guess!

Someone always laughed at Lu Shaoyan to play with Mi Na, but it was true that at that moment, I saw an extremely complicated expression on Lu Shaoyan’s face.

Angry, shame, fear …

I don’t know how to describe it.

Lu Shaoyan stopped for a while and said, "Do you think seriously, can we really be together in the future?Even if I think, someone will not want.We can only be a lover in this house. Can you stand it?

I looked at him, speechless.

I finally let go of my hand.

I took the necklace from the neck and gave him it.I said, you have other girlfriends in the future, and take it off again.

He took the ring on his hand and took it down and said, then if you have a new boyfriend, throw it away.

Suddenly, I felt like we were still like two children.

Unfortunately, we were missed in the years of young and bamboo horses.


I don’t know what to say later.

I try to choose as much as possible, and I can say.

In May, the holiday did not come.

I have taken contraceptive measures, but unfortunately there were accidents.I was pregnant.

I was a little embarrassed at the time.

I have two good friends, one from Texas and the other from Maine.They all advised me not to fight, saying this is a life.

Of course, their reasons come from her faith.

But a friend told me her story.

She said that my mother was only 16 years old that year and I wanted to be killed, but after listening to Grandpa, I left me.My mother said that this is the most correct decision in her life.I am so good, so beautiful, and love her so much.If I got it off at the beginning.She has to repent throughout her life.

At that moment, I remembered my mother.

When my mother and my dad went to high school, she fell in love with her early.Later, my mother was admitted to college.My dad fell on the list and started working.The two of them opened the gap in physics, and their academic qualifications were opened.

When my mother graduated, she could have been to a Fortune 500 foreign capital in Shanghai.I was pregnant.

If the two discuss, you will not be able to get married sooner or later.

So my mother returned to her hometown, hurriedly married, and gave birth to me.

I asked my mother before, do you regret giving birth to me? Otherwise, now he is a strong woman.

My mother said with a smile, how could she regret it?How happy is a child who loves each other.

I lift up, what should I do if you and my dad do n’t love?

My mother said, that would not regret it. The man who loves me is gone, but I still have the child who loves me forever, right?

At that time, neither my mother and I knew that my dad would really not love one day.


Since then, I decided to ask for this child.

Lu Shaoyan, who can’t love in order to love, is also for my mother’s phrase "I will always love my child".

However, I was not ready to tell Lu Shaoyan.

One is that I don’t have money, raising my children alone, there is no problem.

The second is that Lu Shaoyan’s occupation is not allowed to exist.I won’t let anyone know who this child’s father is.

I think I will tell him when Lu Shaoyan leaves that circle.

Perhaps, at that time he was still wearing my necklace, and I also wore his ring.

In fact, thinking about it, my child has half of Lu Shaoyan’s gene is very happy.

After all, he is a boy who has been secretly in love since his teens.

If this life, I am destined to have only 25 days.I am very fortunate that God used another way to allow me to continue the charm of love with him.

However, I’m so naive.

Because when I decided to give birth to this child, it was no longer my own business.


In early September, a stranger suddenly added me WeChat.

The avatar and ID look like a girl.

When she came up, she asked me, sister, do you know Lu Shaoyan?

I heard that Lu Shaoyan had talked about illegitimate powder, and would interfere with idol private life or something.

I was alert.I said, I don’t know.Isn’t that a star?

Then she posted a photo and asked, is this two?

In the photo, it is Lu Shaoyan and I in the burger shop.

I was in a hurry and said, where did you see?

She said that this was acknowledged.

Suddenly, I found that I was too shallow, and was put out by a little girl.

I am afraid that the more I say, the easier it is to be wrong, and I directly blackened her.

It was about a week.

At school, a boy reminded me that someone seemed to be following me, it has been a few days.

There is indeed a man wearing sunglasses masks.

He found that I saw him and went into the car.

I was really scared this time.

Unexpectedly, Lu Shaoyan’s short love sketch gradually slipped towards the thriller.

I hesitated and called my dad.

My dad knew that I was pregnant, and was ready to give birth, and it burst directly.He said, Damn, is your child’s mind?Can you not be as naive as your mother!

I cried on the spot, I said, you have something wrong!

Then I fell the phone!

Three days later, Lu Shaoyan also called.He asked, are you pregnant?

I stunned and said, how do you know?

His tone became urgent. He said, you pay attention to safety in the past few days, and I will go to see you after I am busy!

I said, no.I didn’t want you to know.


What happened later became more outrageous.

I don’t want to add any speculation, but only stated that it happened to me.

My dad first arrived in New York from Lu Shaoyan.

I was really unexpected.

I thought he would no longer care about me.He found the apartment, entered the door to look at my stomach, and his eyes became red.

He said, what your school should do school, you go to ask.You can’t have children here, no one will wait for your confinement.Go back to your grandma can care about you.

I turned my eyes into the sky.

He asked my child’s father again?I didn’t tell him.

And I told Lu Shaoyan on WeChat, don’t come over, my dad is here.

On the third day of my dad, we went outside for dinner.

When I went to the parking lot to get the car, a black man in his 30s suddenly rushed over and grabbed my bag.

I subconsciously pulled back and was dragged.Then the man kicked my belly hard.

