I started to insist on doing these things at 33 weeks of pregnancy and prepare for the delivery

Moms in the third trimester must have various problems: poor sleep quality, frequent urination, pain in the waist and legs, pubic pain … But these are problems that normal pregnant women are encountered, and it is also the preparation of our body for childbirth.We should face strong.

Recently, I feel awkward and I am very strenuous and lazy at night. I want to lie down … But in order to shorten the output during the production, I know that I must insist on doing something.

1. Persist in walking

Proper walking can promote blood circulation and metabolism, stabilize the emotions of pregnant women, and enhance appetite and sleep. Walking can promote vein blood flow to the heart by promoting the contraction of the calf muscles of pregnant women, preventing and alleviating edema.

I deliberately ask myself to walk for about an hour every day.Even at home, I will set my own time, about 30 minutes each time. If my energy allows, I will walk for more than an hour.

2. Squat

Squat exercise legs and back strength, and squats before giving birth are also conducive to giving birth. Squatting is conducive to the toughness of pelvic muscles, which is beneficial to the natural delivery of pregnant women.

But the squat exercises in the third trimester must ensure safety and appropriate amount, appropriate!

To avoid accidents, we can hold a chair or wall to do it.Open your feet comfortably on both sides. When squatting, avoid squeezing to the abdomen, and your back should be straight.Do not do too many times.

I now insist on making three groups a day, 10-15 in each group.

3. Clamp leg

Sitting on the legs can help reduce childbirth pain by experts from the American Meo Clinic.

Sit on your feet on your feet, keep your back straight, your feet coincide with your feet, pull the heels inward, and slowly reduce your knees at the same time.This can stretch the muscles of the thighs and pelvis, while improving the position during childbirth, maintaining the flexibility of the pelvis, and enhancing the blood circulation of the lower body.

Pay attention to do not exceed 15 minutes at a time, and do it according to your physical condition. If you feel uncomfortable, relax and rest.

4. Climbing the stairs

When the delivery process is too slow, the doctor will recommend pregnant women to climb the stairs.

Because I have six years of exercise, my labor process is relatively short. There is no need to cind an oxytocin or climb the stairs.But I have seen pregnant women climbing the stairs in the corridor late at night. It is very hard and distressing.

In order to avoid climbing the stairs during production, I still recommend pregnant mothers to be more lively in the third trimester, and be active!

You can climb the stairs for 10-30 minutes a day, twice a day.

5. Usually the housework that can do at home

Many pregnant mothers say that they cannot bend over during pregnancy, and they cannot sit or stand for a long time. These are right!But if your physical condition is good, sweep the floor, you can do it.

Some netizens said that what breathing method is practicing helps to give birth?

In fact, I produced twice. In two hospitals, the doctor did not say any breathing method, but the doctor would ask the mother to breathe in the pain.When the pain comes, you need to squeeze the abdomen to give birth to the child, and you need to use your strength. If the pain is still there, you need to inhale deeply and then produce it with your breath.Until the pain passed, the mother could breathe quickly and relax several times.

Many mothers do not know how to squeeze abdominal production. The doctor will say: Just like you are in the bathroom constipation, you can pull out the babies hard, but the strength should be used on the stomach during childbirth, not anal.

So we can try more abdominal breathing during the third trimester.

When you inhale, your stomach is bulging. When you exhale, your stomach is inward, as if to squeeze the internal organs in the stomach.The principle is the same as blowing balloon!

Welcome to pregnant mothers to pay attention to me, learn more about pregnancy, and more details of childbirth.

I wish pregnant mothers a good pregnancy!

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