I don’t want to cook today, I don’t want to stay at home.

Today, I quarreled with Lao, and I was very frustrated.

I don’t want to cook at home, and I don’t want to stay at home. I just want to go out.Although the outside is hot, I still want to rub my sunscreen.This is a plain sunscreen I have recently started. It is not greasy nor very good. You can go out without applying makeup.Every time I quarreled with Lao, I would stay at home to cook and clean, and I was ready to wait for her to come back.

But this time I really don’t want to do it. When I was hungry, I went to eat outside, and I didn’t want to be exhausted.Some time ago, my mother -in -law said that if I was a cesarean section, she would choose a day for me.The day she chose was 37 weeks, but I felt too early.I told my mother -in -law that this could not be too early.Because we all know that one day in our stomach is equivalent to three days outside.

I watched a video yesterday, and a pregnant woman had a cesarean section, and the doctor stopped half of it.It was just because her husband asked to come out at 11:18, and the pregnant woman was crying there.I want to let my husband look at it that if we have to choose the hour, this may be the case.But he took a mobile phone and said to me fiercely, "Will my mother hurt you? Isn’t my mother be for us?"

If he hear him like this, I really came up.I just want him to watch this video and find out.And about 37 weeks of caesarean section, my mother -in -law and I have already said it. Because it is too early, I don’t want this day. Even my mother -in -law had no opinion, but she was angry at me.Fortunately, my mother -in -law is not here. Fortunately, my mother -in -law and my mother -in -law have a good relationship.

If my mother -in -law is here, she is here to intensify the contradiction between me and my mother -in -law.As a son and husband, it is not a problem between mother -in -law, but a person who creates trouble.Therefore, many mother -in -law and daughter -in -law have a bad relationship because this middleman has not solved the problem.

Sisters, do you think so?

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