I just came out of the bathroom to ask the male god to ask me if I was pregnant the day before the relationship with the male god.

The day after the relationship with the male god, I wiped my hair out of the bathroom. The male god stared at my nightdress for three seconds: "Are you pregnant?"

"How is it possible?" I waved my big hand, "I and my ex -hand did not hold it."

I admit that I am a scum girl.

Unlike some great literary works, there is a scumbag behind each scumbag.

I am a natural scum daughter, with my bones.

Because my mother is.


Forty can step on five boats. From this senior official to the wealthy businessman, she can always kill a group of 20 -year -old girls.

The blue is better than blue.

When I was the most, I stepped on seven boats.

In WeChat, there are more than 70 people under the label of "dead fish", which does not include some silly for me who was deleted and pulled black, one -click.


I am familiar with the man.

But I was unfamiliar with the unexpected pregnancy.

Even said, it’s strange.

The man who came around was very frequent, but I kept protecting myself well.

In addition, many predecessors were very pleasing to see it, and I felt the next few times when I came into contact with it. I broke up without doing anything.

After so ten years of chic, I often walked by the river, and I really didn’t wet shoes.

Knowing pregnancy, I was also panicked.

Unlike my colorful romance, Zhao Liang is very clean.

Zhao Liang was born in a medical family. When he was in high school, he made a girlfriend. After graduation, both of them reached the point of talking about marriage, but the girlfriend died unexpectedly on the eve of marriage.Since then, Zhao Liang has never talked about it.

In order to chase him, I washed myself in a lead, and pretended to be his predecessor. It took more than half a year before chasing him.


This night, Zhao Liang dragged my wrist and touched it: "Go to the hospital tomorrow, it should be almost two months."

Zhao Liang fell asleep after finishing the pulse and faced me back.

I looked at the new Durex I bought on the bedside table, and the hand turned off the lights slightly.

Zhao Liang’s grandfather was the Thai Dou in the Chinese medicine community. He studied Chinese medicine with Grandpa since he was a child. However, his parents turned to Western medicine. After chasing him for half a year, I found various reasons every day for him to give me the pulse.Help me.

Can he still have fake?

But I’m really good.

How can a wild child suddenly emerge?

I was scared in my heart and turned around and hugged Zhao Liang.

He was trembling and seemed to be tangled, but he still hugged me back, holding it tightly.


I went to the hospital the next day, and I was really pregnant.

Zhao Liang said well, it was more than seven weeks, it was almost two months.

But these six months I have been busy chasing Zhao Liang, and my emotional life is clean.

I have broken the flowers and plants that are not three or four, so one day the child sleeps?

According to the countdown to the seven weeks, I was busy inspecting everywhere.

It was late at night to return home at the end of each event, and was sleepy and tired.

Basically, I was basically in the state of kicking high -heeled shoes and fell asleep.

I drank too much wine in the entertainment, and even slept directly on the sofa in the living room.

There is no time to sleep. How can I have time to sleep?

I am fascinated?

How did the sin type in the belly conceive?Where is it?

That person … Who is it?


The sudden change made me sleep restlessly for two consecutive nights.

I really did not expect that I would have confirmed the relationship with Zhao Liang.

My first thought was to call the police, but would the police believe in the police?

What about Zhao Liang?Will he believe it?

In the evening, I made an appointment with Zhao Liang to eat together, and the atmosphere was very depressed throughout the process.

I don’t know what Zhao Liang will think of it.

Do you think my water -based poplar is chasing him?

If you change it before, you don’t think of me so much.

But how serious I am about Zhao Liang, only I know.

In the meal, Zhao Liang did not propose to break up, nor did he express his views on the children in his stomach.

His vague attitude made me scared.

Zhao Liang noticed that I was uneasy. On the way home, he sighed and opened his mouth."This child …"

After hearing, I dragged his cuffs, and hurriedly interrupted his words, and his voice was a little choking.

"Aliang, I will kill the child, don’t you break up with me?"

When the crossroads were waiting for the red light, Zhao Liang stopped the car and looked at me with a tilted head.

This silence made me very disturbed and panicked.

In just a few tens of seconds, let me get my body.

With a short time, he reached out and touched my belly.

Zhao Liang’s movement made my body stiffened from controlling.

I don’t know why, his movements are very gentle, but it makes me shudder.

I looked up at him with tears.

Zhao Liang’s eyes were dark and deep, and my eyes were focused. Through my pupils, I seemed to be looking at another person.

I feel panic, and feel that he is a bit different from what he usually shows.

Looking at Zhao Liang again, he returned to the humble gentleman of a white shirt, gentle and polite.

His facial features are inherently non -aggressive, and it is easy to make people think of being close.

He squeezed my cold hand, and his voice was gentle: "Born, I raise."

