I am not a pro -son, who is my dad, but I can’t accept it …

I am a second -year male student. I just turned 17 years old. I am not my dad’s son. My biological father, my uncle …

I coordinates a second -tier city in the second half of the year, and I am studying in a private school.The grades are still there. The teacher said that stability is not a problem.Speaking of this, I also blocked it, because the school I was studying is also selected by my uncle.

My mother sells insurance. When my father was born, he had a serious car accident, and his mind was not good after waking up.His IQ is only equivalent to the seven or eight -year -old children, and he needs to take medicine for life.When I was a kid, I didn’t understand it, and even complained that why the father’s father could let the children ride around their neck, and my father would only laugh at me stupidly.Later, when I grew up day, I knew this from my mother’s mouth.

The situation of his father is good and bad. Sometimes he feels that he is just stupid, but he can eat, go out, and watch TV himself, but sometimes he will lose his temper without warning.Even so, the mother took care of him very well.His hair is neatly neat, and his body is clean. He is afraid that he will hurt himself at a special moment. The sharp items in the family are locked, and even the tables and chairs are covered with anti -collision strips.

My relatives of our family are all saying that their mother is too good and kind. Although many people praise women who are mother -in -law, my mother really matches it.Whether she is a mother or a wife, she is the strongest and perfect woman I have ever seen.His father was in a car accident, which was his biggest misfortune, but his wife was a person like a mother and a great luck.

Of course, all this is not all the credit of the mother.She is just a small insurance sales, and the support for the support of the children is too hard, and there is no shortage of my uncle’s help.Uncle is the only brother of his father. My grandparents died early. Instead of supporting each other, the brothers were better than each other.Over the years, Uncle has also been considered a successful career, but maybe because of his career, coupled with the only younger brother, he hasn’t found it again, and now he is still fifty.

Uncle was a hero in my mind. He matured and had a sense of responsibility.I come to visit my father every week, imported fruits in the refrigerator, Chinese medicine that father eats all year round, including the houses we live in, and all the furniture used by our uncle is worried.I didn’t dare to tell my mother at school occasionally, and the first one who thought of helping me solve him.Even my first toy, the first MP3, the first phone, and the first time I traveled, it was all the money of the uncle.He was like a father, making up for my lack of father’s love, and made me grow as healthy and happy as others.

In fact, in recent years, there are not many people gossiping my family.When I was a kid, I went to my grandmother’s house. I always heard my grandmother educating her mother, so that she had to come and go with her uncle and young, so as not to gossip.My mother didn’t say anything, but I was in a hurry, obviously two people who were clear and innocent, why did they say that she had a broken mouth?But when I grew up, I was not in a hurry. I let them say that we can just afford our conscience anyway.

However, it is such two elders who trust me and dependence on, but tell me half a year ago that they are my biological parents, and my three views will be shattered …

On New Year’s Day this year, Uncle came to our family for New Year’s Eve as usual.A family of four ate dinner, and in the end, except for his father, everyone else had a little bit.Uncle asked casually to ask what university I want to take for next year.In the past two years, maybe I have grown up. I have become particularly sensitive to the incident of "the money that is so peaceful."

But Uncle’s opposition to my decision, he always said that he had suffered a loss of no culture, so he hoped that I would study abroad. Don’t worry about the cost.I know he was kind and advised me for a long time, but I still didn’t relax.When he returned home, he was a little angry, and scolded me "dead brain".After he left, my mother came to my bedroom and first repeated the uncle’s persuasion to study abroad. After I rejected it again, she said that the uncle was my biological father.

My mother confessed to me that the three were working in a factory, and both of the brothers liked her, but she had secretly talked about love with her uncle.His father didn’t know and was still pursuing her.A return, a group of people in the factory went out to play with a car accident, and the uncle suffered a little injuries, but his father helped his mother to block it and became like this.

Her mother was a kind woman. Her father became like this for her. She did not make sense of gratitude, so she decided to break with her uncle and marry his father to live with him.All of this happened very quickly. It wasn’t until she found that she was pregnant after marriage.

At the end of the story, I stayed like a wooden chicken, and my mother was crying.

How did I return to the room that day, how I fell asleep, I forgot all.I woke up the next day, and even every day after I woke up, I hope that it is just a nightmare I have, but I can’t lie to myself.The eyes of my mother were guilty, and the uncle did not appear in front of me for a few months, but the new electrical appliances in the family, the supplement that his father often eaten proved that he had come, but hid me.All this was reminding me that the night was not a nightmare.

I can no longer look at my mother and uncle from my previous vision, and I don’t even know how to face them.It has been five months since the incident, and I can hide.Back home, try not to contact his mother’s eyes as much as possible, either chatting with his father, saying a joke to tease him, helping him cut his nails to repair the beard.I can see that my mother wants to talk to me, but I really don’t know what to say!Why should she confess to me?Why did Uncle not marry for life?Is it really guilty to take care of his brother?Why did Grandma tell her so much?Isn’t the gossip completely fake?

I am really contradictory now. Many nights, I am very sleepy, but I can’t fall asleep. In the end, I can only open my eyes and wait.I feel that I have the possibility of split personality at any time. There are countless me in my brain, and I am desperate and noisy every day.

One I said that let me accept it all, as if nothing happened, my mother confessed because she wanted to confess, not because she wanted to abandon her husband and old love.

One I said that I asked me to be hard to get angry, cut off the exchanges with the uncle, and strive to support my parents. The uncle made money in the future when I spent it on me;

One I was scolding me, scolding me, and no ambition. My uncle rode on my head and peeed on my head. I still want to call him his dad. Besides, my mother said that they are really innocent;

There is another me who mocked me fiercely, and obviously enjoyed the material brought by Uncle. Now it is also known as the kindness without paying this kind of kindness, let me pretend …

I want to find an exit of venting emotions and hate an object to handle my bad mood, but after watching it, who can I blame?

Blame my mother?As far as I saw, she gave birth to me to raise my father, and she was completely benevolent; did she blame my uncle?He would not say much to me. If I did n’t have him, I would not grow up smoothly. I may have dropped out of school into the factory; blame my father?What did he do wrong?I shouted my father for more than ten years, and now tell me that he is not my father. What should I do?

I feel that I am going to collapse. I can’t do any person, and I can’t do all of this.I am a minor. I wear shoes and clothes, and the schools I read are all brought to me by these people. What qualifications do I have to blame them?What should I do?Please help me, I really don’t know how to deal with it all, I feel that I have exploded soon …

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