I still want to drink tea when I am pregnant

At 4 o’clock in the afternoon, the patient was basically finished. Nana walked in without slowly, and said with a smile that the dean had no taste in the mouth during the pregnancy.Go on, you said that you can drink some tea during the pregnancy. Now when you are pregnant, do I want to drink some black tea?

Nana, this black tea is fermented tea. It takes the appropriate tea trees as the raw material. It is refined by processed withered, twisting, fermenting, drying and other typical processes.Black tea is not only quenching thirst, but also the effect of weight loss, and more importantly, it is also very economical.Medical practice has proved that caffeine in black tea can promote fat metabolism during exercise.Black tea is mild, mellow, and often drinking sugar or milk black tea, which can not only warm the stomach, but also eliminate inflammation and protect stomach sticky …

You can drink tea for pregnancy

The method of drinking tea correctly, you can drink a little tea during pregnancy, whether it is green or black tea, it is recommended to drink light tea and do not drink strong tea.Studies have shown that drinking tea can promote the combination of sperm and eggs.Compared with coffee or other beverages, drinking tea can increase the chance of women’s conception.Not only that, tea contains tea polyphenol, aroma, minerals, protein, vitamins and other nutrients. Drinking a little light tea every day is good for strengthening heart and kidney function, promoting blood circulation, and helping digestion.Although it is particularly clearly confirmed, tea contains a large amount of manganese, and manganese is more helpful for men’s reproduction and fertility.

Tea contains nutritional ingredients such as tea polyphenol, aroma, minerals, protein, vitamins and other nutrients.Drinking 3 to 5 grams of tea every day, especially light green tea, is very good for strengthening heart and kidney function, promoting blood circulation, and helping digestion.

Tea is rich in caffeine. Tea drinking will exacerbate the heartbeat of pregnant women, increase the heart and kidney burden of pregnant women, and is not conducive to the healthy development of the fetus.Drinking too much tea will stimulate the fetus to increase fetal movement, and even endanger the growth and development of the fetus.If pregnant women drink 5 cups of strong black tea a day, they may reduce their weight.Tea contains tannic acid, and tannic acid can be combined with iron in pregnant women’s food into a complex that cannot be absorbed by the body.If pregnant women drink too much tea, it may cause pregnancy anemia, and the fetus may also have congenital iron deficiency anemia.

Drinking tea at the same time can promote the combination of sperm and eggs, and double the chance of women’s conception.But women who are preparing to get pregnant should not drink too much coffee, tea, and other caffeine -containing beverages and foods.Therefore, women in the pregnancy should not drink too thick tea, because tea contains caffeine, and caffeine can change the proportion of estrogen and progesterone in women to a certain extent, which will affect women’s physiological changes, therebyInhibit the implantation and development of fertilized eggs in the uterus.

Nana said, thanks to the dean’s popular science. I understand that the couple who are preparing to get pregnant can drink tea during pregnancy, but try not to drink strong tea.If you are pregnant, it is best not to drink tea, and slowly use boiled water instead of daily needs.For the health of the baby, we should try to bear it as much as possible.

Oops, I can’t help it if I understand it. Occasionally, I drink a little bit of tea, and there are no big problems.

Nana said happily, know, doctors Chen goodbye, our popular sciences, we love to see, you have to persist!

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