I do n’t know which department to see a doctor?Hurry up this super "registered strategy"

When we go to the hospital clinic, the first difficulty is not to treat diseases, but to register!Have you encountered these problems:

Don’t know where to register?

What are the ways to make an appointment?

I do n’t know what departments should I hang?

Registration, queuing, consultation, treatment … This is the step we go to the hospital to see a doctor.Sometimes it was difficult to line up, but the doctor was informed that "your symptoms should go to the XX department" and "re -register".

Therefore, "right registration" is very necessary.Today, I will talk to you and register for it!

How to judge which department to hang?

The registration process is not difficult, and it is difficult to have so many outpatient departments in the hospital. What departments should we hang?Under normal circumstances, we can choose the department according to our own situation.

1 internal, surgery

Internal and surgical registration is relatively complicated. When you register, you can make preliminary judgments according to the symptoms.

In fact, in addition to the brain, heart, lungs, facial features, etc., you can choose the special departments of the corresponding parts from the neck to the other body parts.

Of course, if you do n’t know the distinguished, you can also look at ordinary surgery first.

2 Other specialists

Compared with the two major categories of internal medicine and surgery, dental, otolaryngology, ophthalmology, dermatology, etc. are a specialist and a relatively clear treatment site.Therefore, when one of these parts of the body appears uncomfortable, hang the number of the corresponding department.

Having said that, I will introduce to you three frequent daily contacts:

❶ Obstetrics and Gynecology

Women’s unique organs (uterus, ovaries, etc.), female reproduction (such as infertility, pregnancy, child birth), and women’s health care are all outpatient clinics of maternity obstetrics.

Common symptoms: menstrual disorders, menstrual pain, abnormal leucorrhea, and pain, inflammation, etc.

❷ Pediatrics

Generally speaking, children can watch pediatrics at the age of 14 or go to children’s hospitals, maternal and child health hospitals and other specialized hospitals.

❸ Emergency Department

When the disease is critical, the disease that needs to be treated immediately or the urgent medical treatment at night can go to the emergency department, preliminary treatment by the emergency doctor nurse, and then referred to each department for further treatment.

Online registration is convenient and fast

We register for commonly used online appointments and hospital clinics."Online appointment registered, so convenient! So fast! You can also make an accurate appointment time." The user commented.Xiao Bian has sorted out here, two ways to make a registered online appointment:

Path 1: Medical Public Account

① Follow medical practice

② Menu Bar-Medical Service-Click "Reservation Registration"

③ Choose a hospital

Path 2: Medical Communication APP

① Download the Medical Link APP

② Click "Online Registration"

③ Choose a hospital

In the end, what Xiaobian wants to say is that the names of many departments look similar, but they are very different, making people confuse.Therefore, do n’t forget to forward this “registration guide” while reposting to your family and friends ~

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网 Picture source: Qiantu.com

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