I 35 this year, summarize all the lessons of the smooth cutting: have to have children as soon as possible

Finally after giving birth to the baby, the confinement is out of confinement.Although I have not worked for many years, I still hope to write down this unparalleled experience in words.

Let’s start with 5 stages, expecting production, production, postpartum hospitalization, and confinement during pregnancy, production, postpartum hospitalization.

1. During pregnancy: joy

The most wise choice this year is to apply for adjustment with the company, leave the front line department, end the 996 work rhythm for 9 years, and adjust to a post with a slow work rhythm, small pressure, and no competition with the world.Although this position is far from the areas of familiarity with me and good at good, and basically start from scratch, fortunately, I can learn slowly without any pressure. The boss and colleagues are very friendly and supported by my life.choose.

This is the luckiest and most grateful thing in 2022, and also strongly realized that at the right stage of life, to make appropriate choices and choices.During the whole pregnancy, expectant mothers, especially new mothers, are very easy to get fatigue. I have to have a urine 3 times a night from the first day of pregnancy, and sleep must be affected.To supplement physical strength; psychologically easy to glass heart, it is easy to worry about various situations, you will learn the parenting app every night, confirm that your various conditions are in normal categories, and so on.So it really needs a slow -paced job to make it stable during pregnancy.So it is really important to do a good job in life in advance.

2. Expectation of the third trimester: anxiety

Use a word to describe the anxiety in the late pregnancy.First, what day is anxiety?I have been on vacation since 38 weeks.Why choose 38 weeks?Because almost all friends around them said that they were babies born in 37 weeks, 38 weeks, and the latest 39th weeks.Coupled with my baby’s activeness, the fetal movement has been frequent from 28 weeks. There are several large "fetal movements" every day, so I always feel that he/she will come out earlier.So at 36 and 37 weeks, I started to count the days.After 37 weeks, I was so happy that my baby was already full of moon.(Facts have proved that such cognition is wrong, adding anxiety.)

Just count the days like this, but there is no movement.After vacation, I do nothing at home every day. Basically, I ’m eating, sleeping, taking 10,000 steps near the community, and watching children related to having children on the Internet … I am worried that the baby will start at any time. I do n’t want to do other things.In short, anxiety as the college entrance examination admission notice.

The second is that the baby’s weight grows too fast, resulting in unable to give birth.I want to give birth, until 38 weeks of weight control is not bad, only about 18 pounds.But starting from 38 weeks, the appetite is out of control, the mouth wants to eat anytime, anywhere, and I want to eat before and in the middle of the night, sometimes I am really hungry; sometimes I pin my anxiety and boredom on the food … resulting in from the food … resulting in from the food … caused fromThis month, 38 to 41 weeks, weighing seven or eight pounds!Worried about it, the baby grows too much, causing not to give birth.

Third, because no one is accompanied, anxiety cannot be resolved.During this time, my husband was very busy. He went out at 7 am every morning and went home at 9 or 10 in the evening.I stayed at home for a day, and I didn’t even have a speaker. I was a little depressed and anxious could not be solved.

Just a day of anxiety every day, until 40 weeks +6 birth checkup, the doctor said that I would accept me for observation.This finally feels like it, and it feels that it is finally unloading!

3. Production: The pain is endless.

From 38 weeks, I have tried various methods of giving birth in various legends, such as eating hot pot, eating hawthorn, and climbing stairs every day (climbing more than 20 floors at a time, three times a day), and there is still no movement.Moreover, the book is said to be reduced, but my baby is still frequently moved, and there is a sense of existence.Several days every day, vertical nerves … Finally, finally, a small amount of red appeared on the day of 40+3. I was very excited.See red.

40 weeks+5 nights had a little pain at night, causing not to sleep well all night.By 40 weeks +6 this morning, the day when the doctor asked me to be admitted to the hospital, my mother, mother -in -law, husband, and me took a rational birth package a month ago and went to the hospital.This day was Friday. After her husband helped me to check in, he went to work.