I was surprised, and my head was short.

born to?

What kind of ghost is this?

Looking up, the red light turned green, and there was no car in front of the smoke.

The policeman who commanded traffic was beckoning to us, and the frequency of movement was comparable to the crazy cat -recruiting cat in the community supermarket.

I was so relieved that Yu Guang saw a gloom in Zhao Liang’s eyes, and there was a little pleasant pleasure in the gloom.

This is?

Zhao Liang seemed to notice my sight and looked at me again.

"Discovery is not good for your body. As a doctor, I don’t mind you kill him."

Without waiting for my reaction, Zhao Liang opened again."But in a sense, pregnancy is actually an exploitation of the mother, so if you want to give birth to this child, it is determined by you."

I was almost moved and cried.

This year, it is said that men and women are free to fertility, but which man does not have the feudal thoughts that have not been passed on to generations. In terms of fertility, there are many "good men" only care about children and treat their daughter -in -law as fertility tools.

Zhao Liang was willing to put my fertility willingness first.

For a moment, I only hated that I couldn’t catch the dog cub, crushed him for thousands of segments to relieve the hatred of my heart!

"Ru Zhen, this is not your fault."

The car was on the road again. In the intricate and complicated road conditions, Zhao Liang took the time to look at me, and his eyes were gentle and affectionate.

Even if I passed by in all flowers, I couldn’t hold such a affectionate glance.

I lowered my head, and for the first time, I felt that I had been in the shape of a wave, and I couldn’t match him.

When Zhao Liang sent me to the bottom of the house, he called me: "Ru Zhen, let’s get married."


Zhao Liang proposed to me when I knew that I was pregnant.

He didn’t care about my past, didn’t care that I was pregnant, and even escaped for me.

I think I should go to sweep the ancestral grave.

The ancestral grave should be more than just smoke, which probably got angry to make me meet Zhao Liang.

For Zhao Liang, for myself, I dig out the dog hybrid that dare to start with me.

After returning home, I called the police.

The police came to the door to learn about the situation, and then took me back to the police station to call out the hotel’s check -in record two months ago. No suspicious signs were found, and the entry and exit records of the access control of my community were retracted.

Except for occasional date with Zhao Liang, he sent me home, and no one else entered and exited my house.

"Ms. Lin, Mr. Zhao is the only person who has been in contact with you recently. Have you ever had a relationship with him recently?" The police pointed at Zhao Liang in the video.

"No, we are still knowing each other. Two months ago, I was still pursuing him. He didn’t need to do this to me. Moreover, he was a doctor, and he told me that I was pregnant." I was very determinedShake his head.

"Then do you have any doubts?"


Time is too short, and there is no doubt that the investigation is too difficult. The police did not find any clues.

It’s too late, and after the transcript, I had to come back.

As soon as I got home, my phone rang.

It is Ding Wei, which is the WeChat sent me by my predecessor.

WeChat content, there is only one picture.

It was a photo of Zhao Liang in the restaurant at night.

Seeing the news, my heart was stunned, as if San Futian was splashed with a bucket of cold water, and my mood suddenly reached the bottom of the valley.

He is following me!

Is it him?

I pretended to be calm, shaking hands to send him "?"

He quickly returned the news.

It is a voice, only three seconds.

After I opened it, my ears were like a brain -brain.

Ding Wei said: You are so happy.

Grass, abnormal!

There was almost no hesitation, and I concluded that the person who raped me was him!

I sat down on the bed, trembling and wanting to let myself calm down.

How could it be Ding Wei?

When did he follow me?When did my hands be on my hand?

The moment the cigarette roll was lit, I saw the jade giving from Zhao Liang on the wrist.

He said that smoking is not good for your body.

I have always pretended to be in front of him on weekdays, but I only came back in an entertainment, with a smell of smoke on my body, and was gapped out by him.

Thinking of Zhao Liang, my ghost worsen God to destroy the cigarettes, carried his soft legs to the balcony, and kept psychological guidance for himself.

Don’t panic, you are Lin Ruzhen. Only you have played with others, and no one else plays you.

It didn’t take long for the phone to ring again.

Ding Wei sent me a series of time and place.

He wanted to ask me to meet.

I spit out a turbid air and fell on the ground fiercely on the balcony.

Dog hybrid!

If the person who raped me was him, I would break him with a corpse!


Although it was very late, I decided to see Ding Wei.

I have seen a lot of predecessors who have been tangled. Some of them are expressing me to express my mice. I called me at three o’clock in the middle of the night. I also asked me to pick up my boyfriend.

But I’m not afraid of them because I shameless.

People are shameless, the world is invincible, can I still be taken by them?

I thought Ding Wei was the easiest predecessor for my breakup. I didn’t expect him to be a fool!

