I often do 4 things during pregnancy, and the weight will increase too much. Pregnant women should try to avoid

It is normal for women to grow after pregnancy. After all, the fetus is constantly growing.However, the weight of pregnant women’s weight is also a degree. We often say that the weight increase of about 12 kilograms during pregnancy is appropriate.If the weight does not increase the weight, it is not good for pregnant women and fetuses.If pregnant women often do these 4 things, the weight will soar, see how many types you have done.

1. Eat sweets often

Many women like to eat sweets, such as cakes, chocolates, etc., and they are also particularly greedy for such foods after pregnancy.However, most sweets contain butter, cream and white sugar with high fat content, which are typical high -calorie foods.If pregnant women eat too much sweets, the weight will increase a lot.In addition, pregnant women often eat these high sugar -containing foods, and the probability of suffering from gestational diabetes is relatively high.Therefore, pregnant women still have to control it. It doesn’t matter if you eat it occasionally, but don’t eat too much often.

2. Eat too late for dinner

Normally, we have finished dinner at 7-8, and we can do something we like.The food that eats before bedtime is almost digested, and I can sleep well.However, some pregnant women have dinner for dinner because of various reasons. They may start dinner until 10 o’clock, so that it will not take long after eating.The food that eats it cannot be consumed very well, so it is easy to become fat accumulated on pregnant women.In the long run, the weight of pregnant women will grow too much.

3. Don’t like sports

Many people usually choose to lose weight through exercise, and exercise is also a healthy way to lose weight.In fact, pregnant women insist on exercise during pregnancy are also a good thing. On the one hand, it can promote digestion and alleviate constipation; on the other hand, it can also help pregnant women control weight and reserve energy for childbirth.However, some pregnant women are afraid that the exercise will hurt the fetus, so staying at home throughout pregnancy is either lying or sitting, so that the weight will naturally grow quickly.

4. I often eat outside

Some pregnant women often go out to eat when they do not want to cook themselves during pregnancy, but there are generally more oils and salt in the meals outside. If pregnant women often eat such meals, it is also easy to get fat.If the salt intake is too high, the condition of edema during pregnancy may also cause hypertension.Therefore, pregnant women should pay attention, it is best to eat at home and go out to eat less.

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