I am a Communist Party member who cannot drag the family "hind legs" 35 weeks of pregnant mothers adhere to the front line of resistance

Red Net Moment January 29th (Correspondent Zhu Tiehua reporter Zhou Man) "Director, I am a Communist Party member. At this time, we can’t drag the ‘hind legs’ in the department. You don’t have to worry about it. I will protect myself well. "Zeng Qiyu, who was 35 weeks pregnant, was a doctor in the infection department of the Zhangjiajie People’s Hospital. She could have been asked to be given birth. Considering that the current epidemic is serious, the department’s workload is large, and the personnel are short of people.Can continue to stay in the hot kidnascular work.

When the reporter saw Zeng Qiyu, she was forcibly transferred away from the hot ruling clinic by the leaders of the hospital and the director of the department on the second day of the first month of the first month.

"Maybe the leader should consider my body."Talking about being transferred away from the hot clinic, Zeng Qiyu was a little guilty in his heart. He wore thick protective clothes every day from other colleagues to run around in the first line, eat and live in a hospital. At this time, he should not enjoy this special "care".During the speech, the phone on the side sounded rapidly, and Zeng Qiyu was busy answering and registering well.

"In order not to affect the department’s work, she did not drag the department ‘hind legs’, and she reported to me for nearly 3 months."Said Su Zhongrui, director of the department.As a member of the Communist Party, she usually works well and has a strong sense of overall situation.In the past few months of pregnancy, I took the initiative to ask for a hot clinic. There were less than 30 people per day, and the amount of nearly 50 people had to take the consultation.Due to the full armed for a long time, she often experiences discomfort such as chest tightness, waist acid swelling. At this time, she just continued to stick to the examination room after a little relief.

"Pregnant women can consume faster than ordinary people, and often have hunger and thirst. In the past few months, her parents at home have changed a lot of nutrients for her, but she just refuses to eat more, and she also refuses to eat more, and she also refuses to eat more.Unwilling to drink more. "Being a doctor in the hospital said frankly.At first I thought that the meal she did not fit her taste, and finally learned that it was to reduce the number of times of going to the toilet and the inconvenience caused by wearing protective clothing.I can understand this move, and she can also support whether the fetus in the abdomen will lack nutrition because of this.

Zeng Qiyu said that although he is now leaving a hot clinic and his workload is relatively reduced, as a Communist Party member, she will fight with Kerry colleagues to the last moment and never drop the team.

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