I don’t know if I am pregnant and take medicine. Is the fetus flowing?Still?

Her husband’s cousin lived in the same building with us. Last time she saw her getting a marriage certificate and preparing for National Day.On Saturday, she saw her listless at the entrance of the community, and she also held a plastic bag printed with a hospital in her hand.

In the past, she said hello, she actually cried and said to me: Xunzi, I really don’t want to perform this operation, I was pregnant for 3 months, and the fetus induced labor last month!

I was surprised, "What surgery? Why is the fetus bad? Why do you have to induce labor?"

"Because I took cold medicine without knowing pregnancy, the child and her mother -in -law insisted on asking her to kill her."

"What kind of medicine did you take? Go to the hospital for a check, you can listen to what the doctor says first?"

The cousin slowly said the original committee: the child was pregnant unexpectedly.Her menstruation is usually not on time, and it is common for 3 days and 5 days later.She didn’t know that she was pregnant. It happened a few days when she had a cold and runny nose and a little cough. She bought some antibiotics by herself and took a cold medicine for a few days.

After a cold, but after more than a week, she didn’t have a menstruation before she thought of whether she was pregnant?As soon as I went to the hospital for blood, I was pregnant.Knowing that the family is very happy, I became pregnant as soon as I got married.

My mother -in -law also said cheerfully that she took her to the hospital to take a B -ultrasound, so that she could build files in the community in the community.When I went to see the doctor, the doctor asked some situation routinely, and finally asked if there was any bad hobbies in my cousin.She said no, thinking that after taking a cold medicine a few days ago, she didn’t know if it had an impact. She told the doctor in front of her mother -in -law.The doctor finally told his cousin that there was nothing uncomfortable, and he could observe first.It is also recommended to wait for the fetus to go to a large hospital for examination.After leaving the hospital’s entrance, her mother -in -law said that she asked her to flow the fetus and said that taking medicine was not good.

The cousin went to other hospitals, and the doctor also said that she could wait a little more monthly to check. She didn’t want to kill the child.The marriage was also ended, it was the first child, and it was very hurt. She wanted to keep her child.

My mother -in -law and husband did not know where to hear the children who had taken medicines in the early pregnancy and had a poor development of their heads and had problems with intelligence. They also said that who had taken the medicine who had taken medicine, and now she smirked when she saw people.The family always feels that there will be problems with birth, and no one says that it is firm.

Although she didn’t want to kill the child.The mother -in -law does not support it, and her husband does not have the same line with her. She has not been working since she got married.The economy is not independent, and her family does not support it. She is not able to support her children alone. In the end, she has compromised. The fetus has been 11 weeks.Do not have a drug flow, nor can it be a common abortion, and can only induce labor.

I went to the hospital to review just this day. I didn’t know how to comfort her at watching the sorrowful cousin.With her backstairs, I can only say that things are already like this, take a good rest!Don’t think about so much, keep your body and talk about everything.

As a mother of a 3 -year -old child, in fact, I also want to know. Do you only have to kill this path when you do n’t know that you have taken medicine early?

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