I am getting pregnant at the age of 20 and I am pregnant.

Hello, Kaizi.I am a mother who is less than 20 years old. My husband and I get married in May this year.He is half a year younger than me. He feels a little bit of Ma Bao. Many times he is willing to listen to his family’s words. Instead, I have n’t taken care of my words. We have been dating for almost four years.Many things have happened during this period from strange to getting married.Their conditions are not good. After getting married, his parents still lived with us. I didn’t feel anything at first. Later, the more I thought about it, the more uncomfortable it was.

When they got married, they had no money, and I said that I had furniture fees, and I also got it.But he has not been decorated. His parents said that they had no money. Others owed money and did not pay back. Anyway, there were quite a lot of excuses.

His family conditions are not good, but my husband is the only child in the family, so their family is heavier. Many times his father said that you do n’t ask for how much money you go out to be a chef.Want to say that he can’t support the current children and me at the current 3,000 yuan a month.

I have been pregnant for so long, and most of the money I used was given by my dad.They also disliked me that I didn’t take out the money for them, and I thought it was uncomfortable.Now I just want to be separated from them. When the child gives birth, I will go out to do things and do what I want to do.Do you have any good suggestions?I am really distressed every day, I hate the current state, I hope you can see it.

Hello girl, where are you two who form a family, they are less than 20 years old. They have not even arrived in the legal age of marriage. They are still children. Neither of them have financial ability and basic income. They belong to their parents.At the stage, you need to be a parent, and then let your parents who are not affected to help you raise your children. What is the difference between this?

You are too young, you don’t know what the true face of life is at all.

When you get married at such a young age, the education level is relatively low. It is difficult to gain a foothold in society. In additionOnly when you are born, you will go out to do things like this.

Before Kaigo wrote a lot of articles not to get married too early. You need to know what marriage is. Marriage is a good preparation for you, including psychological, economical, future preparations.Together and preparing for difficulties, this is the meaning of marriage.

Instead of giving birth to a child together, they also found all kinds of unpleasant unhappiness in the middle of the way. Finally, all kinds of regrets were separated.

You ask me what good suggestions. Sometimes people have no way to give you suggestions in life. If your choice, you have to face it yourself. All the bad and painful one must bear it yourself. These are the cost of hasty.

And Kaigo can only remind you that for you, the possible difficult life has just begun. As the child’s birth, you may exacerbate contradictions, and you have to prepare psychological preparations.

If you cannot change the status quo for the time being, at least have the ability to accept, it will also reduce the pain a little.

Topic today: Is there an example of early marriage around you?

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