Husband suffers from sperm -free, but his wife is pregnant, Yuan Fang, what do you think?

Recently, there is a very popular and very dog -blooded drama "Why is Mother -in -law". It is said that this film is poisonous and makes people watch it completely. "I’m pregnant!" "What are you blinding?Symptoms! "This classic lines make the story add a lot of laughter, but we do not discuss TV series today. We focus on discussing the problem of no sperm disease below.Woolen cloth?

To answer this question better, we must first see what is sperm -ncement?

Sperm -free is the most severe and tricky type of male infertility. It mainly refers to the situation of the sperm of sperm after a microscope that is observed by a microscope after centrifugal precipitation. It is one of the causes of male infertility.

In order to better understand sperm -free, first of all, we must understand how male sperm produces?

Men’s sperm is generated by the two testicles of men. After the testicles produce sperm, they must be matured by epididymia, and then transmitted with vasters. Finally, they are together with the seminal sac.It is composed of the two parts of the sperm pulp. It is mainly composed of seminal vesicles and prostate fluids. This is like the relationship between the fish and water in the pond. The fish is equivalent to sperm.There are fish, so many patients think that I have ejaculation every time I have semen to ejaculate, and there must be sperm in it.

Secondly, it is not difficult to understand. For patients who find spermatozoa, there are two possibilities. The first case is testicular spermatic dysfunction, which means that the testicularis does not produce sperm, or most of the raw sperm tubesNo sperm is sperm, it is our clinical non -obstructive sperm -free (NOA).The second situation is that the testicular sperm function is normal, but the sperm generated is blocked on the way outward transportation. The sperm cannot be out. It is our clinical obstruction sperm -free (OA).I often give patients in the clinic. For the first case, it is like no water at the source of the water company. Of course, there is no water at our family faucet., But on the road from the water company to our house, some of the pipelines are blocked, so the faucets in our family certainly have no water.

The third question, how to treat sperm -free?

For sperm non -sperm -free mobilization, the method of surgery can be resumed through surgery. At present, the success rate of recurrence of surgery in our hospital is about 60%. Patients who are successful in re -enrollment. If the woman is normal, there is a possibility of natural pregnancy.In addition, the sperm can be removed in the process of surgery, and the sperm can be frozen for the failure of the surgery. The frozen sperm can be used as a test tube baby;

For non-obstructive sperm-free, you can try to find sperm under a microscope by micro-sperm. If you can find sperm, you can also be a test tube baby.Symptoms can be obtained through a micro -sperm to get sperm, so that IVFs get their own genetic offspring. If the other part of the surgery cannot obtain spermHis offspring.

For micro -essence, many people will doubt, what is micro -essence?Is the difference between testicular puncture?There is no sperm in testicular puncture, do you do micro -sperm?

Microscopic essence is a further improvement of conventional testicular essence. With the help of surgical microscopes, it is found to find a plump and obtained probability to obtain the probability of germination.The testicular puncture is blindly taking out a testicular tissue with fine needle to evaluate its sperm.Teste puncture is a random tube that randomly obtains a testicular puncture point. Testing the raw sperm status of the local tissue cannot represent the raw sperm status of the entire testicles. ThereforeThe local tissue that can be taken out does not contain sperm, and about 30%to 50%of patients with testicular puncture can still find sperm through micro -sperm.

The white and fat tube in the middle is the part containing sperm

Finally, for patients with no sperm, we want to tell you:

(1) It is not terrible to discover sperm -free disease. More importantly, it takes reasonable treatment measures as soon as possible according to the situation of different patients.

(2) Our hospital is currently the most orcstone center in the west. It is also the center of the most mature frozen in the western trace/single sperm.You can get one -stop services;

(3) Do not give up for friends who do not find sperm puncture sperm at present, and combine with micro -essence technology, most patients with no sperm -free patients can achieve the "dad" industry, especially for the Kergamin syndrome (chromosome chromosomes (chromosomesPatients with a nuclear 47, XXY), after the decreased fixed surgery, and the lack of the Y chromosome AZFC, the probability of micro -sperm can reach more than 60%.

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