I don’t dare to eat seafood!Japan is about to discharge the Fukushima nuclear pollution water into the sea and pollute the world in 10 years

Author: the heart of the trip

Mission: Transfer value and thinking

On June 8th, Dongdian, Japan, declared that the operation of the Fukushima First Nuclear Power Station in the sea water in the submarine tunnel discharged nuclear pollution water had been completed, which indicates that the Fukushima nuclear pollution water rows into the "countdown" and the Fukushima nuclear pollution pollution.The incident has once again detonated global attention!

Japan has repeatedly claimed that nuclear pollution water is harmless, and now suddenly claims "harmful health". What is going on?In fact, as early as the Fukushima nuclear accident in 2011, a large number of radioactive substances have been released into the ocean, and the Japanese side has always claimed that these nuclear pollution water can be discharged directly into the ocean and can be consumed. This can also be consumed. This can also be consumed.The method has been questioned.Today, after a long -term accumulation, the harm of nuclear pollution water is no longer overlooked.Moreover, the attitude of Japan is also very fickle. Is the previous remarks falsely propaganda?We can’t help but think deeply.It is worth mentioning that the Japanese government also plans to sell nuclear pollution water to other countries. This makes people sigh, what purpose is this approach?

Japan’s nuclear pollution water discharge plans to "trial operation" on the 12th, and German professional institutions evaluated: "If the Japanese nuclear pollution water is exhausted, the radioactive substances will spread to the global waters within 10 years." If so, we willCan the seafood in the surrounding waters still eat, dare to eat?

For this world, nuclear pollution is an eternal topic. It brings us not only the harm of environmental and health, but also an important opportunity for thinking and reflection.

Judging from the current trend, Japan is an iron heart to "discharge the Fukushita nuclear pollution water into the sea". We should face this problem with a more rigorous and scientific attitude, pay close attention to the development of the incident, and at the same time, the future seafood products will be onBuying and eating is more cautious.

What do you think of Japan’s upcoming Fukushima nuclear pollution water?Welcome to comment.

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