Husband is secretly connected to Shanghai’s elderly pregnant women in the middle of the night and asked for a centralized isolation instant collapse

As a secondary dense, why not isolate at home?

As an old age to give birth to pregnant women, who will be responsible in the case of concentrated isolation points?

It’s midnight, why do you want to disturb me?

An elderly pregnant woman who was 38 weeks pregnant was suddenly required to be separated, and her mood almost collapsed.

Recently, the pregnant woman gave birth to her baby safely.She entrusted her family to send a banner and 20,000 yuan donation to the front line of her.What kind of story happened in the middle?

Knock the door in the middle of the night to break the production plan of "prospective mother"

In the early morning of January 12, in a high -end residential building in Xintiandi District, Huahai Middle Road, Huangpu District, an unexpected phone number and a hurry knocking on the door were like drinking -awakened a middle -aged couple who was sleeping, and even moreBreaking the production plan carefully prepared by a "prospective mother".

According to the flow tone, her husband was identified as a close to the patients with new crown pneumonia, and she was listed as a secondary secret.When herAs a result, the beginning of the beginning appeared.

In the face of this situation, community staff who responded to too many emergencies also made difficulties: on the one hand, according to the latest prevention and control management requirements, the second -secret personnel must accept centralized isolation; on the other hand, the physical condition and the elderly pregnant women’s physical condition andPsychological state must also be taken into account.

After multi -party discussion, the staff decided: wait patiently to let the pregnant woman live in a home to isolate and restore their mood.

The night is deeper.Pregnant women started to rest; but comprehensive nucleic acid investigation in related areas has just begun.At 4 am on the 12th, the first nucleic acid detection was completed in the relevant area.

The problem of this pregnant woman was once again set up at the conference table: the district Health and Health Commission, Disease Control, Regional Office, Huaihai Middle Road Street, Xintiandi Public Security Police Station, Community Health Center and other relevant persons in charge sat together to discuss the matter.

The bell must also be a bell person. If you want to cooperate with this pregnant woman, you must first relieve the mustard in her heart.After many discussions, all parties reached an agreement to set up a "guardian special working group" to plan from the perspective of true care, solving difficulties, and dispeling concerns, and plan to try to do work during the day.

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"There are any questions, I will have a responsibility"

In the early morning of January 12, the street was contacted by the mother of the pregnant woman.The arrival of the old man eased the emotions of "prospective mother" to a certain extent.Under the persuasion of the staff, the old man promised to help do his daughter’s ideological work.She said: "It is not easy for Shanghai’s epidemic prevention. As a Shanghai citizen, we should do our responsibility."

As a result, 10 people composed of multiple departments and pregnant women and their families were established.

From the needs of life, the introduction of medical care, and isolation of the daily life, every question of the pregnant woman has a person who patiently and detailed answers. The staff promised that "the working group accompanied the whole process of 24 hours and the whole process."

But even so, the worry of this pregnant woman still exists.She is worried that once they enter the isolation point, all promises will become empty talks.

In order to remove her psychological burden, the secretary of the residents’ district party branch courageous, "domineering" saying: "There are any problems, I should bear the responsibility!" Hearing these, the pregnant woman was willing to cooperate with the isolation point.

And from the transshipment car she had prepared alone for her, all the promises were fulfilled one by one.

"Mom, I went to the Hotel, and they all helped me move in five big boxes." "I handled me the green channel for me, and I went to handle it." The room was more than I thought.OK, and there are people who take the takeaway to help me get in. "" They are really patient, my doubts have been answered one by one, the hotel also has a person to connect with me.Give me a wedding anniversary gift, they actually knew this, they were warmed to "…

The pregnant woman sent her mother such WeChat to her mother.She gradually let go of psychological defense.

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Mother and daughter are safe, pay tribute to the front line with the banner and donation

In the days of isolation, all the questions and consultations of pregnant women can be answered in the work group as soon as possible. During the production inspection process, the Huangpu Branch of the Ninth Hospital formulated a special plan for her to ensure the safety of her production …

In the early morning of January 19th, during the isolation period, the pregnant woman ushered in the day of production.After being taken to the hospital, the Huangpu Branch of the Ninth Hospital arranged a team composed of excellent medical staff to strictly abide by epidemic prevention measures and helped her to give her a new life smoothly.

