I am 30 years old and I have never been pregnant for a few years. Is there any way to get pregnant quickly?

As a result, we started the "Preparation Plan".We are tracking my ovulation every day. In order to increase the chance of pregnancy, I also padded under the buttocks with a pillow.I heard that this can help sperm easier to reach the eggs, thereby increasing the chance of pregnancy.

However, after a few months of tried, I was still not pregnant.After every failure, I felt very disappointed and frustrated.I started to doubt whether I had a problem, or what I did wrong.

Can the pillow under the buttocks be increased when the husband and wife live?This is a very common problem, and it is also a topic of discussion between pregnant couples.In fact, many people have different opinions on this issue.

Can the pillow increase the pregnancy rate?

Let’s take a look at whether the pillow can increase the pregnancy rate.The answer to this question is not very clear.Some people think that pillows can help sperm easier to reach the eggs, thereby increasing the pregnancy rate.However, some people believe that this approach does not have a scientific basis and may not necessarily increase the pregnancy rate.

In fact, there is no unified scientific conclusion about whether the pillow can increase the pregnancy rate.Some studies have shown that the pillow can make the uterine mouth closer to semen, thereby increasing the chance of conception.Other studies believe that this approach does not have any effect.

Whether the pillow can increase the pregnancy rate also requires more scientific research to confirm.However, if you want to try this kind of approach, there is no harm.After all, this approach does not cause any harm to health.

In addition to pillows, there are some methods that may also help increase the pregnancy rate.Let’s take a look at these methods.

Understand your ovulation cycle

It is very important to understand your ovulation cycle.During ovulation, the ovaries will be released from the ovaries, waiting for the arrival of sperm.Therefore, the same room during ovulation can greatly increase the chance of pregnancy.Generally speaking, women’s ovulation cycle is about 28 days, but it may also be different.You can understand your ovulation cycle by monitoring basic body temperature and using ovulation test strips.

Keep a healthy way

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is also an important factor in improving the chance of pregnancy.This includes maintaining healthy weight, moderate exercise, quitting smoking, drinking, and avoiding too much caffeine.In addition, you can add some nutrients that are beneficial to fertility, such as folic acid, vitamin B6 and vitamin E.These nutrients can increase the chance of conception and prevent some congenital defects in the fetus.

Arrange the same room time reasonably

Reasonable arrangement of the same room time is also an important factor to increase the rate of pregnancy.Generally speaking, it is recommended to have the same room during ovulation, which can greatly increase the chance of pregnancy.At the same time, don’t be too frequent in the same room, because too frequent rooms may reduce the number and quality of sperm, which affects the chance of pregnancy.

reduce pressure

Stress is an important factor affecting fertility.Long -term pressure may affect women’s ovarian function and men’s sperm quality.Therefore, reducing stress is very important for increasing pregnancy.You can reduce stress by participating in yoga, meditation, exercise, listening to music, etc. to relax your body and mind.

Go to see a doctor

If you have tried it for a while, you are still not pregnant, then you can go to a doctor.Doctors can exclude some fertility problems by checking the physical condition of your and your spouse, such as malformations of reproductive organs and abnormal hormone levels.If you or your spouse have fertility problems, doctors may recommend some treatment measures, such as surgery and drug treatment to increase the chance of pregnancy.

Auxiliary fertility technology

If you and your spouse have fertility disorders and traditional methods cannot solve the problem, then you can consider using auxiliary fertility technology.Auxiliary fertility technology includes IVF and artificial insemination.These technologies can help couples with reproductive problems to achieve their pregnancy goals.

Avoid excessive weight loss or excessive weight gain

Excessive weight loss or excessive weight gain will adversely affect fertility.Excessive weight loss can damage women’s ovarian function, and excessive weight gain can cause women’s hormone levels to abnormal levels, which affects the chance of conception.Therefore, it is recommended to maintain proper weight to avoid excessive weight loss or overweight.

Avoid overeating

Overlashing can cause the body to be unstable, affect hormone levels, and affect fertility.Therefore, it is recommended to maintain regular eating habits and avoid overeating.

Avoid contact with harmful substances

Contacting harmful substances can also affect fertility.These harmful substances include chemicals, heavy metals, radiation, etc.Therefore, try to avoid contact with these harmful substances and protect your physical health.

Reasonable use of drugs

Some drugs affect fertility. Therefore, if you are taking drugs, it is recommended to use it with caution under the guidance of a doctor.

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