I heard that the courtyard and plum tree are more matched, and the yard is planted.

The courtyard planting a plum tree, full of plums in the second year, means good taste, sweet and sour, delicious

Many friends in our northern region have the same courtyard similar to the courtyard, and the yard is very wide.There will be a waste of fruit trees without planting such a large area, so there are some fruit trees growing in the courtyard of many friends’ homes, such as apple trees, pear trees, and small flowers that Xiaohua like to eat.

When it comes to many friends in Lizi, there will be a lot of saliva in their mouths.The mature plum is sour and delicious, and it can also increase appetite.Especially some children who pick eaters who do not like to eat can eat more plums.

Li Zi belongs to the plant of the Rosaceae family, and many friends may guess whether it is the same type of species that belongs to the roses.That’s right, their growth methods and maintenance methods are basically the same, so they plant a plum tree in the yard and plant a rose of a vine on the corner. It seems that they will be more matched.

Plum is a very magical tree that can bring us a lot of beauty during its growth. For example, the shape of the leaves is similar to the peach tree when the leaves just grow.Blooming white flowers, the shape of its flowers is like plum blossoms.But this flower will grow older and bigger, and it looks like peach trees with pearls.

After the flowering, the plum tree came to the result of the result.The color of the plums who just started to grow is unified into blue and green, and it looks very sour. Of course, no one is willing to taste it at this time.Everyone will expect its skin to become more rosy, which also means that they can pick it up and eat.

Speaking of this, many friends have been eager to try, and want to buy some plum seedlings to come back to plant.However, don’t have too much hope. Li Zishu is a kind of perennial plant. It will be in a long period of time in the first year. Therefore, it is difficult to see it growing fruit in Li Zishu in the middle of the year.If you are not patient, go to the next door to watch the growth state of the plum.

Every spring, Li Zishu grows quickly, and its branches become more stout, and the sky is strong.We need to add some compound fertilizer or organic fertilizer under its stump.The fertilizers of plants commonly used in rural areas are animal feces. After processing, it is processed as organic fertilizer under the root of the lusron tree.

When the plum is mature, if we do not pick it in time, it will also provoke some bugs who like sweets. These bugs move the entire family to the plum tree to store.They use the fruits of plums as food. If they do not destroy them in time, the plums on the tree will gradually fall off, and then it will be impossible to eat the sweet and sour plums.

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