Dr. Shen is a doctor who has been following the inspection and introduced by my friends.She gave me an internal inspection (very painful), and found that I opened a finger (more than half a cm). The position of the fetal head was very low and very good, probably related to the maintenance of my movement in the third trimester.Based on these two points, Dr. Shen was full of confidence and said that I could give birth that day.I am very happy!Then Dr. Shen listened to the fetal heart.It may be that the emotions fluctuated that morning. Somehow, the fetal heart was a bit bad.Dr. Shen decided to do artificial water on the spot and check whether the amniotic fluid was turbid.So I was lying on the cart, and was pushed from the ward floor to the delivery room floor.

I feel that the delivery room is solemn and cold.A group of doctors and nurses gave me internal inspection; then the water was broken, and a feeling of warm flow flowed out.The doctor said that since now I can only lie flat, eating and drinking Lazar is lying flat.Back to the ward is around 11 am. According to Dr. Shen’s arrangement, the nurse hung me an oxytocin.We are all confident that we can give birth today!Small excitement in heart: Today will be the baby’s birthday!I called her husband and said that the water was broken, and her husband rushed back to the hospital from the company immediately.

After the oxytocin hung for an hour, I started to feel the pain, and then the pain became more and more fierce.I started to feel the legendary pain.It really hurts.Every seven or eight minutes.This is an indescribable pain, like the feeling of being hit by a strong internal force with a strong internal force, pushing the abdomen, and squeezing the abdomen to the corner.

A total of about 1 minute of slamming per share, which lasted for about 1 minute.Because the lower body cannot move at all after breaking the water, I can only hold my hands on the railing on both sides of the bed with both hands, and make Ramez’s breathing. From 1 to 20 to 20, carry the pain in the pain.The family also tried various methods, such as helping me massage the whole body, my mother massaged her left foot, her mother -in -law massage her right foot, her husband massaged arm, etc., hoping to help me disperse the pain.Thinking that the scene was quite hot, everyone followed me with pain.And I have been tortured by my pain.

In addition to painful torture, another pain is urination.Because you can only lie flat after breaking the water, you can only be on the bed.I usually belong to the type with high urination frequency in the toilet. This is miserable. How can I urinate on the bed?IntersectionLie flat, put the butt too high, and put the urine basin under the buttocks.How can this position urinate?I have urine.I could only grab the minutes of the pain, and scrambled the clock, and supported the people around me. There was a "hop" sound in my mouth, and a few drops were peeing.Every time I urinate, it is a big deal.

The pain continued until 10 pm.sky!I have been in pain for more than 10 hours!10 hours, 600 minutes, nearly 100 shares in pain, 20 times per share, 20 thousand times, counted a total of 2,000 times!Extremely eager for pain can end early, and open your finger quickly.However, every one or two hours of inspection was inspected, and the palace mouth basically had no change. At 10 o’clock in the evening, I still drove only one centimeter … and I was exhausted by the pain. Finally, my emotions collapsed and crying!

We called Dr. Shen and told her that the current progress was slow.Dr. Shen said that I was too nervous, and my muscles failed to relax.YY in my heart, can I relax if my body is beaten fiercely by the whip for several hours?It must be curled up to fight the pain together.Nevertheless, Dr. Shen still has confidence in me. When she said at 12 o’clock, I would definitely drive to 3 cm, and it would be fine.I still have 2 hours.But then I felt that I couldn’t be painful anymore for a second … I asked myself: Can I carry another 2 hours?But if you give up now, wouldn’t it hurt for so long?In all kinds of tangles, I chose to continue carrying for 2 hours.

At 12 o’clock in the evening, the nurse came to the inspection, and I was looking forward to progress.However, the nurse said there was no progress in the slightest.I was desperate again … I felt that I couldn’t pass that level.And after that, even if I carried it for 3 cm, I am afraid that I had no energy to regenerate.Under all kinds of pain, I had to call Dr. Shen again.I want to ask Dr. Shen to give me analgesia (Du Lengding), so that the pain can be paused, so that I have a trace of gasp, sleep at night, and fight the next day.

