I am 40 years old this year. In order to not get pregnant, my girlfriend told me to urinate afterwards, and I can excrete my tadpoles.

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She, over forty years old, has two cute children with her husband, and live happily and satisfaction.However, a problem is in front of her -they don’t want to ask for children anymore.Although she loves her husband deeply, because he doesn’t like to wear a condom, she has been worried about spending her husband and wife life.In the process of seeking help, her girlfriend Xiaoli gave her a unique method, that is, the urination was rowed afterwards. It is said that she could excrete Xiaoyu out of the body and reduce the risk of conception.She is doubtful and does not know if this method is feasible.

In the reincarnation of the years, she has gone through forty spring and autumn, has a warm and happy family, and raises two cute children with her loving husband.The life is comfortable and comfortable, she enjoys the time with her family every day.However, there seemed to be a shadow in front of it, and she and her husband had a tacit understanding: no longer wanted a child.

The flame of love is still burning, but she is anxious for this problem.Her husband did not like to use condoms, making her worry about her husband and wife.At this time of trouble, she decided to find help and hoped that her girlfriend Xiaoli could give some valuable suggestions.

Xiaoli is a cheerful girl, smart and wise and enthusiastic.After listening to her friend’s trouble, she showed a touch of fun.She kept her teeth softly and shared a tip of her often used: urinating afterwards.It is said that this can be excreted from the body to reduce the risk of conception.She confidently said that she often did this and had not been pregnant.Listening to the words of her girlfriend, she was doubtful in her heart, and she didn’t know if this method was really feasible.

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On the day after day, she began to try her girlfriends. After each sexual behavior, she resolutely urinated after the incident.However, over time, anxiety has not completely dissipated, and she is more worried about whether this method is effective.It’s time to seek professional help.

So on a sunny morning, she decided to go to the doctor’s clinic with her husband.Doctors listened carefully to their troubles and gave professional explanations and suggestions.

"In the field of reproductive health, there are many rumors and misunderstandings about sexual behavior and conception." The doctor explained patiently."Women immediately go to the toilet immediately after sexual behavior, which cannot completely discharge the tadpoles from the body, thereby reducing the risk of conception. The small tadpoles can survive in the female reproductive tract for several hours to several days, depending on the environmental conditions and the internal conditions.It can clean the urethra, but it does not completely discharge all the tadpoles. "

"If you really don’t want to have children anymore, taking the right contraceptive measures is the most reliable method." Doctors patiently proposed."You can choose to use contraceptive methods such as contraceptive pills, contraceptive ring, contraceptive stickers. In addition, you can also use condoms or avoid sexual behavior during ovulation."

Under the guidance of a professional doctor, she and her husband finally found a contraceptive method that suits herself and learned to use it correctly.With the reduction of anxiety, the couple re -embraced a happy life and enjoyed each other’s love again.

[Analysis and viewpoint of views on this matter]

This article discusses a common problem, that is, women go to the toilet immediately after sex can reduce the possibility of conception.Through the doctor’s explanation, we learned that the urine afterwards could not be completely excreted from the body, so it was not a reliable contraceptive method.To reduce the risk of pregnancy, choosing the right contraceptive measures is a more wise choice.

Sexual health is an important issue that everyone should pay attention to. It is not only about the physical and mental health of the individual, but also closely related to the happiness and stability of the family.Understanding your body and menstrual cycle, and actively adopting scientific and effective contraceptive measures is the basis for ensuring the quality of sexual life.At the same time, when encountering problems, it is also important to seek the help and suggestions of professional doctors.

In addition to ensuring individual reproductive health, communication between husband and wife is also crucial.Only in real and frank exchanges, discuss and make decisions together can we maintain the harmony and happiness of the family.Sexual life is an important part of the relationship between husband and wife, and based on the basis of love and respect, allowing both sides can feel each other’s care and tolerance.

In summary, sexual health issues should attract sufficient attention. We should face up to our own needs and take the initiative to take measures to ensure our health.At the same time, it is critical to seek professional help when encountering trouble, because the guidance and suggestions of professional doctors can provide us with the right direction, so that we can embrace happiness in a fulfilling healthy sex life.Let us work together to guard the happy family together.

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