The hanging heart finally let go.The old mother said: "My daughter is 37 years old and is also the first time I am pregnant. In fact, I was very nervous. I wanted to give myself and the child’s best medical conditions, but I did not expect such an accident. HoweverOn the day and night, I felt their sincere dedication, very grateful. "

RecentThe "new mother" said that as an ordinary Shanghai citizen, she wanted to do her best in this way.

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"People are on the road" when returning to the hometown of the Spring Festival: The mandatory isolation and return of the epidemic prevention layer …

As the New Year of the Tiger is approaching, it has become a hot issue for the New Year to return home.

Under the current situation of the epidemic, on the one hand, the localities have vigorously promoted the New Year in the spot; on the other hand, some returnees were "persuaded" in the middle of the place where the epidemic prevention policies were overturned, and some of them were forced to isolate.There are also places that "as long as you return, first isolation and then detention."Recently, a county magistrate in Henan announced publicly: "Anyone in high -risk areas trying to return, not to mention whether you have a vaccination certificate, and whether you have 48 hours of nucleic acid testing. You just return, first isolate and then detention."

At present, the "expansion" trend has occurred in various parts of the country’s "medium and high risk" regions in understanding and implementing epidemic prevention measures, which has led many people who return home of the Spring Festival to their hometowns.

The realistic version of "people are on the road": forced to return on the way back

Due to different epidemic prevention policies, Shenzhen people’s return journey staged a realistic version of "people on the way".

On January 20, Ms. Wu, a citizen of Guangxi, who worked in Shenzhen, just experienced the "magic day".

Originally, because of her family, she specially asked for leave about 10 days before the public holiday. She hoped that when the Shenzhen epidemic was not too serious, she returned to her hometown in Guangxi as soon as possible.I didn’t want to leave Shenzhen that day, and I received a notice from the staff of the hometown of Guangxi on the high -speed rail.Because it has a history of Shenzhen Luohu District (there is a central risk area), it is necessary to carry out 7 days of centralized isolation+7 Heavenly House isolation, and need to bear the cost of centralized isolation hotels of about 300 yuan per day.

In Ms. Wu’s view, the return journey to home with expectations has become an uneasy uncertain factor, and the enthusiasm of returning home has been severely hit.After thinking about it again, Ms. Wu informed the community members of her hometown that she decided not to return to her hometown for the time being, and bought a ticket back to Shenzhen at Guangzhou Station.

In this way, the costs and efforts she had paid early to go home earlier, eventually became a trip to Guangzhou because of strict prevention and control measures in her hometown, "It’s an unforgettable day."

According to the 21st Century Business Herald reporter, the classification of people in the prevention and control policy in many places is not accurate.For example, Ms. Wu’s hometown is located in Guangxi.According to the "Guangxi Daily" report, on January 18, Gui personnel in the Guangxi Xindu crown epidemic prevention and control headquarters will be divided into three categories in the future, namely the high -risk area (according to the local area announced by the local area) to return to Gui Lai Gui and the county where the middle and high risk areas are located.(Municipal, district) or the streets of the streets of Gui Lai Gui, as well as the districts and cities or municipalities in the area where the local epidemic occurred in the urban area of the city or municipality.

Ms. Wu pointed out to reporters that she has never been to the high -risk areas and believes that she belongs to "returning to Gui Lai Gui, a city or city or municipality in the area where the local epidemic occurs."Home health monitoring; but community staff informed that it belongs to the "county (city, district) of the middle and high risk areas (cities, districts) or the streets of the city to return to Gui Laigui".

The 21st Century Business Herald reporter checked the "Notice on Doing a Good Job in the Prevention and Control of Epidemic Prevention during the Spring Festival" issued by the Headquarters Office of the New Crown Epidemic Epidemic Epidemic Epidemic Prevention and Control Work Department of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.The county (cities, districts) or streets where the risk areas are located or municipalities are returning to Gui Lai Cai Gui. "After arriving in Guangxi, you need to receive a 7 -day concentrated isolation medicine observation+3 nucleic acid tests (1, 4, 7 days), and centralized isolation medicineAfter the observation, 7 Heavenly Home Health Monitoring+2 nucleic acid detection (day 2, 7 days).

