I did not expect these three symptoms of pregnancy. Many mothers did not notice in the early pregnancy.

When it comes to pregnancy, obvious symptoms are easy to be found, such as menstruation, nausea, drowsiness, etc. These are all things after a month of pregnancy. What are the symptoms before menstrual alerts?

The following three are the symptoms of only early early pregnancy and early early early and early early early and early early early early early days. It is probably noticed in the same room in the same room. You need to feel carefully. Moms of the spiritual bar may be ignored.

1. I always want to sigh, or pant.

Inexplicably, I feel that my underwear makes myself panting, and I don’t want to have anything on my stomach. There will be an urge to sleep naked.I always want to take a deep breath, I still want to shout, very depressed.Even if you are sitting and staying, you will sigh involuntarily, and the people around you don’t remind you not to find it yet.

Suddenly I wanted to wear loose clothes. The abdomen was not enlarged, and I felt that my pants were tight.The temper is super irritable, and the whole person is full of anger.

2. Usually the symptoms before menstruation are even more obvious, but it is far from menstruation.

The symptoms of the first three days before menstruation, one week or even earlier before menstruation, and aggressive.

For example, some people have back pain, falling like menstruation.There are also people with toothache, swollen gums, or abnormal leucorrhea.There are still people’s chest pain, and the little bean on the chest has been standing upright. In a few days, the whole chest is soft.

3. I thought I was going to have cancer.

A cold symptoms have a cold when blowing the wind.

There is a certain similarities in the early stages of pregnancy and tumor. There is a meatball that has not been in the body in the body. The immune system will give resistance in time. The fighter will gradually upgrade and there will be stress reactions such as nausea and vomiting.

In fact, whether the baby in the plan is happy, or you and your baby are worried that "my mother knows if she will kill me" at the same time, it must be scientifically treated with the health of pregnancy.

If you have a plan to get your baby, especially for a long time, it is easy to have illusions. Similar to fake pregnancy, it is caused by high nervous nervousness. Do not be anxious.

These minor symptoms just want to tell everyone that the baby is welcome. In any case, you can calmly observe, allow the menstrual period to wait as much as possible. When the menstrual body is not comfortable, you can go to the hospital to avoid misdiagnosis tragedy.

If the baby is not welcome for the time being, these discomforts can go to the hospital early to test the HCG value. The earlier the pregnancy, the less harm to the body.But it is also recommended that you think twice.In the future, we will take good care of safety measures to avoid accidents again. First, learn to feel distressed.

What you see is exactly what others need, and the meritorious merits of handling your hands are immeasurable.

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