I don’t know if you don’t have a child. There are so many benefits to enjoy social security. You can get money after giving birth.

At present, almost all companies will pay social security after their employees enter the job. Generally, five insurances are paid, namely pension, medical care, fertility, work injury, and unemployment. Some companies will pay the provident fund for employees.

However, although many people pay social security, they do not know what benefits of social security can bring us.Needless to say, there is a lot of medical care, but there are relatively few people with unemployment and unemployment in fertility and work injury.

Today we mainly talk about the role of maternity insurance

for example:

If a child born in Shenzhen, social security is also paid in Shenzhen, and social security has not been broken during pregnancy. Before pregnancy, social security has been paid for more than one year, and you can apply for maternity insurance reimbursement.

Maternity insurance reimbursement is different from medical care. Medical can be deducted directly in the hospital with cards, and maternity insurance needs to be prepared for a series of preliminary preparations.

1. Apply for a standard certificate. After the husband and wife get married, you can go to the local family planning department to apply for a standard certificate, which is also called the maternity service certificate.Then you can apply for the place where the man’s hukou is located.

2. Bring an ID card, marriage certificate, hukou book, pregnancy B -ultrasound, the original and photocopy of maternity service certificate to the village committee of the residential place to apply for the "Family Planning Certificate".Essence

3. With the "Family Planning Certificate" and social security cards, you can directly take the fertility insurance reimbursement channel on the nurses of the hospital for inspection hospital.

But the following two points need to pay attention:

First, it is necessary to be reimbursed within the reimbursement scope.For example, some B -ultrasound projects cannot be reported.There are friends around me with gestational diabetes. I attended a day of the hospital. The examination and catering costs incurred were unable to be reimbursed.

The second is that the expenses of production inspection are fixed reimbursement.It is not to say that you can report as much as you spent for the production inspection. Generally, the cost of inspection is a fixed reimbursement, and it must be at your own expense.For example, Beijing is a quota of 1400 yuan, and your production inspection costs are 3500 yuan, reimbursement of 1,400 yuan, and the remaining 2100 yuan must be at your own expense.

As mentioned earlier, there are 2 "Family Planning Certificate", one is used during the checkup, and the other is used during production. The expenses and production hospital expenses are reimbursed separately.

In addition to reimbursement of production inspection and production costs, maternity insurance can also be collected

Maternity allowance is the most important item, that is, during the period of your maternity leave, you can get a sum of money without working.

The amount of receipt of maternity allowance = the average paid salary base of the unit in the month of delivery ÷ 30 × maternity leave days

The maternity allowance is issued according to your salary and the average salary of the unit.For example, the average monthly salary of your previous year was 8,000 yuan/month, and the average monthly salary of all employees in the unit was 10,000 yuan/month. Then your fertility allowance should be issued at 10,000 yuan/month.

Fertility allowances are not deducted from individual taxes. Each city needs to provide fertility allowance materials. In short, you check all the invoices, cases, and inspection results in the hospital, and it will be troublesome when you lose it.It is best to use special information bags to store it. It is more convenient to find things in the future.

Let’s take Shenzhen in Shenzhen, the materials required for reimbursement are as follows:

1. "Maternity Service Certificate" (original and photocopy);

2. "Foreign Personnel Maternity Services" (original and photocopy);

3. "Shenzhen Work Residence Permit" (original and photocopy);

4. Medical diagnosis certificate (original and photocopy);

5. Baby birth certificate (original and photocopy);

6. "Marriage Certificate" (original and photocopy);

7. "Information Registration Form for Shenzhen Application for Maternity Allowers" (one type of two copies);

8. "Change of the Information Change of the Personnel of Shenzhen Municipalities" (one type of two copies);

9. Due to special reasons, other related materials needed to be carried.

It is best to ask the personnel of the unit. They know what materials are needed for reimbursement, first consult, and prepare all the materials before reimbursing.Some work units are reimbursed directly through the unit. Without a job unit, they have to go to the Social Security Bureau for reimbursement. It is more troublesome.

In addition, some units still pay salary as usual during the employee’s maternity leave. After the fertility allowance, the unit may deduct the salary that has been paid. For example, during your feed leave, the unit will pay you a total of 20,000 wages, and and your salary of 20,000, and during the period of timeThere are 18,000 after the fertility allowance, so after the unit deducts, you do not have extra money to receive it, and you do n’t need to make up for this part.

If the unit pays 20,000 wages during the maternity holiday, and there is a total of 25,000 fertility allowances, then you can get 5,000 after the unit deduction.

Some units do not deduct them and issue them directly to employees. This depends on the standards of each unit. It is best to communicate with the personnel department in advance.If you still need to add, please leave a message below the comment.

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