I have a twists and turns for my driver’s license, do you remember how your driver’s license was obtained?

Share the tortuous experience of my driver’s license. Do you still remember how your driver’s license was obtained?

In 2010, I worked at a company near Nanshan, Shenzhen, and my office colleagues were about 10 people.

At the beginning of the year, colleagues in the office set off a wave of driving licenses.At first it was a colleague of the Ministry of Executive’s Ministry of Administration. She lived in Longhua. At that time, many boys chased her. Her husband (then a boyfriend at that time) In order to please her, she would buy her car for convenience.Sign up for her driving license at Nanshan Driving School.She took a driver’s license to work three months later. Another Hunan colleague saw it. She felt that it was too hard to go to work from Futian to work from Futian every day. She also wanted to buy a car for a walk. Her husband was an American person.Teaching English is considerable, so she also signed up for a driver’s license under the introduction of colleagues of the Ministry of Administration.

Seeing that the female colleague took the driver’s license, the male colleague naturally did not fall back. Then the two Sichuan male colleagues in the quotation group also replaced. I just graduated a few years at that time., But the social environment at that time made me clearly realize that the development of society in the future will become necessary.

I feel itchy and think about it: At this time, I do n’t learn when it is, maybe the tuition fee will be more expensive in the future.When I was in my hometown in my hometown, my brother -in -law spent more than 10,000 money testing.In fact, the tuition fees that are really collected by the driving school are not so high. It is the coach/master who takes the benefits.

Not much to say outside, go straight to the theme.We are all reporting to Nanshan Driving School, and the teacher Cong coach Zeng. This coach is a gold coach of Nanshan Driving School.He is a Hakka from Meizhou, Guangdong. I just happened to be a Hakka. I can usually communicate in hometown. I am not from Meizhou, Guangdong. Although there are slightly different from Hakka dialect in the region, this is not as elegant to communicate.I was born to be afraid that the kind of coach who exported to export was dirty. I heard that my colleagues said that many coaches were not good -tempered. The coach was a gold coach of Nanshan Driving School.I first thought that I thought he was in her 50s. Later, I learned that she was actually only 38 years old. She climbed up his twins prematurely, so he felt older.Laughing first.I think that the people who love to laugh will not be too bad.So he asked him for his name.

After signing up, I went to the Sili Automobile Management Office, and then I received the study information preparation subject.As soon as I named it, I found that I was pregnant.My husband said safety first, and wait for the child to be born before going to the exam.I consulted the coach of the coach whether I could practice the car during pregnancy. Coach Zeng said that the car had depends on personal physical condition. In his name, the female trainee was 8 months pregnant.

The coach said that there was no problem after the driving license was registered within two years.I decided to take the theoretical subject first, and then decide when the child was born when the car was practiced.At that time, I went to work at nine nights and six. Sometimes the boss did not come to the office, and I logged in to the computer on the computer.

Half a month later, Zhang Gong, a colleague of the engineering department registered in the same period, went to the Auto Management theory.The exam was very happy, I scored 99 points.After the theoretical knowledge was completed after the test, I paused the car training.In the spring of 2012, the company asked me and three other colleagues to participate in the plastic mold exhibition in Florida, USA. After the business trip came back, watching the child is older. The old man helped to see if I could take some time to practice the car.So he had time to make time with coach Zeng.

It happened to be summer when training. At 7 in the morning, I took the subway from Songping Mountain in Science and Technology Garden to the window of the world. Coach Zeng just took the first student to practice the car and sent the trainee to the subway mouth to take the car.Trainer of Li coach to train.It feels like the coach Zeng was a bit like the class owner when he was studying. He taught several times with training several times, and then he went to smoke and chat.I have played the car, but I have never touched the real car. However, the throttle was held by the coach with Yicai. The car has always been a speed of one gear. I have been walking around in the car training lot.After practicing seven or eight cars, I was like African black charcoal. I didn’t know that I went to Africa.

I want to get a driver’s license earlier, so I followed the coach arrangement. The subject two took a few hundred yuan for the registration fee to cut the exam.In this way, although my registration fee was less than three thousand at that time, and the cost of the exam and the cost of long training was also four thousand.

The subjects are divided into five in order: steep slopes fixed -point parking and starting -right -angle turning -reversing into the warehouse -side -position parking -curve driving.

Little rain was raining on the day of the second exam. I was arranged at three or four in the afternoon. Seriously, when it was my turn, I was so nervous. When I was in the car, I was still trembling.I twisted a few times on my leg before calming down.At that time, I thought, if not, how much time would I have to delay the next time, and it would have to pay a few hundred yuan more, and the week’s meal was soaked again.Fortunately, God Bless Me! I actually passed it once.I am so happy!I went back at night to add a chicken leg.

