I obviously went home to give birth to the fetus, but my husband said that I ate all day and sleep, and I didn’t do anything.

“”"You ate at home all day and sleep and eat nothing. What do you do at home!" This is the most hurtful thing I heard tonight.

In fact, I have to hear the language violence in my bones more than once.I don’t agree with unconvinced, but I can’t refute a person who says these words on his head.

Yes, every time he is unwilling, he will be difficult to say, and hurts you without hesitation.Of course, when he was happy, it was good to me.This contrast made me unable to extricate myself, and after all, I couldn’t jump out of this circle he painted.

I have been pregnant for seven months now. I have always had my own job, but because of pregnancy and not allowing my body, I gave up my work and went home to be at ease of delivery.

But his job has been doing, because I am at home, so I can help him, and I can do my best, and everything goes well.

When he was over, he also knew you were a pregnant woman, and he knew that he felt bad for you and let you do less.

When it ’s not good, you are not returning to pregnant women. As you have the temper, you work hard and yell at it. This is his style of doing things.

When he was unwilling, he began to pick my fault. He didn’t know that I didn’t know to share the job of sharing him. I didn’t take the initiative to ask him. I was lazy. I didn’t understand it.I scolded me with my head.Then I wouldn’t have the Cold War for two days.

But my job is really doing it carefully. Sometimes I ask too much about fear that he is unwilling, not to ask, and unwilling, it is difficult anyway.

Really, I ca n’t persuade myself. I ca n’t sleep.It’s almost twelve o’clock, people sleep, I can’t sleep directly.I was worried about how he would treat me tomorrow, I’m too difficult

I don’t want to quarrel with him, but my retreat will only make myself more wronged.The reason is very clear, and when I go, I don’t know how to deal with it.

Because, I also hope that he will work smoothly, and I want to help him take a good job.It’s just that he always looks at my unpleasant attitude, what do I do.

Hey, do n’t want to do it, let ’s sleep with your eyes closed. The baby may not be happy in his stomach. Sleep first, good night.

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