I said loudly for 6 months of pregnancy. The whole family looked at each other, came back, and cried.

I am a long -time married woman. I have been in love with my husband for 2 years. After meeting, I felt close to each other and decided to be together.My hometown is in the northeast, and my parents are ordinary workers, and their pensions are not high.They have no other requirements for me, just hope that I graduate from college to return to the local job, and then find a local boyfriend, get married and have children, and live a happy and bland life.

When I told them that I was about to marry, my parents were stunned.I didn’t disclose a word with them, and I had to get married before telling them.

Mom cried at the time, she said, did you decide?What do others look like and family conditions, can you adapt to your life there?

I said that their conditions are okay. My ability to adapt is strong and there is no problem.

Mom said, in case the mother -in -law does not treat you well, the son -in -law does not protect you, and the mother’s family is far away. We can’t be present as soon as possible. What should you do?I said, no one bullies me, he promises that you are like me as a princess, you can rest assured!

In this way, I married my husband, because I bought a house in my mother -in -law 5 years ago, with an area of more than 130 square meters. Therefore, we lived with my mother -in -law and father -in -law after marriage.

Husband said that, you do n’t cook, you are too lazy to clean up, you do n’t care about living with your parents.You agree!

I really do n’t do housework. I can cook noodles, and I do n’t like to clean up. When I study in college, I will send dirty clothes, quilts, sheets, and socks to her mother.I didn’t hesitate to live with my mother -in -law.

My mother -in -law is a kind eye -catching old man with a kind eyebrow, a slow voice, and a clean love. She cleaned the family well, clean and clean, and delicious cooking. When I finish work, I eat on my mobile phone, or pull my husband to take a walk.Essence

Sometimes, I want to wash the dishes. My mother -in -law said, make you water, let me wash it!

My colleagues envy me, saying that you are getting home from work, we are buying food in the vegetable market, you have taken a walk after eating, we are still cooking, you take a walk and go home, we have just finished eating, you are too blessed, right?How are you so good mother -in -law?

I like to eat sauerkraut stuffing dumplings. My mother -in -law went to the supermarket to buy bags for sauerkraut, making me dumplings, and she was as delicious as her mother wrapped. Although her mother -in -law had not wrapped sauerkraut filling dumplings.I love rice. My mother -in -law’s family likes to eat steamed buns, and my mother -in -law makes me meals alone.

Because my mother -in -law is good to me, I basically don’t want home.My mother asked me, how do you live every day, have you been bullied, I said, rest assured, I am very happy every day.I grew sauerkraut filling dumplings, and my mother -in -law immediately gave it.

Besides my husband, I like to eat bud rice. He buys me for me after get off work. I love to eat small sweet potatoes. He often buys me to eat.I had to eat dumplings in the middle of the night, and he got up and cooked it for me.I like a 2000 yuan skirt and is not willing to buy it. He bought it secretly. On my birthday, I gave it to me. I was so excited.

I was 6 months pregnant, because my belly was big, I worked hard, and my husband asked me to take a leave to rest.Last Sunday, I said loudly when I was eating. Today, my father -in -law and my husband were resting. What do we go out at noon to eat barbecue?

After I said, look at my husband, and then look at my father -in -law and mother -in -law. They looked at each other. No one reacted. I was stunned. I don’t know what they mean?Isn’t it right?Can pregnant women not eat barbecue?I was pregnant and not vomited now. It’s so difficult to eat barbecue?

After I finished eating, I went back to the bedroom.I took a walk in the small square near my house. The more I thought about it, the more sad. My husband also promised to spoil me as a princess. I was pregnant. If he wanted to eat barbecue, he had no reaction at all. He also looked at each other with his mother -in -law.What happened to the barbecue? I can’t afford to eat about 300 yuan for a stewed barbecue?

After 11 o’clock, I was hungry, when I got home, opened the door, I was moved to cry.

When I entered the house, I smelled the scent of barbecue. It turned out that my mother -in -law made me grilled chicken wings and barbecue skewers with an air frying pot. My mother -in -law told me that the meat skewers were bought by her husband., Just delicious, do not find the difference in barbecue restaurants.

Husband said that the barbecue restaurants here are closed and rectified. I haven’t opened it. You don’t know!After you left, I went to the vegetable market to buy beef and mutton, and then put the feasting. My mother and dad were worn one by one. Mom baked in a pan with air.You did n’t tell us when you go out, small, and your temper is not small. Hurry up and wash your hands!

My mother -in -law brought a bowl of rice and a plate of greens, and I started to be happy, so fragrant, happiness is bursting!

The barbecue restaurant was rectified. I really don’t know. I thought they couldn’t bear to invite me to eat. I thought too much!whee!

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