For the third type of personnel with lower levels of isolation, the "return to Gui Lai Gui, a district, city or city or municipality in the city where the local epidemic occurs" only needs to complete the 7 Heavenly Home Health Test after arriving in Guangxi.

After reading many notices, Ms. Wu discovered that her place of residence was included in Luohu District, Shenzhen.

"This is wrong. The place where I live is not on the list of high -risk epidemic areas announced by the State Council!" Ms. Wu said, "The medium and high risk areas announced by the State Council have accurately reached the specific streets, communities, and buildings.District. And my place of residence is far from that street. "

Classification of epidemic prevention policies is inaccurate to trouble many people

Obviously, Ms. Wu’s situation is not an example. Ms. Chen, who works in Luohu, Shenzhen, is also troubled by the problem of "inaccurate classification of epidemic prevention and control policies".

Recently, Shenzhen Luohu epidemic has gradually stabilized. After checking the local epidemic prevention policy in Nanjing, that is, after "48 -hour nucleic acid negative certificate", Ms. Chen, who works alone in Shenzhen, bought a ticket for home, looking forward to it.

As a result, Ms. Chen received a platform SMS reminder. According to the latest requirements of the Nanjing Airport’s epidemic prevention and control, there are centralized and high -risk areas and Shenzhen Luohu and Longgang District.EssenceHowever, Ms. Chen then called Nanjing Lukou Airport Epidemic Prevention Headquarters to call., La Ning passengers who live in the history of prefecture -level cities must hold a 48 -hour nucleic acid detection certificate; for domestic flights to Ning to Ning by domestic flights without a local epidemic, passengers recommend holding 48 hours of nucleic acid testing. "

Figure / Interviewee Ms. Chen Figure Conferring

"Although I live in Luohu, Shenzhen, I am not in the high -risk area. I belong to the category of" local positive cases, and the history of the history of prefecture -level cities.Why did Meituan send me this text message, which one should I believe? "Ms. Chen pointed out to reporters.

At present, Ms. Chen, who bought the ticket, is very entangled and does not know if she wants to retreat to the return of returning home."If the ticket is refunded, I spend more than 700 yuan to buy it, and now I can only withdraw 200 yuan. I have to bear the high handling fee by myself …"

In order to find more specific policies and regulations, the 21st Century Economic Herald reporter once again called the Nanjing Lukou Airport Epidemic Prevention Headquarters on the 20th to get the same reply. Then the reporter dialed more than ten artificial customer service calls, but no one answered.

The reporter inquired about Nanjing’s relevant public policies, and it was not mentioned that "a centralized isolation isolate for 14 days +7 days of health test from Shenzhen Luohu back to Ning."According to the Spring Festival epidemic prevention reminder issued by Nanjing on January 17, from January 17, 2022 to March 15th, people from all provinces will report to the community and bring 48 hours of kernel acidic acid test negative proofIn addition, according to a notice issued on January 10, there are key groups of people living in districts and cities (counties and districts), cities and cities (municipalities directly under the Central Government), and high -risk job personnel, and high -risk jobs in the past 14 days.Provide 48 hours of kernel acid test negative proof and report to the community.

In addition, the reporter inquired about the prevention and control measures of the epidemic conditions of the State Council that the Nanjing civil aviation policy was still unclear, and it did not propose specific regulations. On the other hand, the Shenzhen civil aviation policy was clear and clear.

Figure / The traffic policy of the State Council on the release of the epidemic in various places

After repeatedly dialing Nanjing Public Health Public Welfare Hotline, Ms. Chen’s family finally opened up and learned that as long as it is from Shenzhen Luohu and Longgang, it is necessary to carry out centralized isolation for 14 days+7 days of health testing."The phenomenon has accidentally injured a large number of returnees from the cities where the central risk areas are located.

The accidental isolation is forced during a business trip, and the New Year will be celebrated in the hotel

Ms. Wen, who has encountered the same "tough" epidemic prevention policy, is even more miserable.

Ms. Wen went to Luzhou, Zhejiang on January 16, and originally planned to return to Shenzhen on the 19th.So he went to the local hospital to test the nucleic acid on the 18th.

