#I haven’t been pregnant for 8 years. It turned out that my mother -in -law had to sleep in the middle of them every night.

The daughter -in -law has not been pregnant for 8 years. It turned out that her mother -in -law had to sleep among their husband and wife every night.The second episode.

It turned out that her mother -in -law was sleeping among her husband and wife every night.In order to alleviate the contradictions of her mother -in -law, her son had to tell his mother that his wife was pregnant.The mother -in -law was ecstatic, and she would not let her daughter -in -law work since then.On this day, her mother -in -law went to the river to wash clothes, but found her daughter -in -law’s blood underwear.Then he knew he was fooled.Go home on the spot to find a daughter -in -law to settle accounts, and gave him a slap.The mother -in -law burned in anger, and forced her son to write a rest on the spot.Although his son was unwilling, his mother could not violate it.He still wrote the book and drove his daughter -in -law out.The inevitable osmanthus wants to hang up, but is stopped by a female ghost.

She told Guihua that her current spiritual position was not worshiped in the ancestral hall, so she was a lonely ghost.She wanted osmanthus to help her find her husband, and then put the spiritual position in the ancestral hall.Osmanthus was unwilling to help. She said that she wanted to enter the osmanthus body, and then went to her husband by herself, and helped osmanthus to teach her evil mother -in -law by the way.Osmanthus was unwilling to agree, and the land was now appeared.It turned out that the landlord often stolen the sweet -scented osmanthus cakes. Nowadays, the osmanthus is difficult, and of course she can’t sit at the sight.

The next day the Land Public put on the veil to osmanthus, and the godfather who pretended to be osmanthus, and called his daughter on the street.The evil mother -in -law who suffered from her son had no daughter -in -law, and came to ask immediately.

The landlord told him that whoever married her daughter must have a good fortune.The greedy mother -in -law was convinced and immediately decided to buy osmanthus home.Three days later, the osmanthus will make a relative with his son.Because osmanthus has been wearing a veil, she couldn’t even see her face even her husband.

When I got the candle night in the cave, the moment her husband opened the hijab, only to find that the daughter -in -law I bought hard was still her favorite wife osmanthus.

why you?That’s right me.If you regret marry me, I will leave now.do not go.I was looking for you very hard.You are looking for me, you really come to me.of course it’s true.

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