I have been married for more than ten years, there is a son, my wife still wants a child

My family in the countryside, has been married to my wife for fourteen years, my wife was pregnant half a year after marriage, and then she had a baby son in October.At that time, the second child had not been released, and a child was very good. For the people around us, we were a family of happiness.

Introduce my wife, introverted personality, gentleness

Kindness, good temper, is good for the father -in -law and mother -in -law anyway.

Of course, people have no one. Wife does not like to do housework, cares about worrying, and do things. It is not tomorrow.Because a child is petting very much, what you want to buy things, the most important thing is that you are also spoiled in learning. If you write about your homework, you will go to play, because you will get a habit when you are a child.It’s not that she can control it.But I did n’t count it at the beginning. Besides, I do n’t educate my children if I have a bad temper, so we ca n’t do it for educating children.

I work in a temporary work at work in the factory. The salary is not high, and my wife also does not have any techniques to work between various factories.It is said that if this condition raises a child, it feels tired if he is interested.I think this is also okay. I do more, just do my wife, and make some pocket money.

Unexpectedly, my wife was pregnant again, and it really scared me.Seriously, I never dare to think about the second child. No matter how men and women, I dare not think about it. I used to dream that my daughter -in -law was pregnant and I cried all night. Can you imagine that you can imagine it?

The child’s go was the fuse of our two quarrels. My wife had to leave the child everything, and I said nothing.I was even anxious to say divorce, and my wife agreed.I really covered it, is it unclear what conditions in my home? Is the child just raising it? Now the cost of raising a child is so high. The son is so big that he has not earned him to make a family business.I was really scared by grievances. This is the happiness of my child’s life. If I can’t give him a good living environment, I can’t give birth.Less and eugenics, happiness for a lifetime.

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