"At that time, when the hospital heard that I was from Jihua Street, Longgang District, I was separated directly! Now I am going to isolate in this place in Luzhou for 14 days +7 Heavenly Home Health Test, but because I have no own residence in Quzhou, soI want to stay at the hotel in Luzhou for 21 days. "

Ms. Wen was "stupid" at the time: "After 14 days, the twenty -seventh year, and I endured it. At least I could catch up with the Chinese New Year, but plus 7 days, it was the fifth day of the year. MyThe Spring Festival is going to spend at the hotel. "

Ms. Wen contacted the local 12345 government service hotline to complain on the 20th. She can answer for 10 working days. She also communicates with the local illness and control department. The result of communication is still 14+7 days.

"I didn’t dare to tell the baby at home. If they knew that I couldn’t return home tomorrow, and I couldn’t go back to the Spring Festival, I didn’t know what would be." Ms. Wen said, "I checked the list of high -risk areas announced by the State Council before going on a business trip., Longgang District is only the central risk of Fuka Street, Fuchen Apartment in Jihua Street, and No. 55, Dongxinling Baqiang, One Village, Phuket Street, Phuket Street. When I got out of Shenzhen, I also made a 48 -hour nucleic acid certificate. "In Ms. Wen’s opinion, Ms. Wen perspectsThe local epidemic prevention policy was overturned, which led to her "green code" who had the "green code" of Zhejiang’s health code.

Overclocking of epidemic prevention policies in many places

Although cooperating with epidemic prevention is the obligation of every citizen, it has a varying degree of upgrades when implementing epidemic prevention.This has undoubtedly misinterpreted a large number of returnees from the cities where the central risk areas are, and there is an increasingly expanding trend in various places when determining the scope of the mid -risk area.

"Now people from the streets where the Central Risk Zone is located and the area where the area is located is isolated. Will all the people from Shenzhen be from Shenzhen?" Ms. Wu said.

However, the reporter also noticed that some domestic provinces still targeted to avoid one -size -fits -all.

According to local media reports, a passenger who returned from Shenzhen recently was brought to the health monitoring point to further deal with it.After investigation by the staff of the Epidemic Prevention and Control Command of the Epidemic in the South Railway Station area, it is confirmed that the passenger is from Shenzhen, but it is not within the seal -controlled area. It belongs to other areas. The itinerary is a green code and can be released without isolation.

The reporter found that Changsha has accurately classified (returning) personnel in the local area. For those who have a history of "living in no middle risk areas and the district (city), but there are people who live in other areas where the mid -risk areas are located", 14 days have been implementedSelf -health monitoring+first, 7, and 14 days nucleic acid detection.

Earlier, Zhao Chenxin, Secretary -General of the National Development and Reform Commission, said on December 30, 2021 when mobilizing the deployment of the Spring Festival in the Spring Festival in 2022 that the focus of the Spring Festival epidemic prevention and control must be "three peaks and three enhancements."The rural prevention policies have been increased layers to solve the problem of insufficient nucleic acid detection capabilities.

Zhao Chenxin pointed out that in the New Year last year, some places had unauthorized order to prevent control and control standards, and even individually had persuasion and forced isolation. At that time, these issues were resolutely corrected.While implementing prevention and control measures this year, it will minimize the impact on the production and life of the masses.There is still one month before the New Year, and the risk levels in different places may change due to the situation of the epidemic.All localities must strictly implement the requirements of scientific and precise and classified epidemic prevention policies, and resolutely prevent "one -size -fits -all" and "layers of layers" to ensure the safe and orderly travel of the masses.

In addition, Mi Feng, a spokesman for the National Health and Health Commission, also stated at the press conference of the State Council’s joint prevention and control mechanism on December 18, 2021 that the New Year’s Day Spring Festival is approaching.Efforts to work hard on science and precision.At the same time, prevention and control measures should be implemented according to local conditions, classification guidance, and partitions. While implementing prevention and control measures, the safety and orderly flow of personnel are ensured, and it is resolutely prevent simplification, "one -size -fits -all", and "layer layers" to minimize the impact on the production and life of the masses.

Source: Shangguan News

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