I am pregnant, but I have broken up with my boyfriend. What should I do?

It has been a month since I broke up with him. I only knew that I was pregnant before 2 days ago. I was scared and told him the news.I do n’t want to go on, but I am unexpectedly pregnant, I am stupid ~ He said that you can pull some medicine or go to the hospital. I said that I can accompany me to the hospital?He said no, he had no money, and now he was not free. I am stupid. What do I do?How can I fall in love with such a man?The story with him met the Internet in 2014. In 2 years, we slowly fell in love, but last year I learned that he was married in 15 years, but he did not get a marriage certificate.My wife told me that I chose to break up.I actually forgive him because I believe him so much, believe in the so -called true love.

In the 11 months of living with me, we were depressed with each other. When we were happy, we could forget everything, but when we were unhappy, we thought of everything.He kept fierce at me, I was angry and drove him away, and said it was difficult to hear. Who knew that when I was out of work, he cleaned up all his things and left me completely!I tried to save and try to find him, but his heart was dead.I continued myself forward with my scars, but I only knew that I was pregnant last week. He did not believe that I was pregnant the next day.I don’t want to see you, because he really makes me too sad, but now I really didn’t come to see me.I said that I will tell your wife to send a certificate, because he wants to cooperate with the woman this time, I can’t only tell the woman!I told that woman I was going to be born.My age is not small, and I am going to go three immediately, and I am now alone, and I do n’t have a relative. I am afraid that I may be infertile after being killed, and I can’t regulate it well. I may fall down.The root of the disease, I dare not tell my family that they are very old. I am very filial. I don’t want to let my parents continue to worry about me. What do I do?Can you help me?Why should he be so affectionate ~~ Why?


Little sister, don’t say the silly words to be born. After all, you are not married, and single mothers are not easy to do.Taking advantage of the month, hurry up and find a regular hospital to do abortion. Do not do the flow of drugs. If the flow of drugs is not clean, it will be cooked.This kind of beast man is not worth your love, forget him, be strong, and come again ~ post -abortion precautions: 1. To strengthen nutrition appropriately, more or less blood loss after abortion, coupled with the pregnancy reaction in the early pregnancy stageSome people will have anemia. Therefore, after miscarriage, add more meat, eggs, fish, dairy products, and fresh vegetables and fruits; 2. Pay attention to personal hygiene, change panties every day, do not take a bath for half a month.Restore, it is necessary to prohibit sexual life to prevent infection; 3. Take more rest and use less cold water to prevent excessive fatigue and cold and trendy, otherwise it is prone to uterine prolapse and other symptoms;The endometrium of the uterus will be recovered for 5 years. During this period, we must take contraceptive measures, otherwise it is not good for adults and fetuses.Forget the past and start again ~

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