I really can’t persist for a second!Dr. Shen was disappointed with the pain of me. She hoped that I would persist for another 2 hours.Once again standing at the crossroads … Under all kinds of tangles, I decided to persist for another 2 hours …

It was finally at 2 am.Internal inspection found that I had 1.5 cm, which was far from 3 cm.Once again despair.I apply for analgesic.However, the doctor said that if I enjoyed an analgesic for a few hours, the palace mouth would not continue during this period, and even shrink back. It may be abandoned before, and I need to come again the next day.After listening to it, I collapsed again, and my heart was infinitely painful.When is it a head?Standing again at the crossroads … In all kinds of tangles, I chose to continue carrying …

It was endless overnight, and under the continuous pain of continuous pain, the duration of seconds.There is a pain every six or seven minutes, and I will count from 1 to 20 every 6 to 20 pains. I will carry this pain in it and count for one night!During this period, my husband accompanied me all night and recorded the pain interval with the contraction of the APP.My pain intensity is achieved, it hurts!However, the interval does not meet the effective standard: my pain is separated for six or seven minutes, and the standard is 5 minutes of pain once to indicate that the finger is smooth.

The next morning, the internal inspection was 2 cm, which was equivalent to 1 cm in one night.I have been exhausted, and I have no strength to speak.In the morning, Dr. Shen came and let me stick to it until noon. If you have not opened 3 fingers at noon, you will take me.Nevertheless, she still believes that I can give birth, because the cervix is relatively soft.So I increased my oxytocin and let me go directly to the delivery room.I was full of joy, as if I saw a trace of light again.

After being pushed to the delivery room, the nurse asked me to change clothes, and changed from the blue disease number to pink (blue is worn by the mother, pink can only be worn by the mother), and said, "You are going to finish the birth today.Only to leave the delivery room. "Wow!This is domineering!Under increasing the oxytocin, I said to myself, "From childhood to childhood, you can suffer people who can endure hardships, what is difficult to turn! Today, you must also pass strong!" After my self -motivated, I was in the end, and I was in again.In the number of pain and gritting, the duration of seconds is like a year.

At 10:30, the nurse came to measure body temperature.One test, 38.6 degrees!Then the nurse quickly tested the blood. After half an hour, the results showed that there was a very high infection indicator.The nurse quickly informed Dr. Shen.

Dr. Shen hurriedly came, and she analyzed the situation with me: 1. Painless can only be played until 3 cm, and I only have 2 cm now;Intorate the autonomous contraction once, and I have never appeared now.Even if it is painless, there is no autonomous contraction, and you can’t continue to open your finger from 3 cm, which is still useless; more importantly, the anesthesia room will not give a fever maternal painless!4. Due to the mother infection, it may be infected in the palace, which is not good for the baby, so it cannot be dragged for too long.Based on these points, Dr. Shen asked me if I had to change to a caesarean section.

I was stunned at the time!Feeling everything changes too fast!For 10 months, I thought about giving birth; the day and night, the idea of supporting my thoughts was that it was painless until I opened the 3 fingers.Now I learned that I ca n’t be painless.My willpower suddenly disintegrated, and I knew that my own strength could no longer progress!At the same time, the pain has made me not be as good as death, and I feel that as long as I can stop this unparalleled pain, I would like it.Although I didn’t understand it for a cesarean section.

Mom, mother -in -law, and husband are waiting outside the delivery room.It is estimated that they have heard my fever.I proposed to discuss with my husband.Dr. Shen called her husband in.My husband was also worried that my body could no longer be tossed, and she was worried that it would delay time to continue to give birth, causing baby infection.So we discuss, support the cesarean section, and sign the words.After such a few minutes of discussion, I determined the smooth turn and was pushed to the operating room.

