I got married on the first day, I was pregnant on the second day, and I had children on the third day. This brain hole was too big.

When you look forward to one thing, you will unconsciously want to make time faster.

For example, on Friday, who doesn’t want to go into Saturday until Saturday, no need to get up in the morning.

But if you really have such a ability to make the next life, would you like it?

Let’s take a look at the movie recommended today-

"Fast Inlet Life"

Era Ora

Dante is a playboy. On this day, he was planning to go to the bar to recreate with the ambiguous girl.

This is a key day. Whether you can win the other party depends on his next performance.

Unexpectedly, the traffic jams on Dante Road were late, and he rushed up to come up with a love confession.

Mua — a big mouthful, opened his eyes and looked at it, mother and the wrong person.

How do you both wear the same clothes?

After Alice was inexplicably kissed, she was furious, and she just slapped Dante, but suddenly killed a girl next to him.

Take a closer look, and it really looks exactly the same.

The next second, the girl gave Dante a loud slap.

Come, someone fanned me, then my anger was disappeared.

Two people have come together because of this misunderstanding. Dante is a coffee. He has no plan for life.

Alice obviously had a clear understanding of the future.

After two people came together, Dante was often arranged by Alice, which made Dante a little unhappy.

For example, Birthday, Dante does not want to do business, but Alice has already invited all relatives and friends.

But in the face of Alice’s thoughts, Dante deliberately was late.

The atmosphere of the scene was embarrassing, and he didn’t take it for granted. Although he took a sigh of breath that night, Alice’s arms made him temporarily throw the resentment behind him.

Let’s talk about what you do first.

Unexpectedly, it was dawn overnight, and Dante was awakened by abnormal noise in his sleep.

At first glance, the whole house is so familiar and unfamiliar. This is your own bedroom, but how can it not feel right.

After he walked to the living room to see Alice from the bathroom, he was stunned.

You, you, did you drink your stomach swell last night, why is it so big?

Alice gave him a white glance and didn’t care about him.

Dante laughed and thought it was a prank, which was fun to lift Alice’s clothes. Damn, that’s a real belly, not a pillow!

you are pregnant?

Alice is even more stunned. Dear, have you sleeping confused?I have been pregnant for more than 20 weeks.

But isn’t we just on his birthday?

What are you talking about, you will be your birthday tomorrow!

Dante looked at the photo on the wall and stunned for a while before realizing that he had passed through, and came a day before his birthday.

No, this is an imagination, a dream, I must still be in my dream.

He ran desperately to shower himself, but it really changed towards the surrounding environment.

Alice’s belly has been recovered, and I said, is it a dream.

As a result, the baby’s cry came outside the next second.

Time has not returned to the past, but after another year.

Dante looked at the crying little baby on the bed. He was at a loss, and a baby had an extra babies overnight. Is this my child?

Wait for the party, is this boy or girl?

So he was forced to be a super -dad, feeding the child for a while, and changing diapers for the child.

But his jerky performance still makes Alice quite dissatisfied. Can’t you coax children?

This is too exaggerated, how can I come up with a child out of thin air!

When he shouted this sentence, the time passed for another year, and the children who were still in the puppet had already begun to learn.

She walked down, like a stupid duck.

After surviving, I can finally be clean for a while.

But the child brought well, but his relationship with Alice had something wrong.

In the mouth of a friend, the two had planned to go to see the marriage consultant, and now he was put on a hat.

Owish husband and father.

I went to bed on the first day, I was pregnant on the second day, the baby was born on the third day, and the fourth day was divorced?

Dante has a strong sense of out of control for his fast life.

Similarly, his work has also undergone tremendous changes. At first he was just a small staff member, but "a few years have passed", and he became a director of a big belly.

It seems that the dream has been realized, and he can finally be disappointed in the workplace.

But in the next second, he discovered that the reason why he was frustrated was that he got together with the secretary.

Dante realized that this situation could not continue, so he repeatedly reached a consensus with the secretary "we should fulfill their duties".

However, the following year, the secretary appeared in Dante’s home wearing hot underwear.

According to the secretary, they still got together, and Dante took the initiative to ask.

On the other hand, Dante’s marriage has reached the end, Alice has already taken his daughter and him to separate, and even has a new love.

In the mirror, Dante has long lost his heroic posture. He is old and tired.

The time and constant crossing that can’t be caught made him see the terrible time of Time.

It’s as if you know that something is wrong, but you can’t help but do it.

Dante’s friend had cancer. He went to condolences and patted the other person’s shoulder and said we had to gather more.

But when I opened my eyes and closed my eyes, a year passed.

Did you get together?


Dante’s father was not much time. At first, Dante only wanted to send his old father to the nursing home, and then promised his father to take the time to accompany him.

But accompany it?


When you always think that the future is still long, you drag again and again, and the time is like a double speed, letting us realize that we have reached the ending of life.

When the child grows up, you have never accompanied.

The wife divorced, but you did not obey the promise.

If your father died, you just want to lose your appointment in those years.

Although the movie is a fantasy movie, when I saw that Dante was about to enter the end of his life as if he was out of control, he would still be suppressed by his remorse.

Probably if there is still a chance to come, Dante will cherish what he really cares about in front of him.

Unfortunately, this awakening is often understood after losing.

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