I am pregnant, can I raise a dog?

"Do you want to send your dog away" is still a problem with a lot of controversy, and different people may have different views.Xiaobian will give you a brief analysis on this topic.

Netizen A: I have been raising dogs before and after pregnancy. Now my daughter has been 10 months old, with dogs or good friends, there is no problem, I have asked for gynecology and pet doctors.Such nervous, just pay attention to some hygiene, I am pregnant with the second child now, it has been 12 weeks, and I still take a dog to take a walk every day.

Netizen B: I suggest you still don’t raise it!So as not to have any bad places.~~~ Although I am a bit reluctant, it is good for yourself and your baby!Can you still raise it in the future!~~~ It ’s not very comfortable to give away.

Netizen C: When the dog was raised for five or six years, I was pregnant. During pregnancy, I was difficult to resist the dog delivery forces at home, so that one day I could play with the scenes in various videos.IntersectionNow that the child is more than one year old, he gets along well with the dog, and sometimes they will be jealous and jealous.

1. Add cleaning work

Dogs will lose hair more or less, and we usually pay attention to their care work, and we may not be so neat at home.This will increase the cleaning work of pregnant women. It is not convenient to act in the stool itself. Simple cleaning seems to be more difficult. If it continues to raise dogs, it is even more difficult.

2. By disturbing the baby’s rest

If you do not send the dog away during pregnancy, you are still raising.After the baby is born, the rest time for newborn is relatively long, and the environment must be quiet and comfortable.Dogs are generally naughty. If you continue to raise dogs at home, you may bark or run around. This may disturb the baby’s rest. Many people do not support it to continue raising.

3. Don’t take more energy to take care of the dog

The baby at home is born, and it takes a lot of time and energy to take care of the baby in itself, which will feel exhausted.This means that in fact, if you do n’t have more energy to take care of the dog, you will ignore the dog. This is not good for the owner or the dog, so some people will consider this.Dogs are sent away.

1. A manifestation of responsibility

One of the most important conditions for raising dogs is to be responsible for dogs and raising them for a lifetime, which is also a manifestation of responsibility.In today’s society, there are still many people who have a sense of responsibility, so if you, you will definitely not affect your pregnancy, and you will still stick to it to the end.

2. It will not affect the fetus

Some people will say that pregnant dogs are worried about affecting the fetus, but in fact, as long as we usually do related work, most of them will not cause abortion and premature birth of pregnant women.Many cases in reality are enough to explain that baby raising dogs can be smooth and healthy.

3. Can accompany your child to grow

It is also a very good thing to raise a dog to grow up with your children. In the process of getting along with the dog, he will find that the dog is similar to people. When you treat it well, it will be good.In this way, he can better understand why he must respect life.

1. Periodic injections for dogs

It is really important to get a dog vaccine. Rabies and so on can be stopped, so do not ignore the family of pets.

2. Do not touch the stool for pregnant women

After the dog is pulled, it must be cleaned in time, otherwise the toxoplasma bacteria in the feces will spread in the air, which may cause damage.Of course, it is best not to touch this work for pregnant women, so that the family can help the family.

3. Do good sanitation at home

After the pet owner is pregnant, the family must keep the indoor environmental hygiene and help the dogs take a bath, clean up the ears, feet, and keys’ foothills regularly. Pregnant mothers should maintain their personal hygiene and wash their hands frequently.

4. Don’t feed raw meat

It is a bow -shaped worm that affects the fetus to raise a dog, and it is possible to infect the toxoplasma worm, so it is not recommended to feed raw meat.

It is recommended to eat dog food, which can provide dogs with balanced and comprehensive nutrition. If you eat meat, you can cook them and feed them.

I can only say that it is a common thing to raise dogs now. There is no harm to raising dogs during pregnancy, and there is no need to send away or sell!Dogs are also part of the family. They should not be abandoned because they are pregnant. They should be kindly treated. After all, you are all it!

Conclusion: If it was you, would you choose to send the dog away?

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