Lying on the operating bed, his mind was full of unknown and confused.I know nothing about caesarean section, and I can’t accept my mentality. I can’t give birth!After the anesthesia was good, Dr. Shen and assistants came to perform surgery.I thought it was a little bit of consciousness.It turns out that I was naive again.In terms of perception, the movement of caesarean section is very large. What does it feel?It’s like a group of people pulling a lot of thick five -flowering big rope on me. It has a strong painful pain, and it feels that the intestines will be pulled off.But compared to contractions, this pain can tolerate.

Just as I was in a circle, I suddenly heard the cry of wow.I haven’t realized that this is my baby’s birth!I only heard that Dr. Shen said, "I cried as soon as I came out, the cry was very loud, and the baby was healthy." I realized that the baby was born, and it took about 15 minutes.ah!It turns out that the caesarean section is so fast!Then the nurse was cleaned to the baby and said "11:11 birth".

I was awake from the circle and asked: Is it a boy or a girl?The nurse answered "a younger brother."I was very happy!Although there are the same boys and women, because they have always had a boy during pregnancy, and they feel that family members are looking forward to more men and babies, so I feel very happy!The nurse said he weighty and said 6.86 catties.

Then hold my baby beside my face, ask me to see whether it is a boy or a girl?I was still a little bit in a moment at that moment, where do you look at?Oh!After returning to God, I took a closer look and said, "It’s a boy."The nurse said "a little loud", and I repeated the "boy" loudly and loudly.The nurse posted my baby’s face on my face and took it away.My tears suddenly flowed … I actually had my son!Suddenly I thought I couldn’t cry.I asked the doctor, "Can’t we cry?" The doctor said, "Yes, I can’t be emotional."So I wiskedly controlled not crying.

The nurse put a ring on the baby’s hand, which reads "***" on it, so that after confirming that I was confirmed, I took the baby out.Dr. Shen told me: "The baby is healthy and there must be no infection. However, according to the regulations of the hospital, if the maternal is hot, the baby needs to be sent to the newborn department to stay.

The next 30 minutes is the sewing process.The pain is more intense than when I open the mouth, and it makes me feel that countless stomachs have to be pulled off!The prayer time was getting a little bit, all this ended early.Fortunately, I know that the cesarean section surgery is about 1 hour. This pain is stopped and just comforts myself.In the feeling of the second year, the operation was finally successfully completed.After launching the delivery room, I saw my mother and mother -in -law, and my mother -in -law said, "You have worked hard!" And greeted my husband.At that time, my husband was busy going through the procedures for admission of newborns. When I saw that I hurried to come over and sent me back to the ward.

After cesarean section, you need to lie on the bed for 6 hours. You cannot use pillows or turn over.Because the baby was sent to the neonatal department, the family was gathered in front of my hospital bed.Everyone was excited and was happy for the new baby.Most family members are looking forward to being a son, and they are very excited after reaching their wish; and everyone says that the baby looks good, the skin is smooth and rosy, and there is no wrinkles at all (it seems that it is not in vain in the mother’s belly for 41 weeks.Wow!).

I didn’t see the baby’s appearance clearly in the delivery room. Fortunately, my husband took a few photos for the baby. After I carefully looked at it, I found that it looks super like me from the side!Listening to the family’s discussion about who the baby looks like, how long the fingers, the skin of the skin, the healthy weight of the weight, the cuteness, the reaction of the family members, etc., I am really excited!

I also asked my husband, had a fat son, happy?The husband said the truth at this moment, "Seriously, it is a son, it’s really happy!" The classmate had gritted his teeth and said that he was the same as boys and women, haha!But I intuitively my husband is more inclined to my son, it is true!It seems that women’s intuition is still accurate!

I was very excited because of my baby after giving birth, and I spoke more in the 6 hours I should be raised.After a few days of my chest, my chest was relieved. Yueyue said that I said too much about it at that time.I blame the cesarean section before doing anything to know!However, under the influence of anesthesia that has not yet faded, with the fatigue for one day and one night, I still slept sweetly for 2 hours. It was really the best sleep in life!