Even rape can do things!

When I was sitting in front of Ding Wei, I looked at him indifferently."Say, what do you want to say?"

According to conscience, Ding Wei is pretty good, and his family is okay.

I am a face dog, and my ex -predecessor did not look ugly. Ding Wei met with me at a company’s event. He was one of the representatives of Party A. After adding WeChat, he pursued me.

During the pursuit, he behaved like a very sincere big boy, and his emotional experience was even more white. At that time, I did not hand over this. After he confessed to me twice, I agreed.

However, we broke up without a week after being together.

Not suitable.

A woman like me is really inappropriate and the object of innocent big boy. Ding Wei has to teach everything except for love.

Over time, it is inevitable.

After breaking up with Ding Wei, I understood the truth fiercely: Even if the scum girl wants to change the taste, I have to find a paragraph.It’s like my poverty alleviation female teacher in COSPLAY love education.

Then Zhao Liang’s appearance quickly hit my face.

It is also cleaner, Zhao Liang does not need to teach.

Ding Wei gave me a cup of coffee and pushed it to me, his expression was innocent and pitiful."I just want to see you."

I ordered a cigarette with an indifferent face."Don’t you know? An excellent predecessor should learn how to die well."

Ding Wei looked at me poorly."I’m only twenty -five, I don’t want to die."

I don’t want to talk nonsense with him, and I spread with him expressionlessly."Ding Wei, I am pregnant, that person is you? Not only do you follow me, but you are also raped me?"

When Ding Wei heard this, he stunned for a few seconds, and then his expression returned to normal, unloading and disguised."I don’t call it rape."

Hehe, not a rape, what is that?

Ding Wei took a deep breath, reached out and held my hand, and looked serious."Really, since you are pregnant, let’s get married."

In the same sentence, how to say it from Ding Wei’s mouth, I didn’t have any movement, I just felt sick and vomited.

I pulled back my hand, covered my mouth and ran to the bathroom.

I was retching in the bathroom for more than ten minutes. When I came out, Ding Wei had finished the account.


When I got home, I received a document he sent, which was his personal introduction, and it was sorted into PPT.

It is a mighty family property proof of household property. After more than ten pages, it is introduced by family members.

This file is obviously ready for a long time!

Unfortunately, I have no interest in his family situation!

But now that he posted such a complete file background, it saved me to investigate him!

There was no doubt before, but now there are!

As long as I find his evidence that he is raped, I want to send him in to step on the sewing machine!

After leaving the cafe, I took a taxi to the police station again.

The police on duty recognized me, and saw me go and returned."Ms. Lin, have you encountered any trouble?"

The police on duty felt that I came back because I was worried about the safety of life.

"No, I’ll provide new clues."


I provided Ding Wei and his personal information to the police. Soon, the police searched some clues through Tianyan.

Don’t check, check it out!

Sure enough, after breaking up with me, Ding Wei didn’t give up.

He rented a house opposite my building!Through his balcony, you can directly monitor my every move!Intersection

No wonder!No wonder he pointed his whereabouts!

This pervert!

I trembled angrily.

"Ms. Lin, don’t be afraid. If Ding Wei really has violated you, then the criminal prosecution case he is about to face will be severely sentenced to more than ten years in prison."

I reached out and took over the hot water that the police on duty poured me, and I felt a little warmer.

Although the suspect was locked, the police still couldn’t summon Ding Wei as soon as possible.

They need more evidence.

Because the men who went in and out of the rental house in the monitoring were black every time they went in and out, as if the night walker, from the monitoring, can only see that his body shape is similar to Ding Wei, but he cannot conclude that the person is Ding Wei.

They made an appointment with me to pick up fingerprints tomorrow to see if I could find the evidence of Ding Wei invaded my family.

"Ms. Lin, a criminal suspect like this type, has a little psychological problem. Once something is lost, I am afraid that he will take risks and do something unswerving. In the past few days, I suggest you can use your friends’ house.If you go in and out, it is best to have a companion. "

I nodded, and with the help, I thought of Zhao Liang as soon as possible.

After leaving the police station, I called Zhao Liang.

"Ru Zhen?" Zhao Liang’s voice was gentle as always.

"Aliang, I … can I go to your house now to find you?" I asked a little bit without confidence.

"Now?" Zhao Liang’s voice was a little surprised, and then said, "Are you uncomfortable?"

"No, I …" I didn’t know how to speak.

"You wait at home. It’s not safe to take a taxi at this late. I picked you up." Zhao Liang heard my hesitation and took the initiative to pick me up.

"I … I’m not at home now, then you come to the West Long Road Police Station to pick me up."

The phone was silent for a few seconds before he slowly said: "Okay, wait for me obediently."