My dad has a few steps later than me.He saw shouting and rushing here.

When the black man looked at it, he dragged a gun from his back.I was scared and screamed!

As a result, he pointed the gun to me.

I can’t forget that scene in my life.

My dad will have a few English words.He shouted, sorry, sorry, shoot me!me!

Then blocked in front of the muzzle.

Even God, pity us.

Gun stuck.That black man ran away.


I have been bleeding below.

It hurts a few times.

But my baby is pretty strong and keep it.

When I was in my dad, I hugged him and cried, saying, dad, sorry.

I really didn’t expect that in the critical moment, my dad would use his life to change my life.

My dad also cried.He said, a good boy, don’t be angry with his dad.go home.If you love your child, you can’t give him up in this breaking place.

My dad is not a qualified husband, but he is a good father.He ignored me because of his son.

After that, I went to school, started nucleic acids, and found planes.

During this period, my dad told me something I didn’t know before, about my mother.

It turned out that my mother had given a man more than 200,000 US dollars during his reading.

Because when my mother first came, there was no friend.

When I go to school, she will chat online.Later, I met a woman who said curry English.He said he was particularly miserable, gave birth to 10 children, and died 4.I was cheated by a man again.

I know this person, my mother and I mentioned.

But I don’t know, my mother is giving her money.

After my mother returned to China, she saw my brother, and she was completely relieved to my dad’s feelings.The mood was particularly bad.

Then, the woman on the Internet owed debt and sold children to change.As soon as my mother heard it, she was anxious.

Domestic scams are still more vigilant.When my mother moved the money, my dad discovered.

My dad happens to have a good agent with a good relationship over there.I was troubled by him, but found that it turned out to be a man who became a woman. She dressed up various identities on the Internet every day to cheat money.Those 6 children, 4 were borrowed from neighbors.

In this case, my dad is right.

But my mother had no trust in him, and then she began to doubt my dad’s motivation and felt lied to her.

Emotional blows were a bit depressed.It is really hard to accept that I found that I have helped for so many years.After that, emotions gradually lost control.

At first, I scolded my dad every day, and then started.

My dad will not let grandma tell the truth.

He felt that my mother was perfect in my heart, and no one was there, don’t discredit her.


Five days later, the police informed me that the bag snatched by the black man was found in a alley.

I was fortunate that I didn’t lose the same thing.

But a small police officer said, strange, how did the robbery not even take a wallet.

My heart was stunned, there was a thought, and it flashed.

But I didn’t dare to say.

In early 2021, I finally returned to China.

Those who pay attention to the entertainment industry should remember what happened.

In January, I just lifted the isolation. A male star burst into her child and collapsed several platforms.

Interestingly, the child was born in February 19, not just born.After a closer look, the woman also had photos of eating children eating out, and the man had done two parent -child identification.

These strokes are not so confidential, but before, everything was calm.Obviously someone regards the female star as a weapon, and the male star head iron, just let it go, and said it.

The reason why I pay attention to this is because the more I think about it, the more I am afraid.

Because I thought of the girl who added me WeChat and sent me photos.

Thinking, secretly followed my man.

I thought, the robbery, but the black man who did not get a wallet.In fact, he has been kicking my belly violently …

I don’t know, what is the relationship between them.

Perhaps they come from different channels and have different purposes.

But they all proved one thing together, maybe I may not be a secret.

Looking at it, it is like the entertainment industry 21 years ago, all calm and calm.

It’s just that this kind of calm makes me feel scared.

I’m afraid I have become a sharp tool.

Waiting for a suitable time, it becomes a photo of the news and appears on Weibo.

With the existence of this child, even if Lu Shaoyan escaped the control of Aunt Huang, he could not escape the hands of others.

My dad was right.

I can’t be naive like my mother.


Lu Shaoyan and I have analyzed who are both, and what forces will participate in this matter.

Do you know who can do?

After all, we are just two pawns on the big chessboard.

I guess many people want to know, the children in my stomach now.

There are many people who look forward to him more than me and come to this world.

Unfortunately, in February 2021, I could no longer hear the sound of his fetal heartbeat.

Yes, I thought it was okay at that time, thinking that the child was kept, and then he left.

I guess, he was scared by the world’s teeth and claws.

Before I had time to look at the golden sunshine, I went to the grandmother of heaven.

The next day he left my body, I took off the ring and put it into the drawer.

I left a message to Lu Shaoyan, and then told him to pick the necklace.

Lu Shaoyan did not reply.

There is no word.

It was just that when I saw him on the Internet, I couldn’t find any traces that belonged to me.

It seemed that at night, I let go of the last dream of dreaming and accepted the pale and coldness of reality.

Since this year, I have never cried.

Busy graduation, busy looking for a job.Every morning I watched myself in the mirror, and I became more and more elite.

It’s just a dream, remembering the past, waking up in the morning, the soft pillow will wet.

Perhaps from the beginning, the story of me and Lu Shaoyan and I were wrong.

Since he wants to be a big star, he is destined to love me.

When the relationship was the strongest, he said he wanted to marry me, and he called my wife.When he learned that there was a child, he said he wanted to come to me, he made me not anxious.

But ah, when he is in the entertainment industry, there are no more things he say …

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