4. Postpartum hospitalization: duration like year

After childbirth, it was weak and had inconvenient actions.Yueyue and her husband were waiting 24 hours before the bed.My mother -in -law also came to the hospital early in the morning to take care of me.All matters such as getting up, wiping back, getting out of bed, feeding, and toilet cushions are done by the family.Her husband handles various matters for the baby, and he has to accompany the night in the hospital. He sleeps on the stool in the hard stool for a few days. He is so tired that I feel distressed.

I am emotional after giving birth. Inexplicable sadness and tears may be because the baby cannot be with me; it may be because of signs of impermanence of life; it may be the fact that I can’t accept the production of production in a cesarean section (That feeling seemed to have been taking the exam to Cinghua University, and the result was two books).In short, very emotional, wiped tears everywhere.

Various postoperative experiences of caesarean section are brand new.The bed in the hospital is very uncomfortable, and it is really uncomfortable to lie flat; the abdominal wound is 10 cm, and it is difficult to turn over.He is weak and has no strength to speak.After the urethra is removed, it is also a big project to get out of bed.The most afraid of is the "stomach" that the nurse routine. It is already a painful belly. When he was pressed, the taste was really sour!Every time the nurse comes, I have to say a good thing for a long time and begging them to be lighter …

On the fourth day after giving birth, I think I should have a stool. I did not expect that it made me "open the eyes" again.Sitting on the toilet at 7 in the morning, the stool didn’t come out at 8 o’clock, and the hard -to -end was like a stone. It was stuck in the anus.I quickly called my husband and asked him to suspend everything in his hand and give me a priority to buy me.After half an hour, my husband bought Kaiseru. At this time, I had stalemate on the toilet for more than an hour.A Kaisalu is not enough to use it. I had to use the most primitive method to extend my hand in to make the garlic (the details are too touching, and it is not inconvenient to repeat it).It finally completed the first postpartum stool, which took more than 2 hours!

Another important job after giving birth is to open milk and milk.Fortunately, Yueyue was awesome, I opened the milk smoothly, and the milk was enough.After opening milk, you have to squeeze out the milk in time.For the new mother, everything is new -not even how to use the breast pump.I gave a breast pump before my relatives, and I groped for it. I could only squeeze out a little half an hour.At that time, I didn’t know what a good breast pump was, and thought that all breast pumps were so efficient.Therefore, it caused several times to get up in the middle of the night, and tossed for 1 hour each time.Five or six bubbles were grinded on each nipple, watching super horrible!After a few days, I finally realized that there may be a problem with this breast pump. I quickly told my husband to buy a new breast pump, and the instant milk was squeezed out normally, saving a lot of strength and time.It feels that the pain of milk a few days ago was useless.There is no way, new mothers will inevitably take detours.

In this way, I spent 5 days in the hospital for 5 days.During this period, I asked my husband to ask the baby when he could return to us. The hospital replied that the baby was not infected because of my infection, and it was healthy; however, it was a bit jaundice and needed to observe it.On the 5th day, I can be discharged from the hospital, and the baby has observed the level and can go home with me.The whole family is very excited!I changed the clothes I was worn early and went to the newborn department to welcome my baby.

When seeing the baby, Xiaobao was lying on the bed to sleep.My tears couldn’t stop flowing. On the one hand, I was sent to the neonatal department when I was distressed that my baby was born. No one was soothing when I cried. On the other hand, I sighed, wow, this is my baby!This is the baby I want to protect my loved baby for a lifetime!

5. Confinement: Pain and happy

We all came home all the way!The first thing to go home is feeding.I didn’t expect this to be a huge difficulty!The baby has used breast bottles and milk powder during the neonatal department; and I have a short nipples, the baby will not suck, and I have tried many times that I can’t suck it. The baby is hungry and tired, wow crying!Yueyue and I tried many methods, such as artificial nipples, lying down, etc., all the babies could not accept it.Listening to the tragic cry of my baby, I really broke my heart, lamented why it was so difficult to be a mother!Why is every small link that looks so difficult!After a few hours of tossing, in the helplessness, I asked Yueyao to feed the baby with a bottle with a bottle and watch the baby sucking the bottle with mouth. I was helpless and blame myself.