The content of the road driving skills of the subject three generally includes: get on the car, the light simulation test, the start, the straight -line driving, the addition and subtraction of the gear operation, the change of the lane, the side parking, go straight through the intersection, the intersection, turn right, turn through the pedestrian crossway, pass the pedestrian crosswayLine, through the school area, through bus stops, cars, over -vehicles, turning off, and driving at night.

Other students are difficult to enter the warehouse or stop on the side. I am all the best, but there is a problem with straight line driving. After practicing for three days, the coach said, "I really serve you.It ’s difficult to practice. You are good at it. After a few days of practice, I have a dark face when I hear him. I thought I was a customer. I did n’t get a commission bonus. SoDon’t give him a good look. Zeng coaching his old man is actually more observed. Seeing me playing a small character like this, so in turn praise me, everyone wants to listen to it.It’s time. I practiced that morning. When I was driving in a straight line, I always stared at the distance within 10 meters in front of the front of the car, so I ran away when I drove. Later, after listening to the coach Zeng.The distance from a distance naturally becomes straight.

The venue of subject three exercises is still at Xili Driving School.When I was about to take the exam, coach Zeng took us to the Guanlan on -site simulation test exercise.Wait until the day of the exam, approaching five or six o’clock in the evening.I am very impressed by the three exams of this subject. The few of them who go to the exam with me are all boys. It is estimated that boys are born with strong ability. Several other students are very calm.The pile people are in the palm of their fists, and they are eager to try. They are in their early 20s and 50 years old. Most of them are 30 or 40 years old. When we see the students come out, we are very concerned about whether they have passed. In fact, we know the answer.When they came out, they must be smiling than the moon, and they sighed, and they didn’t have a long sigh, and they didn’t have a face to pull their faces.The trainees waiting at the scene were stomped there for a while, and then rubbed their palms again, and then jumped up and down again. After a while, I said that I was going to the toilet.The high waves of the college entrance examination are not as nervous as now. Some of them have been tested for seven or eight times, spending money and time.I am also very nervous, but I saw other students saying so vividly and funny. After laughing, it was normal, and my heart was flattened.

At about 5:30, I heard the number and name of calling me, and I was nervous instantly. I walked in the examination room and got into the car.Surgingly read calm and calm, according to the theoretical guidance: turn off the door, tie the seat belt, adjust the seat, step on the brake, start the car to turn on the front and rear lights, loosen the clutch, and move forward slowly.I was sweating nervous and my hands. I didn’t pass it for the first time when I stopped. I gritted my teeth, but I just practiced it. Do n’t you have a chance?The operation took the subsequent process. When the second time, the first lesson was drawn, and the one passed.

As soon as the test room was out, the students said that they had passed. Everyone was happy. Coach Zeng said that among so many students, he was most worried that I hadn’t had it. When I was practicing, I compared a rookie.This is clearly damaging me, it doesn’t matter, just after anyway.

After three subjects, the long training is the happiest. This is the happiest one. It is better to go to travel.A person paid 400 yuan and set off from Shenzhen at 8 am. The four students on the road took a turn for an hour or two each.The coach said that I didn’t think I looked a rookie when I practiced.The destination of Changxun is in Guandu. The scenery on the road is infinitely good. At noon, the Canton Hakka cuisine is eaten at noon.The hotel where I stayed at night was a villa area. The scenery was very chic. The room divided by another female student was the first floor. This student still worked as a soldier.When she was sleeping at night, she said that she didn’t dare to sleep overnight, and she was worried about security issues, but I slept very well, because a classmate who had been a soldier felt particularly safe in the room.

There are two episodes on the road of Changxun. One classmate screamed with a sudden "ah", and the steering wheel was released with both hands.Coach Zeng said that he was late and quickly, and quickly returned the steering wheel back to let the classmate take the steering wheel. It turned out that the classmate saw a cat that was crushed on the road. She was so scared to let go.Things give everyone theoretical lessons, saying that when they encounter this emergency, the first is to slow down.When we were about to reach Guandu, we encountered a car owner who burst into the tire. We also stopped to help take the police signs to set up a spare tire.It ’s really a test room everywhere, and we have raised knowledge again.

The trainees who practice the car like to send some gifts to the coaches. Some of them bring cigarette tea and wine. Some are invited to eat. I am really stingy compared to me. I only bought a few water for the coach and earlier several times.As for the gift -giving person, he will accept it.

I saw that all students gave the coach a gift, thinking in my heart, when I got the driver’s license, I bought some gifts for the coach, but the coach said that he could directly mail to the company, not so troublesome to obtain evidence in the vehicle management office.At that time, the work was a bit busy, so I asked him to mail to the company. So far, I have never thanked his old man.

The next time I met coach Zeng, he had to ask him to have a meal, and thanked him for not scolding.Otherwise, people who dare to dare to dare to be so bad can learn to drive in just one or two months.

The above is the experience of my driver’s license. Although there are twists and turns, is it easy to pass the driver’s license?If you have any unforgettable experience, please leave a message to share with you.

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