I didn’t buy medicine, how can I relieve my throat pain?These recipes take#cough and phlegm

“”I didn’t buy medicine, how can I relieve symptoms?At this time, don’t panic, because ah, the drug is only alleviating the symptoms, not a virus killing, so we can use other methods to relieve the symptoms. Today I will teach you to share a few small tricks.It is recommended that everyone like it, collect, and forward it to relatives and friends around them.First, if you have dry cough, you can empty the pear, put a little rock sugar, boil rock sugar pear water, and put ten peppercorns, the effect will be better.If you have sputum, you can drink white radish honey water.Second, if you have a slight fever and muscle soreness, but there is no sweating, we can use brown sugar, ginger, and green onions to boil water to drink.20 grams of brown sugar, three slices of ginger, three sections of the white onion with beard, plus 300 ml of water, boil it while drinking, you can sweat and relieve discomfort.Third, if you have nausea, don’t want to eat, or diarrhea, we can make self -made electrolyte water.Wash the orange or a lemon, add 300 ml of warm water below 45 degrees, and add a little white sugar and salt, which is a very good electrolyte water. You can drink four or five cups a day.In addition, you can drink some yogurt, which can supplement the protein and replenish probiotics, which is good for the intestine.Fourth, if you have nasal congestion, you can use fresh lemon water to drink water, and you can also rinse the nasal cavity with light saline. Not only can you alleviate the nasal congestion, but also take away the virus.Fifth, sore throat.You can rinse your mouth with warm salt water. Persist in the effect three times a day. You can also see the effect in two days. You can also include mint, which will relieve the symptoms.In the end, remind everyone that we must sleep more, rest more, and supplement high -quality protein. Only by improving autoimmune can we kill the virus and recover as soon as possible.

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