I know these things are so easy to get pregnant

Practical good things that you know during pregnancy, it is recommended to collect it.

1. Pregnant women with underwear pants

Underwear try to choose non -bonded steel -free underwear or breastfeeding underwear, which will be much more comfortable. Like my pregnancy, it has obviously increased significantly, and it is getting more and more sour and large in the later period.It can be adjusted in the later period) to be more comfortable.

Courtesy trousers are really praised, plus the front of the front belly, the world is worth it!

❷ Pregnant women’s trousers

This is really comfortable, the belly will not be strangled, wearing ordinary pajamas or sports pants will be strangled to the stomach or belly button, which is very uncomfortable.This is matched with a skirt, or her husband’s long top, which is thin and comfortable. It can also be sunscreen in summer, and the air -conditioned room can also avoid freezing.

衣 Husband brand long shirt or T❸

Sisters who also go to work during pregnancy do not want to wear pregnant women or skirts. They can be paired with loose long coats, covering their belly than skirts, and a pregnant woman’s pants recommended above, which is simply comfortable.

2. Recommended for pregnant women for pregnant women during pregnancy ⁣

What should I do if the complexion of pregnancy is not good during pregnancy?I have to see people at work.

At first he was hesitant to make up during pregnancy. Later, as long as you use safe ingredients, pregnant women can also make makeup and skin care!However, the ingredients I usually use are not very friendly. Later, I used a good plain cream. I painted it very naturally, and then painted a special lipstick for pregnant women.

By the way, I bought a special makeup remover for pregnant women, which is pretty easy to use.

Proper hydration during pregnancy is still required, you can match a little water milk.

3. Clean cleaning and body care ⁣⁣⁣

When I was pregnant, I found that my tone was not good, and the toothpaste of pregnant women was even more stinky. Later, I used normal toothpaste and was slightly better with rinse.

Buy a dedicated pregnant woman’s toothbrush, it is recommended to buy a soft toothbrush.

In the later period, the skin is more sensitive, and it is relatively simple and fast with this scraping knife.

Pregnancy oil can be wiped out every day. If it is useless, it should moisturize the skin.

4. APP used during pregnancy

① Small habit

It is mainly used to record your own habits and supervise your daily supplementation of nutrition. Sometimes you forget which one you eat today when you are busy.

② Beautiful practice

It is mainly used to find whether the skin care products have disabled the disabled of pregnant women, and the safety factor is not high.Skin care products with high safety factor and no disabled ingredients can be used at ease.

③ Mengyou friends during pregnancy

In addition to recording the number of records during menstruation during menstruation, there are many interpretations of reactions during pregnancy, reminders during pregnancy, and often occurring in reaction status during pregnancy and which foods can be eaten.In short, it is quite practical, most of which I feel that the records are quite accurate.

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