I was pregnant with contraceptives!The doctor teaches you how to eat

When it comes to contraceptives, everyone must be familiar with. In addition to emergency contraceptives, few people can distinguish long -term contraceptives and short -acting contraceptives, and do not know how to use it correctly.Girl.

First case

"Doctor, I started taking contraceptives 5 days after the end of the physiological period. I took it for 20 days and had stopped the medicine. I was ready to have a menstruation. I did n’t have contraceptives when I was in the same room yesterday. My boyfriend had ejaculated. Do I need to take emergency contraceptives?"

"Do you take short -acting contraceptives? There are 21 tablets in a box? Why do you stop the medicine when you take 20 tablets?"

"Yes, a box of 21 pieces, I just prepared not to eat it today, because my calculation date is almost time to come, so I plan to stop the medicine."

"Well, don’t take emergency contraceptives now, go back today to take the last medicine, and wait for menstruation."

Why don’t this girl use emergency contraception?

The reason lies in the short -acting contraceptives she takes.

Second case

"Doctor, I should have come to menstruation in 2 days, but I did n’t come. Today, my abdomen hurts! I’ m bleeding, is it bad to take contraceptives? ”

"What kind of contraceptives do you take? Do you take it every day?"

"It’s the kind of eating for 21 days, saying that the contraceptive effect is good, I bought it. After taking the medicine for two days, it has been eaten now."

"Go to urinate first."


"Doctor, how could I get pregnant! Isn’t this medicine be contraceptive? Is the test result wrong?"

Why would this girl get pregnant?

The reason is that she takes short -acting contraceptives.

Long -acting contraceptive pill

It is a composite preparation of long -acting estrogen and synthetic progesterone. Take 1 month of contraceptives for 1 month, and contraceptive efficiency is 96%to 98%.This type of drug hormone has large content and many side effects, such as early pregnancy reactions, menstrual abnormalities, etc., which are rarely used now.

Short -acting contraceptive pill

The most common and daily contraceptive pills that are most common and daily should be called short -acting contraceptives.Common brands include You Siming, You Siyue, Da Ying, Mom Fulong and so on.Different brands of estrogen hormone ratio of these drugs are different, but the mechanism is the same. Take daily to inhibit the maturity of ovarian follicles to achieve contraceptive effects.

Short -acting contraceptives usually take 1 cycle on the 28th. There are two drug use solutions:

First, 21/7 plan

Use hormone -containing tablets on the 21st, and then take 7 days of placebo tablets (no drug ingredients), and retreat bleeding occurs when taking placebo.After eating, eat a box.

Use hormone -containing tablets on the 21st, stop the drug for 7 days, and retreat bleeding during the period, and start the next box on the 8th.

This scheme was initially to make women bleeding every month, as menstruation, which is more easily accepted by psychological or physiological.Because not menstruation can panic many women, and some women need to confirm that they are not pregnant through this regular bleeding.

Second, 24/4 plan

Use the 24th hormonal tablet, then take 4 days of placebial tablets or low -dose estrogen tablets, and retreat bleeding occur when taking placebo or low -dose estrogen tablets. After 28 days of eating, take a box.

This way of eating appears with the continuous progress of research.At present, the hormone dosage used in short -acting contraceptives is lower. Research data shows that there is no need to have a seventh -day non -hindow period, and only 4 days of placebo or low -dose estrogen tablets may be higher.Because the shorter the drug -free window period, the lower the possibility of maturity of follicles, which will increase the effectiveness of contraception.In addition, shortening the hormone -free period may reduce the symptoms related to hormone abstinence, such as mood, headache, pelvic pain and other discomfort symptoms.

So which solution is better to choose short -acting contraceptives?

Some scholars believe that the 24/4 scheme is better than 21/7, because it is more effective, especially for obese women, there are fewer hormones without hormone ringing.

In general, both schemes are effective during contraception, and they will vary from person to person after specific use.Choose one first, and after use can adapt, then continue this plan, and do not want people to be cloudy.

Regardless of the short-acting contraceptives of the above schemes, we must take regularly in accordance with the requirements during the medication, follow the following two principles: continuous and uninterrupted for more than 7 days to fully ensure the inhibition of the hypothalamus-pituitary-ovarian axis shaftEssenceStop taking medication can not exceed 7 days in any case.

The first girl, like the article, has continued to take 20 days of drugs and does not have a clear period of stopping the drug. Therefore, go back and continue taking the last medicine. This can ensure the contraceptive effect without having to take emergency contraceptives.

Under the circumstances of correct and perfect application, the failure rate of short -acting contraceptives is only 0.3%, but theory is different from reality. There are always some accidents., Drug deterioration, etc., so as not to ensure the efficiency of contraception.The second girl is like this, which fails to take it correctly and cause contraceptive failure.

I really chose oral short -acting contraceptives. Please use it correctly. Don’t miss it, let alone stop.

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