I scare people, what’s going on with nosebleeds in pregnancy

“”A couple lived downstairs, married last year.

The woman’s name is Yang Su. The woman was pregnant last month. It was a good thing to get pregnant. Her husband Xiao Zhang Lei was very happy. He also took care of his wife and bought whatever you want.

But a few days ago, his wife Yang Su suddenly felt nauseous when he brushed his teeth, and then spit out a blood.The husband Zhang Lei was scared and took her to the hospital for examination.

At the hospital, Zhang Lei described the symptoms to the doctor.

After listening, the doctor asked: "Is there any diseases such as gastritis and gastric ulcers before?"

Yang Su replied: "No, I have done pre -pregnancy examination before, and no such diseases have been found."

Then the doctor did a detailed gynecological examination on Yang Su and found no abnormalities.

During the examination, the doctor found that there were many red spots on Yang Su’s skin.The doctor asked, "Is there any allergies before these red dots?"

Zhang Su looked at his skin and was very puzzled: "What’s going on, when is this, why didn’t I see it."

When the doctor saw the situation, he said: "This may be the subcutaneous bleeding point, and it is suspected that the pregnancy combined with platelet reduction purpura. I will give you a blood routine, you go to check whether the platelet is normal."

Husband Zhang Lei hurriedly said, "Okay, I go to check the money and check it with confidence."

After a while, the results of Yang Su’s blood routine test came out and showed it to the doctor.

Really, I saw that Yang Su’s platelet value was particularly low, and platelet -related immunoglobulin was positive.It is prompted to reducing purpura in pregnancy with special platelets.

The doctor told Zhang Lei’s husband and wife: "It is indeed a pregnancy combined with special platelet reduction purpura."

After listening to the husband and wife, Zhang Lei didn’t understand very clearly: "What kind of disease is this? The inspection was good before, and there was no disease."

The doctor became popular again:

Pregnancy combined with specialty platelet reduction purpura is a relatively common obstetric disease. The incidence of pregnancy is about one -thousandth to three -thousandths.Patients with this disease have a platelet -related immunoglobulin and combined with platelet surfaces, causing platelets to be destroyed and causing thrombocytopenia.Reducing platelets can cause human coagulation disorders, cause gum bleeding, subcutaneous hemorrhage, and so on.

Zhang Lei’s husband and wife were worried after listening, and asked again: "What do we do now? Will it affect the baby?"

The doctor told them: "If this disease is not treated in time, it may cause the disease to deteriorate, and it is easy to cause major bleeding during the delivery or postpartum bleeding and intracranial hemorrhage. It is serious to terminate pregnancy. Now we can find it in a timely manner. We can give it according to the situation.Sugitic hormone therapy, still injection two -ball protein. If the treatment is ineffective, spleen resection requires spleen resection. "

"So scary, doctors must cooperate with treatment." After listening to the doctor, the couple quickly asked the doctor to treat it quickly.

Subsequently, her husband Zhang Lei went to the hospital for hospitalization.

After the active treatment of doctors, Yang Su’s condition improved, and platelets returned to normal value.

When they were discharged, two husbands and wives went to the doctor’s office to consult: "What else should we pay attention to after we discharge?"

The doctor said:

1. Usually pay attention to prevent slipping and collision,

2. Pay attention to adjusting your own diet, eat more foods rich in vitamins and high -protein, to avoid eating too greasy and spicy food;

3. Keep an optimistic attitude during pregnancy, ensure adequate sleep every day, and improve your own immunity.

4. Regularly review indicators such as blood pressure and blood pressure and follow the doctor’s advice. Once abnormal conditions occur, seek medical treatment in time.

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