I found that my wife was pregnant, but she said that it might not be mine. After learning the reason, I forgive her

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In the hustle and bustle of the metropolis, Wang Dong is a successful young man.

With his talents and efforts, he has achieved remarkable achievements in the workplace.

As a successful profession, he enjoyed high salary and stable work and lived a relatively rich life.

However, behind his success, there is a happier existence that makes him happier -his wife Jiang Lisha.

Jiang Lisha was a classmate of his college years. The two spent their youth together and established a deep relationship.

For Wang Dong, she was not only his wife, but also the warmth and support of his life.

In Wang Dong’s life, there is also an important character, that is, his good brother Zhang Yousen.

Wang Dong and Zhang Yousen have been a close friend of many years. They have experienced the joy and sorrow of the college era, and shared their dreams and pursuits.

Zhang Yousen occupies a special status in Wang Dong’s life, and the friendship between them cannot be described in words.

It was a cold winter night. Wang Dong and Zhang Yousen sat in the bar, raised toasts to drink, celebrating the glory of each other’s friendship and life.

"Brother, our friendship for so many years is not just talking, drink!" Wang Dong raised the glass, his eyes were full of gratitude and sincerity.

"Yeah, our friendship has undergone the test of time. Come, toast for our future!" Zhang Yousen raised a cup and touched with Wang Dong enthusiastically.

The two encouraged each other and tasted the fragrance in the wine. For a while, they forgot all their troubles and pressures.

They recalled the laughter and tears of the college era, and those lingering memories.

In college, Wang Dong, Jiang Lisha and Zhang Yousen were iron triangles. They had everything and supported each other.

However, fate is always dramatic.

Wang Dong gradually found that he had a special emotion to Jiang Lisha, and he was attracted by her beauty and tenderness.

At the same time, Zhang Yousen also silently lived for Jiang Lisha.

However, after Wang Dong confessed to Jiang Lisha, Zhang Yousen wisely chose to forbearance and protect friendship.

He didn’t want to hurt Wang Dong, so he chose to take a step back silently.

The love of Wang Dong and Jiang Lisha was sublimated after graduating from college. They became husband and wife and decided to spend the rest of their lives.

They have established a happy family, but Zhang Yousen has always been an important existence in their lives.

Although Wang Dong loved Jiang Lisha deeply, he never found the secret of Zhang Yousen’s heart.

However, destiny once again played the game of hiding.

One night, Wang Dong and Zhang Yousen returned in pain, and their alcoholic was stronger and fell into a deep drunk dream.

At this time, Jiang Lisha rushed and took them home.

Zhang Yousen has been lost in the steam of alcohol and cannot distinguish between reality and dreams.

He regarded Jiang Lisha as his own dream, and under the impulse, they had an overnight relationship.

When Zhang Yousen woke up, he was deeply tortured by regret and blame.

He understood that this was a mistake in betraying Wang Dong and the deep friendship between them, and felt very guilty.

His deeply buried love was covered again. He decided to leave and go to Xinjiang to participate in the construction work. He hopes to use time and distance to forget the emotions that should not exist.

Wang Dong went home one night and found that Jiang Lisha was pregnant.His heart was full of happiness and excitement, but Jiang Lisha told him that the child might not be his.

"How is it possible?" He spoke difficult, with confusion and pain in his voice.

Jiang Lisha stared at Wang Dong complicatedly and said softly: "I took out the previous inspection report, which clearly stated that you have no fertility. We have been working hard to want children, but …"

Wang Dong was stunned, and he felt that the world in his heart collapsed.

He recalled the inspection he had done, but never thought that there would be such a result.

His heart rolled in the pain, and he began to doubt his value and his identity as a man.

"That … Who is the child’s father?" Wang Dong forced himself to ask him that it made him unbearable.

Jiang Lisha’s eyes flashed with tears, and she whispered: "After you were drunk and Zhang Yousen, something happened between us. I regret it, but at the time I thought we had no results, unexpectedly, there was no unexpected, no unexpected, there was no unexpected, there was no unexpected, there was no unexpected, there was no unexpected, there was no unexpected, no unexpected, no unexpected, no unexpected, no unexpected, no unexpected, there was no unexpected, no unexpected, no unexpected, no unexpected, no unexpected, no unexpected, no unexpected, there was no unexpected, no unexpected, no unexpected, there was no unexpected, no unexpected, no unexpected, no unexpected, there was no unexpected, no unexpected, no unexpected, no unexpected, there was no unexpected.I will get pregnant. I know this is my fault. I can’t forgive myself or forgive that wrong decision. "

Wang Dong’s mind was confusing, and his heartache could not breathe.

He and Zhang Yousen are good brothers who are nothing to talk about, and Jiang Lisha is his wife, and their lives have always been full of happiness and hope.However, everything is now chaotic and distorted.

The pain in his heart suffocated Wang Dong. He couldn’t accept this fact, but he also realized that he needed to face reality rationally.

This child is not his biological child, but the child is innocent. He has the right to have a complete family and father’s love.

Wang Dong’s in -depth investigation gradually revealed the truth of the matter.

He began a frank dialogue with Jiang Lisha, hoping to learn more about the story behind him.

Jiang Lisha’s eyes were tearful and could not cover up the pain and regrets of her heart. She told her unfortunate experience with Zhang Yousen.

She described the scene of that night to Wang Dong, Zhang Yousen’s regret and blame, and his decision to participate in the construction work in order to express apology and compensation to Wang Dong.

Wang Dong’s heart had a wave of heart, he was both deeply emotional and endlessly distressed.

He realized that this emotional entanglement was not unilateral betrayal, but a misplace of accident and pain.

He began to understand Zhang Yousen’s mood and Jiang Lisha’s heart struggle.

However, when Jiang Lisha learned that she was pregnant, she received the bad news of Zhang Yousen’s death in Xinjiang.

The news was like a thunderbolt, pushing Jiang Lisha into the abyss.

She was guilty, unable to release her mistakes and misfortunes.

Facing the truth of this series, Wang Dong’s heart was stirred up.

He not only felt his deep nostalgia and cherishment of Zhang Yousen, but also felt guilty and distressed with Jiang Lisha.

However, he decided to use this as a bond to treat the child as if he was out and raised him to grow up.

This decision is not easy, Wang Dong knows that he will face countless challenges and difficulties.

However, he believes that this is the best compensation and expression of Zhang Yousen, and a kind of redemption for himself.

He was determined to fill the child’s heart vacancy with his father’s love and care, and let him feel the friendship between his brothers and the warmth of the family.

Wang Dong deeply felt sorry for Zhang Yousen’s death. He vowed to use his own strength to create a happy future for this child.He will do his best, protect and care for the child, and let him thrive under the care of his brothers.

No one knows that Wang Dong’s decision is right or wrong, but he did not regret it at the moment.

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