I have a fever during pregnancy, what should I do?You can see this guide!

The virus strikes, which affects the hearts of 1.4 billion people, and the pregnant mother’s expression at this time is particularly anxious.Many pregnant mothers talked to Dr. Fu Hong who were afraid to go to the hospital for delivery. They were afraid of being infected by the virus. They had a fever and stayed at home.

During the epidemic, medical resources are often tight, and they are prone to cross -infection when going to the hospital. At this time, if you have a fever, especially pregnant mothers, what should you do?

Generally speaking, for ordinary people, we recommend self -assessment first. If you are mild, you can consider the first home isolation, but some special groups, such as the elderly, pregnant women, babies, and basic diseases.EssenceBut to seek medical treatment, pregnant mothers are also worried about being infected with viruses in the hospital!Is it?

First of all, during the epidemic, pregnant mothers do their own health and management are the primary tasks.

1. Do a good job of self -health monitoring.Pay attention to the daily measurement of body temperature and weight changes, symptoms of respiratory tract infection, and regularly monitor the fetal movement.

2. Pregnant mothers in the early pregnancy, if the B -ultrasound has confirmed intrauterine pregnancy, mild abdominal pain or a small amount of bleeding occurs, you can rest at home and observe at home; if you repeatedly irregularly bleed, you should consult a B -ultrasound after reservation and appointment of obstetrics and gynecologists.Excluding abnormal pregnancy such as ectopic pregnancy (ectopic pregnancy) and fetal stopping; if abdominal pain worsens or the amount of bleeding is increased, or internal pregnancy without B -ultrasound, you should call the obstetrician and gynecologists in time.B ultrasound and other inspections.

3. During pregnancy, abnormal conditions such as dizziness, unclear vision, shortness of breath, vaginal bleeding or flow fluid, abnormal abnormal abdominal pain, abnormal fetal movement, etc., or signs of childbirth, should seek medical treatment in time.Do not delay the illness due to fear and worry.

4. When pregnant mothers have mild symptoms such as nasal congestion and pharyngeal discomfort, if there is no epidemic history, the history of residence or coronary virus infection within 14 days, there is no epidemic history, no fever, temporary home observation, fully rest, daily monitoring, daily monitoring, daily monitoring, daily monitoring, daily monitoringBody temperature and observing the severe changes in the symptoms by themselves.

5. If the pregnant mother has a high -incidence of travel history, living history, or patients with coronary virus infection within 14 days, there is a history of close contact with the diagnosis of coronary virus infection, and medical observation is performed according to the required home or designated places.Pregnant mothers need to pay close attention to their symptoms and monitor fetal movements during observation.If suspicious symptoms include fever, cough, sore throat, chest tightness, dyspnea, fatigue, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, conjunctivitis, muscle soreness, etc., do not panic, immediately contact community managers or medical observer, accurately inform yourself of your health status, Shin the medical treatment in time.

How do pregnant mothers at home be self -fetched?

Fetal movement generally appears around 16 to 20 weeks.The novelty and happiness of the pregnant mother’s unparalleled novelty and happiness also predict the safety of the baby.

Generally speaking, pregnant mothers start to feel fetal movement at 16 ~ 20 weeks. At 20 weeks of pregnancy, fetal movement is about 200 times/day. With the increase of the gestational week, the fetal movement gradually increases.Due to the decline of the fetal exposure after the week, the fetal movement decreases, with an average of 282 times per day, and the expired pregnancy will be significantly reduced.The fetus has a sleep-awakening cycle, the activity time of the fetus in the third trimester is getting longer and longer, and the sleep time gradually shortens. Generally, 20-40 minutes alternate, up to 1 hour.

Pregnant mothers concentrate their spirit in the quiet ring. It is best to go on the side of the side. The number of fetal movements from the fixed time, 3 times in the early, middle, and late, each time, and record the number of fetal movements in the table, 3The number of fetal movements is added by 4, that is, the total number of fetal movements in 12 hours.

Pregnant mothers should be count once a week after 28 weeks; 32-36 weeks of pregnancy, fetal movement count 2 times a week; after 36 weeks of pregnancy, fetal movement count per day.The number of fetal movements is 12 to 40 times, and the fetal movement is more than 3 to 4 times per hour, indicating that the fetal condition is good; if the 12 -hour fetal movement is less than 10 times, or the fetal movement is less than 3 times per hour, it means that the fetus is hypoxic and should go in time.The hospital further received examination and treatment.

In addition to the number of fetal movements, in the current situation of "epidemic epidemics", pregnant mothers can choose home remote fetal heart monitoring, and use the mobile phone cloud to reach the mobile phone judgment of the monitoring center or doctor’s mobile phone. The baby is in danger.In this way, Baoma can be at home with peace of mind to reduce the number of times.

Once you need to seek medical treatment, pregnant mothers also need to prepare for protection.

1. On the way to the hospital and in the hospital, pay attention to cold prevention and warmth to avoid colds; pregnant mothers and accompanying families should wear medical surgical masks or N95 masks throughout the process; you can carry hand -free handwashing hand or disinfected wet towels to keep your hand hygienic;When on the road and the hospital, the distance between people is as far as possible (at least 1 meter).

2. Go to the medical treatment to avoid taking public transportation. You can choose to take a taxi or self -driving. If necessary, open the window to facilitate air circulation in the car.

3. After contacting the hospital’s door handles, curtains, doctors Bai coat and other hospitals, try to use the hand disinfectant as much as possible. Do not contact the mouth, nose, and eyes.

Finally, Dr. Fu Hong hopes that all pregnant mothers will take a good rest at home, balance nutrition, maintain normal weight growth, and move moderately. After 28 weeks of pregnancy, they will start counting their own fetal movements to avoid going out.We must wear masks, glasses, etc. with protective measures.Maintain a positive and optimistic attitude, learn the science popularization knowledge of the correct new coronary virus, scientifically respond, and don’t panic.

Bless all pregnant mothers to be healthy!Repost this article and let more friends see it.Your forwarding can help more people stay away from the invasion of the virus!

References: "Pneumonia diagnosis and treatment plan for new coronary virus infection (trial fourth edition)", some of the contents of the public account: China Centers for Disease Control and Gynecology.Attached to the article "China Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Prevention of Maternal Maternity"

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