I am pregnant, what examinations should I do

The importance of prenatal examination

First of all: prenatal examination can find certain diseases of pregnant women’s body. If these diseases are not suitable for pregnancy, they can do artificial abortion in time.

Second: After regular examination, you can understand the physiological changes of the fetus and the maternal body. If it is found abnormal, it can be treated early.

Third: Through prenatal examinations, you can obtain knowledge about physiological and health, life and nutrition during pregnancy from doctors, understand the problems that should be paid attention to before -produced and postpartum, and common sense of normal delivery.

Fourth: After system examination, you can predict whether there is any difficulty during childbirth, and decide the way and place of childbirth, so as to reduce the danger of delivery or postpartum and ensure the safety of fertility.

Create a mother and child health file before the checkup

It is very important to build a mother and child health file, especially in big cities. Because the hospital’s beds are limited, you must make an appointment in advance. Some hospitals do not set up files or inspections.When the file was built, there was no bed at the hospital near home. I had to go to a hospital far away from home to build files, which increased the burden on the inspection)

When building a file, don’t forget to bring your ID card, siege health care manual, medical insurance manual and required costs (some hospitals will ask you to store pre -inspection costs to avoid paying each time).

In the process of building files, doctors usually ask you some of your personal and family health.It may include the following:

1. The early menstrual tide time, menstrual cycle, menstrual flow and last menstrual time.

2. Age, nationality, cultural level, occupation, etc.

3. Chronic diseases, surgery or hospitalization.

4. Previous pregnancy, production experience, history of abortion, contraception, and existing children.

5. Living habits, such as diet, sleep, exercise, smoking, passive smoking, drinking, medication, etc.

6. History of drug allergies.

7. History of family genetic medical history of you and spouse.

8. The health of the spouse, such as smoking, drinking habits, history of diseases, history of medication.

9. Whether you have early pregnancy reactions, vaginal bleeding, abdominal pain or any discomfort.

Before the first checkup, carefully consider the above problems with your lover, which will help you provide more comprehensive information to your doctor to ensure your health during pregnancy.

In addition, if you have some other health issues, you can consider telling the doctor to ensure that you get more thoughtful pregnancy health services.This may include psychological problems, such as depression, family violence experience, or other experiences that affect your safety and physical and mental health.

Maternal inspection items and time

(The picture below is the notification of prenatal examinations given by the hospital when I was inspected at the hospital at the time.

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