I like "multi -person movement" and can predict the future. Those things you don’t know about squirrels

In the last issue, the red squirrel, the creative prototype of Pikachu, will be brutally killed in the year when the food is sufficient.Learn about the red squirrel | it is both the creative prototype of "Pikachu", but also the murderer who kills similar "cubs")

Today, let’s talk about why the squirrels choose to mate with multiple objects when they are in estrus, and why the squirrel can predict the year after killing the squirrels, the food is sufficient.

Last issue said that squirrels are a kind of successful population. Their footprints are all over the world. Therefore, their habits and abilities are different. Among them, the method of mating is not much different. Like most wild animals, squirrels are like most wild animals.There is a period of estrus, most of which happen in the two seasons of spring and summer.

The magical "virgin" film

In fact, before the time, the male squirrels couldn’t wait to start the "gun" to wipe the "sword" in advance. However, as long as the squirrel girl refuses, the king Lao Tzu is useless.If you do n’t work, you can serve the claws. The most amazing thing is that the squirrel girl will naturally appear a glue film during the period when there is no estrus. It does not disappear until the estrus time has arrived, and the estrus period can grow.(awesome)

Test of mating rights

It can be seen that under the ability of so many self -protection, the squirrel girls have fully grasped the initiative of mating. Therefore, as soon as the estrus period arrives, there is no need to seduce those squirrels at all.It will come from the fart.

As soon as the squirrel girl seemed to have a group of guys who came like a tiger, they couldn’t make them succeed so easily, so they played "Come and chase me, you caught me, let you he hehehe"game.It’s so happy to chase for nearly an hour …

Busy squirrel man

Finally run the fastest, and the squirrel man with a large body shape gets his wishes. Like many wild animals, no matter how good the physical strength is, the squirrel man can not support it for 1 minute in this sport.Zhong, ("Fast Man" Squirrel means that the non -speed shot in the wild is dangerous (ಥ _ ಥ))

After the repeated exercise, the squirrel girl is busy combing her hair and preparing to welcome the next man, and the squirrel man is not satisfied in the side … Playing the plane, right, you did not hear it. This guy has no sage time.There are two sayings about this behavior in the scientific community.

Said 1: Proper masturbation not only has pleasure, but also benefits from reproduction. Once once every 3-7 days, it will not damage health. Because wild animals are mostly in a fierce sperm war, a plane can update the aging sperm and replace it with it.A group of sperm with a strong age can win the sperm war. After all, it is a polygamy -based wife, and everything can be inherited for its own genes.

Said 2: Squirrels are to clean the urethra, because there are too many vaginal bacteria. Although it is harmless to the squirrel girl, it may happen to the squirrel man.

Due to the baptism of a number of "macho", the squirrel girl can soon be pregnant with a squirrel baby. We have to be pregnant for a month and a half. Because the squirrel baby is born, the eyes cannot be opened.About a half months, the Squirrel girl will not allow the squirrel to mess up in these four months, but the estrus has not passed. How can a squirrel man willing to give up for so long?The guerrilla warfare.

During the period when the estrus was about to end, when the squirrel girl of the heart of some squirrels saw the child, the squirrel man would weigh the advantages and disadvantages.If the situation is sufficient, if the food is sufficient, the squirrel cubs will be secretly solved, forcing the squirrel girl to stop breastfeeding and enter the estrus again, guard and let her give birth to her own biological cubs.

Of course, this behavior is not very moral to us, but it is in line with the law of survival for squirrels. This has also been explained in the content of the previous issue, so we will reveal how the squirrel man can predict the future in the future.of.

Let’s go back to the research on squirrels in the Yukong area mentioned in the last issue of the last issue.


Haynes also wondered why the squirrel could know the next season, so a large number of investigations started. Through reverse push, Hayne found that in the harvest year, the plant will be rich in a high concentration of a name name.Called "gibberein" hormone.

She believes that maybe this is the reason. After the squirrel tastes the smell of gibbererin when eating tree buds, the food output of the next food will be more.Get this ability.

In summary, it can be seen that the "multiplayer movement" is very normal in the squirrel world, but in our eyes, it is not recognized. These two days of troubles about Luo Zhixiang can explain the problem.As for the reasons for this, I believe that everyone has their own opinions, and the melons they should eat are almost eaten.

But the author still wants to talk about his own views on this matter:

In the author’s opinion, the reason why humans are different from other animals because of our developed brain, which makes us sufficient to compete with those common but not moral things in genes.At that time, we must note that we are not just no different from them, but worse, because the animals do not choose, and we have it.

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