I am pregnant

One day in June, Tuesday.Nearby, the small rapeseed outside the yard was green; outside the yard, the water ducks were holding the palm in the water; the bicycle walked from my eyes one after another, and the bird sang in my ear. Today is a good day.

At work, I didn’t go out, and I was waiting for He Jun to get off work early.I want to tell him an important news that this is a message from spending 1 piece of five cents.

He Jun finally returned. Looking at his anxious look, I pulled him into the room and told him: I am pregnant.

He was stunned, I was not surprised.Because when I just confirmed the pregnancy test stick, I was more surprised than his expression.We love, we fall in love, but we never thought that "such things" would happen.I have loved each other with him for the first time, and it is the first time to live with the opposite sex.We quarreled, we went with each other, we walked together, we longing for the future, but we never thought that there would be "this matter".Mainly, we have not got married.

After telling him, I went to work.As soon as I arrived in the company, I received the news that I went home for dinner at noon and asked for leave in the afternoon.

On the way home at noon, I have seen too many "girlfriends" story, and fifteen buckets have continued to rise and decline.In the cold operating table, I have been skinny since then, I was fired by the company, and I was driven out of the house by my parents …

Going home, I have already set up my favorite sauerkraut fish on the table.There is a little pepper, which is stronger than usual, but does not feel sour.He eats very little today, and he lifts my chopsticks and lifts down. I keep eating like a fool.In fact, at that moment, I was thinking, whether this is "Judah’s dinner". After eating this meal, we will part ways.

After eating the fish, he then washed the bowl, and then asked me to get a medical insurance card and said that he took me to the town hospital to check it.At this moment, my heart changed from the calm indifference to anxiety. You don’t believe it, how do you treat me?

Along the way, I didn’t speak, and he didn’t speak.After entering the outpatient clinic of the obstetrics and gynecology department, when did the last menstruation, how many days the menstruation was usually interval, I answered, he stood and listened.At the end, the doctor asked him to pay the money. After a few minutes, he brought another seemingly high -end pregnancy test stick and tried it again.The result is naturally the same, I am pregnant.

At this time, I had no waves in my heart. I was preparing to accept the punishment of my fate. It was my unmarried cohabitation. I was unmarried and pregnant. I blame myself.When the doctor asked "staying, or if he was killed", He Jun was anxious: "Why do you want to get it? It must be born!"

After doing all kinds of wonderful psychological construction, when I heard him say this, I stunned again."Let’s call your parents first, take a leave to take you back home, give your parents a kiss, we get married, this is my child." Along the way, I leaned silently on his back, and I repeated in my ears.Sentence.Maybe at that time, I knew what was called "responsibility"!

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