I was very unhappy and gave birth to my son. Is my heart dark inside?

The husband’s house is two brothers, my husband is the boss, and I and I have two daughters in front of me. I am a cesarean section.I went to get a child secret recipe for her. The three -month B -ultrasound was determined to be a son.Now that the child is born, the father -in -law and mother -in -law are very happy and hurt the grandson.

Sometimes I see the videos and photos of her mother -in -law and her son. I feel a little uncomfortable. Although my mother -in -law also told us to regenerate, her husband did not want to give birth. My mother -in -law told her husband many times.Also got a secret recipe for child.Because both daughters were cesarean section, I went to the B -ultrasound doctor to recommend the third child the day before yesterday. The risk was very high.

I am not a male and daughter, but I just want to see the children of others, so I want to have a life. I decided to wait until three months after the fetal gender identification.It ’s not a daughter, and I wo n’t be born in the future.

Although my mother -in -law has always been good for our two daughters, I just need to think that my mother -in -law will only hurt her son in the future, and I will not balance my heart. Is my aunt and sister -in -law who are very selfish, envy, jealous, hate, hate… should I do this?

In fact, my mother -in -law also liked her daughter. The two of us were two daughters, and now the daughter is looking forward to the grandson. Everyone is like this.Every time I call back, I told me that let my mother regenerate my brother. This pregnancy is also an accident and has no intention.

My husband is very envious of having a son. Although he said that he didn’t want to have a son, he was envious of seeing someone else’s son. Today, who has given birth to his son again, and tomorrow he is the son.want.That’s why I want to fight for three babies. If you do n’t give birth to him, find someone else, right?

I think, the sons and daughters have their own benefits. Everyone wants to be fulfilled in life.The meat on my body, and the means of being abortion is also extremely cruel, listening to the doctor’s opinion.

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