The baby is hungry again at night.I want to let my baby try to suck my nipples again.Unexpectedly, the little guy was able to connect his nipples suddenly!This is really the bright sunshine in Wuyun!The baby is so smart, learn and adapt so soon!Watching my baby eating milk in my arms, and looking at his cute little face, I suddenly felt a sense of happiness, and tears couldn’t help flowing down. Suddenly I felt that I was so happy.A well -behaved son, with a warm little home, feels perfect!After a few days, there are some moments every day. I am emotionally burst into tears, which are basically tears in happiness … I feel that after I have a baby, I am more than grateful to the care of Shang Cang, and I am more than grateful to all today …

The next day when I arrived at home, I sat on a chair and fed 8 milk, which was equivalent to sitting in a chair for six hours.When you go to bed at night, you will hurt when you lie down. It takes half an hour to lie flat.Can you imagine it?It takes half an hour to lie on the bed to lie down in order to slow down the pain.All kinds of pain are intertwined together: the nipples are acupuncture pain, breasts are spasm pain, and the back is hot and sour pain. I can’t help sighing that when the mother is really, every step and the pain follow!Fancy pain, taste it all over!

After that, I bought a breastfeeding pillow, and the back pain was reduced.The baby did not accept lying down at first, but suddenly it could be accepted one day, and I had to admire the baby’s learning ability and adaptability.The pain of breast tube spasm lasted for two or three weeks, and it is much better now, and everything is getting better.

Of course, babies are sometimes repeated.For example, the baby had already connected the nipples. Suddenly one day the baby would not connect or suck, and I started to be anxious again. On the Internet, various inquiries on the Internet "why the baby suddenly doesn’t suck" and did not find out why.Helpless can only get on the bottle again.Unexpectedly, the baby recovered the sucking skills the next day.The old man said that the baby was a cat one day and a day, and I slowly practiced a strong heart.

The caesarean section hurts the vitality. During the whole confinement, I feel weak. Even when I get up from the bed, I can only stand on the side and support it by the palm to get up from the bed; I have never straightened my back when walking.Change diapers, holding babies, bathing, etc. are all wrapped in Yueyue.Starting from the fourth week, my physical strength has gradually recovered, and I have begun to learn to change diaper and bath.

For the first time to change the diapers, just picked up the baby, the little guy suddenly pulled again, the shit soared a parabolic line in the air, and sprinkled it on the floor with me!Faced with this embarrassing scene, I laughed!That’s right!Wash the PP for the second time to wash the baby’s clothes, and the clothes of the baby are wet, which is really enough; the first time I take a bath for the baby, the armpits and necks are not washed, and it is washed in the water …In short, the flaws are full of flaws, so I have to say to the baby while doing it, "Mom’s hands are too stupid, baby, you should take it!"

Now when confinement, everything has been on track.The baby belongs to a relatively good little treasure, does not like crying, bathing, urination, etc., does not cry; even the vaccine is only crying in the half minute.EssenceI can sleep for 5 hours in the evening, so we only need to get up to breastfeed once in the middle of the night.The only baby is that there are fewer than ordinary children. They like to be accompanied by people and need to sleep. I hope to improve slowly in the future.

The baby has been with me a room. I fed it for 24 hours and lasted for more than 30 days.One week after the confinement, because the work needs to be put on the agenda, I decided not to feed the meal at night. Let the baby sleep with Yueyue to sleep in a room and feed the bottle by Yueyue.On the first day, I remembered the baby next door. I do n’t know what he sleeps and the milk he eats, and it is injured. Even the separation of such a few hours also needs to be adapted, let alone the future.If you go to work, you ca n’t be on the side during the day. You can spend less time with your baby …

Now my main job is to make dairy cows. It takes 8 hours to feed and slap every day.I still have back pain every day.Sometimes talking to the baby when feeding, sometimes boring.Because the baby has to breastfeed every 2 hours, I have not been out of the door after confinement.This path is not easy to breastfeed, but thinking that this is the best for the baby, and never thought of giving up.

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