The police on duty heard that Zhao Liang was going to pick me up."Your boyfriend is really … reasonable."

Generally, men are inexplicably pregnant when they meet their girlfriends, and it is difficult to keep so calm.

I nodded."He is different from all men in this world."

He is the best.


Half an hour later, Zhao Liang’s car appeared at the door of the police station.

"Mr. Zhao, then trouble you to send Ms. Lin back." The police on duty sent me out and played with Zhao Liang.

Zhao Liang nodded gentlely, probably rushing out. He wore pajamas on his body and his feet in the room.

I was moved again.

This man who has always paid attention to the meter instrument, in order to pick me up, ignores his clothes.

I can always be moved by his every move.

After returning to Zhao Liang’s house, he found my pajamas and placed me on his bed.

Although it was not the first time to come to his house for the night, I do n’t know why, this time I feel at ease than ever.

Maybe because he proposed to me at night, right?

After turning off the lights, I couldn’t hold back and lay on his arms sideways."I don’t want to marry you like this unknown, Aliang, I will find out that person, let him accept the punishment he deserves, and return to my own innocence."

When Zhao Liang heard me, he just whispered gently, kissed my forehead, and expressed his decision to support my decision.

Although I am romantic, it is what I knew Zhao Liang.

I want to marry Zhao Liang, and this matter must be investigated.

I can’t eat this dumb loss in this way.

Besides …

If you are not afraid of the thief, you are afraid of the thief.

If you do n’t take Ding Wei ’s hybrids, who knows the time of the future, when will he peek at my life?What should he do if he is right?

Zhao Liang can understand it once, and can you understand it again and again?

What I am most afraid of now is that Ding Wei bites the relationship between the two of us is the relationship between the old love.

I am not a pure girl, nor is she a virgin.

If you have to treat Bo Gongtang, my past things will be picked up by Ding Wei, becoming his most powerful attack weapon, and the variable is too great.

So, how can I kill him directly to death?


The thought was messy, and I didn’t know how I fell asleep.

In the next few days, I lived in Zhao Liang’s house. In order to make me sleep peacefully, Zhao Liang specially bought aromatherapy and ignited before going to bed every night.

The police went to my house to extract fingerprints. Unfortunately, except for my own fingerprints, no fingerprint of the second person was found.

It seems that Ding Wei came here.

The clues are broken like this.

In fact, if you want to confirm whether the people who are raped, there is no other way. The simplest and rude way is to go to the hospital to flow the sin species in the stomach, and then extract DNA and Ding Wei’s DNA to compare directly.

I am determined, it must be Ding Wei.

After all, that night he admitted it personally!

Damn, I should record our conversation directly!

That night, Ding Wei greeted him without saying goodbye to this matter, which proved his guilty conscience, so he fled.

Grass, the time is fleeting!

I really gave up such a good opportunity to give him in by this dog hybrid!

Zhao Liang was going to work in the hospital during the day, and he would rush home to accompany me at night.

He didn’t ask much about it, as if he was afraid of asking too much, I would think more, but as long as he was free, he would drive me to the police station in person.

The better Zhao Liang to me, the more I want to check this matter.

Since Zhao Liang decided to spend the rest of my life, I would not allow any crisis to appear between us!

Without extraction of Ding Wei’s fingerprint, it can only start from other places.

For example, Ding Wei went in and out of my house monitoring.

Or a few months ago he bought a record of psychedelic illegal drugs.

Time dragged one day, I started to have a pregnancy reaction, and I was anxious every day.

The strong pregnancy reaction made me lose weight in a short time.

For this reason, I had to ask the company for the annual leave.

I don’t want to pass the bad mood to Zhao Liang, so when facing him, it will make myself perform normal.

But I know that I have become more and more anxious, and the effect of aromatherapy is also very limited.

Every night, Zhao Liang has to soothe me for a long time before I can sleep.

Since Ding Wei sent me his personal back -to -PPT, Ding Wei disappeared into my life circle.

His proposal that night was like a joke.

It was learned from the police that he hadn’t gone to the house opposite me for a long time.

The more he is, the more unwilling I am.

After a week, the police station suddenly called me.

"Ms. Lin, I found a new clue here, and you may need to come over in person."

After hearing, I was ecstatic, and after I packed it, I went straight to the police station.

However, the police asked me and asked me."Your boyfriend, Mr. Zhao, know you have associated with Ding Wei?"

I was puzzled."I don’t know, I haven’t mentioned it with him, what’s wrong?"

The police sighed."Ms. Lin, according to the news of our police, Dr. Zhao’s aunt is Ding Wei’s biological mother. He and Ding Wei are cousin."

Hearing that I was stunned in place like a lightning strike.

Zhao Liang and Ding Wei are cousins?

How can this be?

The source of the text is self -knowledge

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