I was forced to leave by the company for 5 months.

I am a private company HR clerk. I have been working in the company for almost four years. When I started to find a job in 19 years, I also wanted to join the job when I had social security, social security, and near home.Although there are some unsatisfactory places after joining the job, fortunately, colleagues get along well, and the working environment is very good. I am not the kind of person who likes to change jobs.After experiencing the company’s most heyday, more than 200 people have reached more than 200 people. At that time, they were very busy every day. They were busy recruitment, interviews, and employment training.It has also experienced the sluggish development of the company. There are only 20 or 30 people. Our logistics department has changed from 6 people to the current two (there are resignation, there is persuasion).One, of course, there are more job responsibilities on the shoulders. Although the workload is not large, it is cumbersome.

In the past four years, I have accompanied the company to know that the company is not easy, so I have not felt that welfare reduction is canceled, salary reduction, and more and more jobs. As long as I can do it myself, I will complete it carefully.Until I found that I was pregnant in June this year, I knew that the company’s eye and the decline in the development of the company would be more disgusted, but it should be considered that the old employees and labor laws will not be easily dismissed.After the fetus stable let the manager tell the boss, who knows that the first sentence of the boss is to let her leave and compensate for two months of salary.When I heard it, I was extremely disappointed. I have no contributions to hard work these years. As for such a ruthlessness?My first reaction was to look at the information of labor arbitration. Later, the manager scored to do it until the end of October (the end of the job was ended at the end of October). My opinion was to insist on the delivery leave at the end of December (the due date in March). LaterLet’s do it first, anyway, there is no money to pay.This is the end of October, and the boss started to say something to let me take a vacation in advance!

I really can’t figure out what impact my salary of 3,000 dollars has on the company. As for this hurry?We have 3 months of maternity leave, and the fertility allowance must be reimbursed for 6 months, so I have to pay 7 months of social security to receive it. It is still more than 1,200 per month.I am so entangled, I do n’t want to leave maternity leave so early, and I do n’t want to make trouble with the company. How can I communicate with the company?

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