I only know that the world’s best Singapore Airlines hidden rules: pregnancy must be resigned

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It is those new flight attendants who are called "Singapore Girls"!

If you are pregnant, you will have to choose to resign automatically …


Now there is a transfer!

Singapore Airlines has changed the practice to let the pregnant stewardess transfer to the local diligence before production.Before that, the pregnant stewardess had to resign.

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Pregnant stewardess can choose to work temporarily for at least three months before childbirth, for the longest nine months.The company will also give them support before and after employee production, and they can also resume flight posts after maternity leave.

Xinhang said that the company will continue to strive to retain and invest in talents to ensure that they can provide world -renowned world -class services for Xinhang customers.

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In fact, in 2010, Singapore Airlines, this "hidden rule" was forced to make changes because of the pressure of unions and public opinion, that is, those stewardess who had to resign due to pregnancy could get two months in the futureBasic salary compensation.

At that time, some stewardess said that many colleagues had previously tried to conceal the facts of their pregnancy in order to earn a few months of salary, and even a colleague had been flying until 5 months of pregnancy before he resigned to the company.

There are also flight attendants that in fact, many colleagues have experienced "overdue service", which is nothing more than earning more to earn more before resigning.

However, many stewardess said that this is very risky in the risk of her or future baby.

Think about it, Singapore’s current fertility rate, such a regulation is to encourage fertility singing …

(Figure: originated from the Internet)

However, from the global perspective, it is not just Xinhang!

For example, Qatar Airlines, this airline that claims to have the "most modern" fleet has only one problem: Qatar Airlines requires women to be single to be accepted as stewardess, and after admission, it must be maintained for 5 years.If they want to get married, they will apply to the company.And Qatar Airlines requires that as soon as he finds that he is pregnant, he must report to the company.Pregnancy is a default behavior and will be expelled.

For the restrictions of pregnancy, almost all airlines are not allowed to fly during pregnancy. Although some airlines let the flight attendant three months fly, most airlines still let them work on the ground.

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